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Difference Between Mega Man and Mega Man X

Mega Man vs Mega Man X

The Mega Man universe is one of the world-famous and well-loved action game franchises in the history of video games. Due to its popularity, the Mega Man franchise has enjoyed longevity in the gaming world and has developed into many series, titles, spin-offs, and other related media revolving around the central character, Mega Man.

Mega Man is the first and original series in the franchise. The plot of the series centers on the character of the same name. Mega Man is a robotic humanoid created by the scientist Dr. Thomas Light to battle destructive robots created by his rival, Dr. Wily. Mega Man has the ability to copy and adopt the capabilities of his rival robots. He is often in company of his robot pets (which also turn into weapons), his creator, Dr. Light, and his robot sister, Roll.

The Mega Man series debuted on the video game market in December, 1987, using the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The series is set between 200X to 20XX). The character Mega Man is the series protagonist while Dr. Wily and his creations serve as the series antagonists.

The series produced 23 titles for various consoles and platforms. Currently, there are ten main series titles, four handheld console titles, two arcade tiles, and five titles for side stories.

On the other hand, Mega Man X is the continuation and spin-off series of the original Mega Man series. It is considered as the second Mega man series in the franchise. The series is set in 21XX, 100 years after the timeline of the original.

The series debuted on December 17, 1993, on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or Super NES). It has 11 titles with 8 titles released under the main series and 3 tiles under side story releases.

The plot of the Mega Man X slightly differs from the original. It retains two major characters from the main series–Dr. Light and Mega Man (referred to as “X”). Both scientists have created their respective last projects. These new projects assume the new characters and serve as the series protagonist and antagonist. Dr. Light’s creation, “X” (also known as Mega Man X) is the series protagonist while Dr. Cain’s creation, Sigma, is the antagonist.

Both series display similar game play. There is a slight difference between the abilities of the original Mega Man and Mega Man X. The original Mega Man has the ability to run, jump, climb, shoot and other movement options. The additions to the original abilities are wall climbing and dashing. These two new abilities equip the character with more speed and faster movements within the game screen.


1.Both Mega Man and Mega Man X are game series in the Mega Man franchise. The first and original series is Mega Man while the spin-off and second series is Mega Man X.
2.Both series are action-based videogames that can be played in various consoles and platforms.
3.Mega Man precedes Mega Man X by six years. The former was launched in December, 1987, while the latter debuted in December, 1993. Both series were launched on the same console–Nintendo.
4.Mega Man X follows the plot and timeline of Mega Man. Mega Man X is set in 21XX while the Mega Man series is set between 200X to 20XX.
5.Both series have a different protagonist and antagonist. In Mega Man, the protagonist is the title character and his creator, Dr. Light. The antagonist is Dr. Wily and his robots. On the other hand, Mega Man X’s protagonist is “X” Dr. 6.Light’s last creation and the new Mega man. His counterpart as the antagonist for the series is Sigma, a reploid creation of Dr.cain

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