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Difference Between Samsung Tocco and Samsung F480

samsung_toccoSamsung Tocco vs Samsung F480

Looking at the Samsung Tocco and the F480, you might be hard pressed in finding any difference. That is because they are exactly the same. The two names are point to the same exact device. The term F480 is just its model name and is often used to have an instant evaluation of how capable the device is just by its name and the other models that are close to it. Tocco is probably used to add more identity and personality to the device in ad campaigns so that consumers can easily remember it. It would then be pointless discussing how these two devices are different when it is already quite apparent that there is none to be found.

The Tocco/F480 is also a product of the iPhone phenomena and thus, shares the same form factor and affinity towards the touch screen feature. The primary difference between this mobile phone and the others is the size or lack thereof. Despite having a large 2.8inch display, the Tocco only measures 98mm x 55mm x 11mm which is quite small. It comes with 282MB of internal memory and supports microSD cards for additional storage. It is also capable of reaching the fastest 3G speed of 7.2mbps for the best mobile browsing experience if your network supports it. The most notable hardware of the Tocco is its 5 megapixel camera which is rare to see in mobile phones. It can take photos up to a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 and offers multiple features like face detection and image stabilization. An FM radio is also included in the package along with RDS that allows you to gather information on the station that you are listening to. The Flash user interface of the Tocco has also garnered a lot of praise due to its innovative controls and great range of customizability.

The trade-off that Samsung made to have this very small form factor is to reduce its battery. The Tocco only comes with a 1000mAh battery which equates to around 3 hours of talk time and up to 250 hours of standby.

1. The Samsung Tocco and Samsung F480 are the same device
2. F480 is its model number while Tocco is its marketing name
3. The Tocco/F480 comes with a 5 megapixel camera and an FM radio
4. The Flash UI also offers a lot of eye-candy
5. The Tocco comes with a low capacity battery that might be unsuitable for heavy users

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  1. This isn’t entirely true. I bought a Tocco F480 a few years back and it got water damaged, so my insurance company sent me a replacement F480 Touchwiz and the design is different: it’s thicker, heavier, has its buttons in different places and has a built in stylus. I preferred my initial purchase– the thinner, lighter, purely touchscreen version without the stylus. But I cannot seem to convince the insurance company or my network provider I have the contract with that the two phones are different since they have the same exact numbers! They both came with a leather protective case flap for the touch screen that you clip on, and the clip from the old one is thinner and does not fit the new phone. I suspect the battery was thinner on the old one, but I can’t prove it because I had to send the water-damaged phone in for repair. Unfortunately it was not repairable– I wanted that phone for it’s lightness and ease of use. This new one is clunky and unweildy, and I hate having to use a stylus because it can’t seem to calibrate my touch properly and sending texts is a real hassle from this replacement phone. The insurance company has so many departments, and is so far away, I can’t even go down there and say: Please can you fine the damaged phone I sent you and let me show the two of them side by side. It is the second replacement they sent, and both are called Touchwiz instead of Tocco, but both have the same number: F480

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