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Difference Between Samsung Google Nexus S 4G and HTC EVO 3D

Samsung Google Nexus S 4G vs HTC EVO 3D

The Samsung Google Nexus S 4G and HTC EVO 3D are two smartphones that are on very different mobile networks. The Nexus S 4G is a CDMA phone while the EVO 3D is a GSM phone. The two networks are not compatible and you would not be able to use one phone for the other network. CDMA is good enough if you don’t travel much. But if you are a globe trotter, you may consider getting a GSM phone as most of the world uses that standard, especially Europe and Asia.

When it comes to the rest of the hardware, the Evo 3D also has some very distinct advantages. The first is its larger screen. A third of an inch may not seem like a whole lot but it is still provides a significantly bigger viewing area. Something you would greatly appreciate when you browse through a website on your phone.

Another significant upgrade in hardware is the EVO 3D’s use of a dual core processor. Two cores can share the load, especially when you have more than one app running, thereby increasing the performance of the phone while still maintaining the responsiveness of the UI. The Nexus S 4G only has a single core processor. Although it can’t really be called slow, you should restrain yourself from running to many apps at the same time to avoid straining your device.

The use of a dual-core processor allows the EVO 3D to employ dual rear cameras that are able to stitch two photos together to create a 3D illusion. This is true for both stills and 720p HD quality videos. The EVO 3D is also capable of shooting 1080p video but only on 2D. Without the ability to shoot in 3D, the EVO 3D still wins over the Nexus S 4G as the best video resolution it can manage to record is WVGA. But, in the Nexus S 4G’s favor, it does have a front facing camera while the EVO 3D doesn’t. The front facing camera is quite essential for video calling in order for the other party to see you.


1.Nexus S 4G is a CDMA phone while the EVO 3D is a GSM phone
2.The EVO 3D screen is bigger but the Nexus S 4G screen is better
3.The EVO 3D has a dual-core processor while the Nexus S 4G doesn’t
4.The EVO 3D has better cameras than the Nexus S 4G

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