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sun-roofSunroof vs Moonroof

For many people, their car is often the extension of their personality. This is why car companies now provide a number of different accessories that prospective car owners can choose from, to personalize the car that they would be buying. Sunroofs and moonroofs are just among the most popular car accessories.

Because many car companies give car buyers the option to choose whether they would like to have a sunroof or a moonroof to be installed in the car that they would purchase, many tend to ask what the difference between the two is. Both sunroofs and moonroofs are made to allow light to come into the car. One of the major differences between a sunroof and a moonroof is what it is made out of. In fact, this is the most obvious difference between the two. Sunroofs are usually made of an opaque material, usually the same metal that is used to fabricate the body of the car. On the other hand, moonroofs are made out of glass. This being the case, a moonroof is often tinted using the same tint material used on the car’s windows and windshields to protect the driver and passengers from the harmful rays of the sun during the daytime.

Another difference between sunroofs and moonroofs is the mechanism that is installed along with it. Sunroofs can be moved manually or mechanically to allow you to open the roof so that not only would the light be allowed to enter into the car, but also the natural air as well. Moonroofs are static, meaning that they could not be opened. Their main and only function is to simply allow light to come in. In some car models, there is a false roof that is installed in the car which can prevent the driver and the passengers from the heat of the sun during certain times of the day.

Because it does not open, car owners that opt to install moonroofs in their cars are less prone in experiencing leakages as compared to cars that were installed with sunroofs. During heavy rains, car owners that have installed sunroofs in their cars would often see water trickling inside of their car. This is because of the minute gaps that are present in order to provide minimal friction on the sunroof while it is opened and closed. As such, cars with sunroofs can be a lot more demanding when it comes to maintenance as compared to cars with moonroofs.

1.Both sunroofs and moonroofs are optional car features that allow light to enter into the car from the roof of the car.
2.Sunroofs are made out of an opaque material such as the steel that is used to fabricate the body of the car. Moonroofs are frequently made out of glass.
3.Sunroofs can be manipulated to open or tilt to allow sun and wind to enter into the car either manually or electronically. Moonroofs are static and cannot be opened.

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  1. why is it that on my car my sunroof/moonroof made out of glass moves mechanically to allow me to stick myself out of the car?

  2. this article is contrary to all other definitions on the internet…why?

  3. I guess the opening in the top of my vehicle is neither of this, because it IS made of tinted glass, but it also opens, both from the front AND from the rear. So what do you call that?

  4. Sunroofs can open but moonroofs dont???? that is the craziest thing I have ever heard……

    wrong definition in its entirety.

    It does not seem to jive with other information I have seen nor make any real sense to me. It real seems backwards to me. Why would you call a sun roof that did NOT open a MOON roof? A MOON roof should have a retractable or removable panel so that you can enjoy the MOON & stars at night! Hence the term MOON roof, you can not see the moon & stars thru a dark tinted panel such as a Sun-roof at night. So I am confused by this explanation, But I am not an expert so I could be the that is wrong, but it just does not make sense to me.

  6. I have been checking out many of your articles and it’s nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your website.

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