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Chlorine vs Chloride

The elements around us have varying functions. These are very important in our lives and in the existence of other organisms such as plants and animals. Each element has its advantages as well as disadvantages when the amount taken is exceeded.

These elements around us are used frequently for manufacturing of products for different fields of occupation, organisms, and so on and so forth. Two of the most widely used elements are chlorine and chloride. Let us examine the differences.

Chloride is a mineral supplement while chlorine is a gas. Chlorine in elemental form is very harmful though it does not take form in the real world since the combination of its reactivity doesn’t allow it to exist though this can be made but with a combination of other elements.

Chloride comes as a by-product of chlorine compounds such as table salt or NaCl in conjunction with other electrolytes whether it may be potassium, magnesium ,or sodium which is very needed by the body.

Chloride as a mineral that is also very needed by the body. Chlorine, on the other hand, is used in cleansing products to disinfect and clean clothes and swimming pools as we are all familiar of.

Chloride is very needed by the body since it’s one of the major minerals that can be found inside our bodies. Humans are recommended to consume 750-900 mg. of chloride every day. A lack of chloride can lead to a condition called hyponatremia which includes: muscle weakness, loss of appetite, and lethargy. Excess chloride intake can lead to hypernatremia, and symptoms may include water retention and high blood pressure.

A moderate intake of salt should be taken so as to balance this mineral as a major ion inside our bodies.


1. Chloride is a mineral supplement while chlorine is a gas.
2. Chlorine in elemental form cannot be found around us while chloride can be found in table salts.
3. Chlorine can be used and mixed together as cleansing agents for our clothes and swimming pools while chloride is very needed by our bodies since chloride is one of the major compounds in our bodies.

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  1. This article is absolute trash. Chlorine and chloride aren’t 2 elements, they’re the same one! If the author doesn’t even know that most basic fact, then the veracity of their whole article is very clearly brought into question. For example, chlorine (chemical symbol Cl) reacts with sodium (chemical symbol Na) to form sodium chloride (NaCl), also commonly known as salt. A lack of chloride doesn’t cause hyponatraemia, it’s a lack of sodium – look at the word hypo Na (sodium) traemia. Does nobody quality check these articles? The author clearly failed basic chemistry!

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