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Difference Between Ruler and Straightedge

Ruler vs Straightedge

Carpenters, engineers, architects use different tools o measure the length of a material, surface of the area, etc. These tools are very important to give accuracy tot heir work. Examples of these tools are ruler and straightedge.

A ruler and a straightedge differ in function. Although both are used to measure the length or draw a straight line, these two have distinct roles as measuring tools.

To define, a straightedge can be used as guide to find out if the surface is even or not. It can be made from wood or plastic. The main purpose of the straightedge is to make a straight line. A ruler is one type of straightedge. It is used to determine length since it has measurement. Unlike the straightedge, a ruler can be used to find out how long a material is in centimeters, inches, millimeters, etc. A ruler can also be made with wood, steel, or plastic.

A ruler is multipurpose because it can draw different figures in geometry with accurate measurement. A straightedge is not for architecture since it can’t be used to draw different figures such as square, pentagon, hexagon, etc because it doesn’t have measurement in it. It can only be used to draw only a simple straight line.

Another difference of the two is the use of the tools. A ruler can be a straightedge since it can be used to make a straight line. It can further measure the distance or length of a material. A straightedge, on the other hand, can not be used as ruler because there is no measurement. It is simply used to find out if the edge is straight or not or if the surface is even or not.


A ruler is more useful then the straightedge if used to measure. However, a straightedge is also beneficial if there is no available ruler to make a straight line. These tools are also important in different subjects such as in engineering, carpentry, and art.

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