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Difference Between Nikon J1 and V1

Nikon J1 vs V1

The Nikon 1 is a whole new class of cameras that is somewhere between DSLRs and compact cameras. These cameras have interchangeable lenses like DSLRs but are simple to use like compact cameras. The two models in the Nikon 1 are the J1 and V1. The J1 is the entry level model while the V1 is the more advanced model. The first difference between the Nikon J1 and V1 that you would notice is the difference in size as the V1 is noticeably larger than the J1.

The difference in size is aggravated even further by the V1 having an electronic viewfinder, which you can use instead of the LCD screen. Using the EVF is more advantageous because it consumes less power and would not suffer as much when under direct sunlight. With the J1, you are totally reliant on the LCD screen.

The major downside of the V1 is the lack of an integrated flash, a common feature in compact cameras that is also present in the J1. Without a flash, you may not get adequate lighting for your subjects. What Nikon provides in the V1 is an accessory port where you can plug-in an external flash as well as other accessories like GPS receivers and stereo microphones. The V1 gives you a lot more options but getting the flash separately is already an added cost, not to mention that the flash is pricey as well. The J1 may not be as flexible as the V1 but you get the flash built-in already.

Lastly, the V1 has both mechanical and electronic shutters. The J1 only has an electronic shutter just like most compact cameras. Mechanical shutters are typically found in DSLRs where they mechanically cover the sensor to limit the amount of light entering. The mechanical shutter of the V1 is not capable of extremely fast shutter speeds but should be able to provide cleaner photos at the lower shutter speeds. When using the electronic shutter, the capabilities of the V1 and the J1 are just about the same.


  1. The V1 is larger than the J1
  2. The V1 has an electronic viewfinder while the J1 does not
  3. The J1 has an integrated flash while the V1 does not
  4. The V1 has an accessory port while the J1 does not
  5. The V1 can use either electronic or mechanical shutters while the J1 only has an electronic shutter

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