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Difference Between Tippmann X7 and X7 Phenom

Tippmann X7 vs X7 Phenom

The X7 and its subsequent model, the X7 Phenom, are two paintball guns (also commonly known as paintball markers) from Tippmann. The X7 is one of their best models but the X7 Phenom raises the bar a bit with a few improvements. The main difference between the X7 and X7 Phenom is the FlexValve technology employed by the latter. To simplify, the FlexValve allows the X7 Phenom to operate at under 300psi instead of over 600psi as the X7 would. A lower air pressure doesn’t mean that the X7 Phenom will not have the range or muzzle speed of the X7 as it is able to equal that. It does translate to air efficiency as less air is expended with each shot. The FlexValve of the X7 Phenom allows it to achieve up to 1400 shots from a 4500psi tank.

Another advantage of the X7 Phenom is the reduced recoil spool valve design. The X7 has a blowback design with a reciprocating mass, which causes a certain amount of recoil with every shot. Reduced recoil makes it easier to aim and provides better accuracy especially when shooting a moving target.

The FlexValve used with the X7 Phenom uses fewer parts as things like the sear are no longer necessary. This ultimately results in easier maintenance and lesser failures as it is less likely for a simpler design to fail than a more complex one.

Even though Tippmann has tried to retain the older design of the X7, there are still a lot of changes to the X7 Phenom. For starters, the X7 Phenom is 3 inches shorter. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as a smaller weapon is easier to handle and faster to aim. Other changes has led the X7 Phenom to be incompatible with some of the many accessories of the X7. Despite this, Tippmann claims that the X7 Phenom is still compatible with at least 20 of the pre-existing accessories for the X7. It is also expected that more would be developed exclusively for the X7 Phenom.


1.The X7 Phenom uses FlexValve technology while the X7 doesn’t
2.The X7 Phenom can get more shots in per CO2 cartridge than the X7
3.The X7 Phenom creates less recoil than the X7
4.The X7 Phenom requires less maintenance than the X7
5.The X7 Phenom is 3 inches shorter than the X7
6.The X7 has a lot more accessories than the X7 Phenom

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  1. Author erroneously stated that the phenom can use CO2, it cannot use CO2 and I confirmed this with tippmann.

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