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Difference Between Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2

Rock Band 1 vs Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 is the first of many sequels to the original hit game Rock Band, which is now commonly referred to as Rock Band 1. As with any sequel, Rock Band 2 introduces several improvements over its predecessor to improve gameplay and to eliminate issues that players had with the older game. The first of many changes in Rock Band 2 is introduction of a more lenient phoneme engine. The phoneme engine is responsible for judging if the spoken words are correct. The new engine should make it easier for the singer to pass on the spoken parts of the song.

Another major change in Rock Band 2 is in the game play. In Rock Band 1, you can choose what instrument you want to play when you create a character; this is fixed and cannot be changed later. With Rock Band 2, characters are no longer tied to a single instrument and can freely change instruments. The world tour mode of the game has also been changed. Instead of separate tours for single player mode and multiplayer mode, Rock Band 2 now has a single tour mode that is meant for the entire band but players can still independently progress on their own or with the group in offline or online modes.

One of the major gripes that players had with Rock Band 1 is not in the game itself but with the peripherals like the fender Stratocaster and drums. In Rock Band 2, the Stratocaster comes with a new sunburst design. Not only that, the fret buttons have been made softer and the strum bar easier to strum. With the drums, the biggest complaint in Rock Band 1 was that the bass pedal breaks rather easily, especially when the drummer gets carried away. In Rock Band 2, the drum pedal has been reinforced with metal to improve its strength. The drum pads are also made pressure sensitive so that it detects how hard you are hitting them and translates to correspondingly louder sound.


1.Rock Band 2 has a more lenient phoneme engine than Rock Band 1
2.Rock Band 2 no longer ties characters to a single instrument like Rock Band 1 does
3.Rock Band 2 has a unified Tour mode while Rock Band 1 has separate modes for single and multiplayer tours
4.Rock Band 2 has better peripherals than Rock Band 1

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