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Difference between Sonos and Apple TV

Sonos vs Apple TV

The avenues through which the content placed online is consumed is increasingly being pushed to ensure that the makers of the smartphones always have something that keeps their audience engaged and consuming their products. Sonos and Apple TV are such devices that fall within this group of people and it is important to look at the differences that are seen within the two. The differences can help give a pointer as to what it is that a person ought to look for.

Sonos seems to have been doing a very good job, being a very common name to be mentioned almost any place that a digital media device is mentioned. Sonos is a startup that came from Santa Barbara and is slightly above its 10-year anniversary, having been formed in 2002. The concept of SONOS is to make a reengineering of the stereo to make it more adaptable for use in the digital age.
It is Sonos that seemed to have ruffled the feathers of Apple the wrong way, with the late Steve Jobs insinuating that he intended to sue Sonos for the track wheel design of the stereo remote control which was similar to that used in the iPod.

Sonos is not doing too bad in the market, with a 2012 analysis showing that the company was able to gross over a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of operating revenue, way above double the revenue that was used in 2011. The rise of Sonos has been done the conventional way of meeting different businesses and selling the product, rather than going the mass market method and having the product sold to everyone.

One thing that ought to be given to Sonos is that it gives attention to the smallest of details, doing the best they can so that what you get as the end user is nothing less than an excellent sound that you will delight in listening to.

Sonos seems to specialize in the creation of speakers and amplifiers, while Apple TV has its focus on creating an easy to connect platform that allows for content viewing that is accessible by Apple apps. One thing is definite, though, both these two companies are very specific on their details. Sonos offers high-quality music to when in different rooms and you desire to enjoy music. Sonos offers high-quality music, too, when in different rooms and you desire to enjoy music. You can even specifically identify the specific rooms that you do not desire music to play in or even different content to play in different houses.

Sonos has gone a step further in allowing for the configuration of stereo receivers to play the content being played and perfection of sound to be achieved. This option is not available with Apple TV. Even when it is able to play through other speakers, the quality is not as good as that coming from the Sonos speakers.

It is also important to note that the remote app by Apple TV cannot power stereo receivers. Interestingly, Sonos is able to power receivers and allow for extensive and flexible changes to be made. Sonos, in short, is easy to work with and offers high-quality effects on sound as opposed to Apple TV, which seems to produce average quality of sound at best. The remote control apps that Sonos makes also go a long way in making entertainment easy by exploiting technology. It can thus be concluded that inasmuch as Apple TV rules the television world, Sonos seems to rule the audio world with regard to functionality, precision and attention to detail.

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