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Difference Between Sony Cybershot T90 and T900

cybershot_sony_t90Sony Cybershot T90 vs T900

The Cybershot T90 and T900 are two digital cameras from Sony that features a full touch screen interface. Though the model numbers are quite far from each other, they have almost the same features. The only major difference is in the size of the LCD screen. The T900 has a 3.5inch screen, which is half an inch bigger than the 3 inch screen of the T90. You can easily figure this out looking at both cameras as the T90 has much wider borders to compensate for the smaller screen.

The T900 is supposedly able to record videos with stereo sound, something that is not commonly found in most digital cameras, even the T90. It has two microphones situated at the front that records a left and a right channel. But the proximity of the two microphones makes some people doubt how true this claim is. Having two microphones that are extremely close to each other would usually mean that the sound they capture would be quite similar to each other. In the case of the T900, the separation is only about an inch, and the sound captured might be so identical to each other that the output sounds just like a mono recording.

These differences do result to a price difference regardless of its effectiveness. The larger screen surely merits the jump in price. But the stereo sound recording feature might still be a dodgy bet and should not be considered when deciding between the two models.

Setting the differences aside, these two cameras have a lot of features that makes them excellent digital cameras. They both have 12.1 megapixel sensors that can capture high resolution images and the 4x optical zoom allows you to zoom in on you subject without any loss on the image quality. It also features a lot of features that makes it simpler and easier to use. Dual image stabilization minimizes the effect of moving or shaking hands while enhanced face recognition and a smile shutter makes it easy and fun for most users.

Considering that these two are quite capable cameras with more or less the same specs, deciding between these two should only be based on the price and the larger 3.5 inch screen.

1.The T900 has a bigger LCD screen at 3.5 inches compared to the 3 inches of the T90
2.The T90 can only record in mono while the T900 can supposedly record stereo sound
3.The T900 costs more compared to the T90

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