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Difference Between Sony Vegas 9 and Vegas 8

sony_vegas_9Vegas 9 vs Vegas 8

Sony’s movie production software called Vegas has been around for some time and it has garnered some following among those who need professional level video editing tools. Just as with any other software in the market, it is regularly updated with newer versions. Vegas 9 is the latest version of this software and it is the successor to Vegas 8. The progression from Vegas 8 to 9 is filled with minor differences that aim to improve the usability and effectiveness of the software.

Vegas 8 already supports AVCHD files, but Vegas 9 improves on this by supporting higher resolution videos. It also adds native support for more advanced video formats like Red and XDCAM EX. This was absent in the older Vegas 8.These changes allow Vegas to deal with videos created by the latest and most advanced video camcorders.

When it comes to editing, Vegas 9 also introduces a few more minor changes and addition. Vegas 8 added 32 bit floating point video processing with its introduction. Vegas 9 changed this and replaced with two 32 bit floating point modes. An in-depth discussion of how Vegas 9 handles it would be a little bit to technical and too long, it is therefore left out. The last major change to Vegas 9 is the addition of extra effects that you cannot find on Vegas 8. These video effects originated from the Velvetmaster Radiance video effects suite which Sony Creative software recently purchased.

Although the changes made to Vegas 9 are not really that major, it could make life a bit better for people who are affected by the changes, especially those who deal with the top of the line and often use the advanced video formats. The added effects could also be an added bonus. But for those who are perfectly happy with Vegas 8, there is really no major reason to upgrade to Vegas 9 as you would only get very little while spending a lot for upgrading.

1. Vegas 9 introduces few features that are not available in Vegas 8
2. Vegas 9 is capable of dealing with higher resolutions compared to Vegas 8
3. Vegas 9 supports pro formats like Red and XDCAM EX natively while Vegas 8 does not
4. Vegas 9 handles floating point projects differently compared to Vegas 8
5. Vegas 9 adds more effects that were not available in Vegas 8

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