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Difference Between DVD Video and DVD VR Mode

DVD Video vs DVD VR Mode

DVD video mode and DVD VR mode are two ways that you can record video with your DVD player. DVD video records the stream it receives into the standard linear DVD formats that are being used by standard DVDs while DVD VR records in a non-linear format. These formats each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest addition to new VR mode is the ability to playback what it is recording, though with a little bit of time delay. This is called time-slip and is very good for those who do want to watch without waiting for the record to finish. The older video mode does not allow simultaneous reads and writes to the disc, making it impossible to implement this feature.

VR mode also makes it possible to reuse any freed space automatically. The space occupied by a deleted scene would be automatically recovered and added to the available space. With video mode, the only way to recover freed space would be to completely reformat the disc, thereby losing all information on the disc. This is also very desirable for editing as the same concept allows editing any section of the recording.

Ejecting a disc that has been recorded with video mode, would prompt the player to finalize the disc. Once finalized, you can no longer record to it unless you reformat it. With VR mode, you can eject a disc without finalizing, allowing you to record again at a later time, utilizing the remaining free space, without having to reformat the disc.

The only drawback to VR mode is its incompatibility with most other DVD players. As VR mode is a more recent addition to DVD, all of the older players are unable to play this format. Even some of the more recent DVD players may have issues with this format. On the other hand, discs that are recorded in video format can be played in all DVD players. After you eject the disc, it is ready to play.

1. DVD video records into the standard linear DVD format while DVD VR records in a non-linear fashion
2. DVD video does not have time-slip capability while DVD VR does
3. DVD video cannot automatically reuse any freed space while DVD VR can
4. DVD video automatically finalizes a disc once it is ejected while DVD VR does not
5. DVD video is playable in all DVD players while DVD VR can only be played by some

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