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Difference Between Canon XTi and Canon XSi

Canon XTi vs Canon XSi

These two cameras fall under the Digital Rebel moniker that Canon uses in North America. These also carry the global names 400D and 450D respectively. As you may have already figured out, the XSi is an upgrade to the XTi, and it does provide quite a handful of improvements compared to its predecessor.

To start with the XSi now comes with a 12 megapixel sensor instead of the 10 megapixel sensor of the XTi. Higher resolution means better image quality and larger image sizes. Also as relevant to the quality of the photos is the image processor. The Xsi comes with a Digic III processor, the next and better revision of the XTi’s Digic II. The Digic III is said to produce better images, consumes less power and is much faster compared to the Digic II.

Instead of the 2.5 inch LCD screen on the XTi, the XSi is now equipped with 3.5 inch screen. The larger display makes it easier to review photos taken as you can see more detail on it. Another change is the move away from CF cards, to the more common SD cards. It’s not that SD cards are better than CF cards but it is hugely popular and is being used in many different devices aside from digital cameras. With the XSi, you can easily swap memory cards with your other devices or find a new one at a local store.

Lastly, the battery of the XSi has been upgraded to one with a higher capacity. It can take up to 600 shots on a full charge compared to the roughly 500 shots that the XTi can take. This can extend the usability of the XSi a bit more for the casual user. For heavy users, it might be good to invest on a battery grip as it can greatly increase the battery life as well as improved the handling of the camera.

1. The XTi is the older 400D which was succeeded by the XSi, also known as the 450D
2. The XTi has a lower sensor resolution than the XSi
3. The XTi has a Digic II processor while the XSi has a Digic III
4. The XTi has a smaller screen than the XSi
5. The XTi uses CF cards while the XSi uses SD cards
6. The XTi has a lower capacity battery than the XSi

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