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Difference Between Nikon N80 and N80 QD

Nikon N80 vs N80 QD

The N80 and N80QD are Single Lens Reflex or SLR cameras that were offered by Nikon a few years back. They are the ancestors of DSLRs that are commonplace today, but use film instead of a memory card to store the photos. The only difference between the N80 and N80 QD is the latter’s ability to imprint the date the photo was taken unto the negative. Of course, you need to set the correct date beforehand in order to have the correct information stored on the film. The N80 is not capable of imprinting the date on the film, thus you have to rely on your memory of when you took that picture; this can be a huge problem if you happen to take lots of pictures on a daily basis.

This is a very minor feature that most people can do away with. It is even not desirable if you are taking creative shots, as the imprint may take away from the image. The N80 QD addresses this by having the ability to turn the date imprint on or off depending on your preference. With this feature turned off, the N80 and N80 QD are virtually identical to each other. In this regard, we can say that the N80 QD is superior to the N80 because of the extra feature.

There is really no reason to choose the N80 over the N80 QD because the latter can do what the former can and more. You should turn on the feature during casual events where the date is not really that easy to remember, like outings and other similar occasions. Having the correct dates makes it easier for you and for others to relate to the images.

This feature is already a given for most modern cameras, point and shoot and DSLRs alike. It is even better for digital cameras since it can embed the information into the file but not on the image itself. So even if you can’t see the date on the picture, you can use special software to know when the picture was taken.


  1. The N80 QD is able to imprint the date on the film while the N80 cannot

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