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canon_vixia_hf10_amHF10 vs. HF11

The Canon Vixia HF10 and HF11 are digital camcorders that use flash-based memory to store information, instead of tape or hard drives. These camcorders are significantly smaller, and more compact than other types. The lack of moving parts for the storage media also improves the battery life of the camcorder. The HF11 is not a major update to the HF10, as there isn’t really that much of a difference. The biggest difference between the two is the addition of a higher recording bandwidth for the HF11. The HF10 is only capable of recording at a maximum bitrate of 17mbps, while the HF11 is capable of recording much more information at 24mbps.

The higher bitrate of the HF11 does not really make that much of a difference when recording videos in optimal conditions, as the HF10 and HF11 both share the same sensor and lens. The higher maximum bitrate of the HF11 can be truly appreciated in low light conditions. Low light doesn’t only refer to really dark situations, as anywhere that a still camera would need a flash can be considered as low light.

Another key difference between the two is the amount of memory that is embedded in the systems. The HF10 packs a 16GB SD card, while the HF11 has twice the amount, with 32GB. The greater amount of embedded memory is necessary, as shooting at 24mbps can quickly fill-up your storage space. For those who still find the internal memory insufficient, there is an SD slot where you can insert additional memory cards for even greater storage.

The HF11 costs much more than the HF10. The difference in memory can be easily eliminated with the purchase of a cheap SD card. Many people think that the 24mbps shooting mode does not really validate the remaining price difference between the two. Therefore, the HF10 is the more sensible buy, as it’s much cheaper than the HF11. However, for those who do want the best, the HF11 is the better option if price is not a concern.


1. The HF10 records at a maximum bitrate of 17mbps, while the HF11 records at a maximum of 24mbps.

2. The HF11 can perform better than the HF10 in low light conditions.

3. The HF10 has a 16GB built-in memory, while the HF11 has 32GB built-in memory.

4. The HF10 costs much less than the HF11.

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