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Difference Between the Sony Cybershot TX5 and TX7

 Sony Cybershot TX5 vs TX7

The TX5 and TX7 are two compact cameras from Sony. Although they may look pretty similar and they do have the same sensor, they are two very different cameras. The biggest difference between the Cybershot TX5 and TX7 is environmental sealing. Like most other gadgets, you need to be careful with the TX7. You should avoid getting it wet, dropping it onto hard surfaces, and freezing temperatures; unless, of course, you want to turn your camera into a paperweight. But with the TX5, you don’t necessarily have to take as much care. The TX5 is designed to be waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and even freezeproof. With limits, of course, no more than 3 meters deep, no higher than 1.5 meters, and no lower than -10C, respectively.

The TX7 is not without its merits. For starters, the TX7 has a 3.5-inch touchscreen display; a tad larger than the 3-inch touchscreen display on the TX5. A difference of half an inch may not seem like a lot, but in cameras this small, they can look worlds apart. Video shooting is exemplary in the TX7 because it is capable of shooting 1080p videos while the TX5 can only manage 720p. Audio in the TX5 may also be of lower quality than on the TX7 because it is only able to capture mono sound.

Although both cameras have identical 4X optical zooms, the TX5 is able to employ more digital zoom; 8X to the 5.6X zoom on the TX7. This is not such a huge difference if you know your way around a photo editing application as you can achieve the same with the said tool.

The TX7 is quite a respectable compact camera with excellent features. But if you need a camera for the entire family, you should seriously consider the TX5. With the camera going through multiple hands, drops and scrapes would be unavoidable. The TX5 could take a bit of a beating before it calls it quits.  Outings to the beach or the pool should also be a lot more fun because you can take pictures on and even under the water.


  1. The TX5 is environmentally sealed while the TX7 is not.
  2. The TX7 has a larger display than the TX5.
  3. The TX7 is better at videos than the TX5.
  4. The TX5 can employ greater digital zoom than the TX7.

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