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Differences between iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy s5

As smartphones continue to become more of a necessity in our everyday lives, the giants such as iPhone, Sony, Samsung etc. battle it out to boost their market shares. Almost everyone today owns a smart phone and it is a want that has been defined by the society and the culture as a need. Not only this, many people feel that your handset reflects your personality; it is a matter of who you are. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that it is a major decision for a lot of people out there to take regarding which smartphone to get. Although most of them have similar features, there are some differences which have to be taken into account when taking a buying decision.

Two of the top smartphone brands are Apple and Samsung Galaxy. The competition between these two is of the highest level and the two continue to improve on their offerings by launching a newer version of their bestseller products; iPhone for Apple and the s3, s4, s5 series for Samsung galaxy in addition to many other handsets. This makes it a tough decision to take for consumers who are out there with a considerable budget but cannot decide between the two. Well, we are here to help them by pointing out some important differences between them.

The Apple iPhone 5s is smaller in size, has a lesser width and is shorter than the Samsung Galaxy s5. It is also lighter as it weighs about 30 grams lesser than the s5. This is good for people who prefer smaller and more easy-to-carry or handy smartphones. However, the common trend these days is to have a larger screen in which the s5 manages to do better; it boasts a screen of 5.1 inches compared to iPhone 5s’ 4 inches. In addition to this, the screen resolution of Samsung s5 is 1080 x 1920 pixels that accounts for 432 pixels per inch whereas the iPhone 5s has a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels that makes it 326 pixels per inch.

Moving on, another concern that is of the utmost significance is the speed and performance of a smartphone. This mainly depends on the processor and the random accessible memory (RAM) of the handset. The iPhone 5s has a 1 GB RAM compared to Samsung s5’s 2GB RAM. The processors in the two are also different. Samsung s5 has a very high processor, a quad-core of 2.5 GHz (2.5 x 4). The iPhone 5s has a lower processor comparatively; a dual-core of 1.3 GHz (1.3 x 2).

Next comes the camera, which, for some consumers is one of the main features that affect the decision of which phone to buy. The rear camera in iPhone 5s is of 8 MP whereas in Samsung s5, the rear camera is of 16 MP.

With video calling fast becoming a very popular form of communication and the trend of taking ‘selfies’, the front camera quality is another factor that is considered by many when buying a smartphone. What is also referred to as a secondary camera, is available of 1.2 MP in iPhone 5s and 2 MP in the Samsung Galaxy s5.

The internal memory or hard drive offered by the two differs. The iPhone 5s gives you the option of any one out of a 16 GB, a 32 GB and a 64 GB internal memory phones. However, it does not have a slot for a memory card. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy s5 gives you the option of either a 16 GB or a 32 GB internal memory phone and has a card slot in which you can mount up to 128 GB of memory. Which form of memory would you prefer in your phone, internal or external, is certainly a decision that you have to take!


Summary of differences expressed in points

Why an iPhone 5s instead of Samsung s5?
1. Smaller and lighter
2. Handy, easy to use and has a compact design

Why the Samsung s5 instead of (iPhone 5s)?
1. Larger screen-5.1” (4”), higher resolution, greater pixel density-432 ppi (326 ppi)
2. Higher RAM-2 GB (1 GB), higher processor-Quad-core 2.5 GHz (Dual-core 1.3 GHz)
3. Higher mega pixel secondary camera-2 MP (1.2 MP) and rear camera-16 MP (8 MP)

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