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Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D

a Samsung Galaxy S II vs an LG Optimus 3D

The Galaxy S II and Optimus 3D are two smartphones that were showcased in the latest MWC (Mobile World Congress) and are yet to be released on the market. These phones are replete with new features including dual core processors and Android 2.3. The main difference between these two is the capability of the Optimus 3D to show things in 3D. While the Galaxy S II goes with an AMOLED display, the Optimus 3D has an equal-sized, dual, LCD screen. The screens are offset at a bit of an angle so that each eye can only see one view thereby simulating three dimensions.

The added hardware of the Optimus 3D is clearly apparent in the size difference. The Galaxy S II is sleeker and lighter than the Optimus 3D with the weight being very discernable as the Optimus 3D is roughly 50% heavier.

Because the Optimus 3D can showcase 3D photos and videos, it would be a shame if it cannot make its own. For this purpose, the Optimus 3D is equipped with dual 5 megapixel cameras that are level in landscape. The Galaxy S II has a better 8 megapixel camera, but since there are almost no large 3D displays, the Optimus 3D would not benefit much from a higher resolution. The Optimus 3D is capable of capturing 3D video but only at a lower 720p resolution. It can also capture 2D video at a higher 1080p resolution just like the Galaxy S II.

One downside of the Optimus 3D is the lower memory. The Galaxy S II has 1GB of memory and comes in 16/32GB storage models while the Optimus 3D only has 8GB for storage and 512MB RAM. The RAM is the more worrisome aspect here, though, as the lack of it can lead to a bottleneck that would slow down the overall operation of the device. This would be very apparent when running multiple applications at the same time.


1. The Optimus 3D can display in 3D while the Galaxy S II cannot.
2. The Optimus 3D is slightly bigger but much heavier than the Galaxy S II.
3. The Optimus 3D has a dual lens camera but a lower resolution than the Galaxy S II.
4. The Optimus 3D can shoot 3D video while the Galaxy S II cannot.
5. The Galaxy S II has more memory than the Optimus 3D.

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