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Difference Between Sarcoma and Carcinoma

Sarcoma vs Carcinoma

To contract a disease is already a problem. It’s a hindrance for productivity and other forms of recreation. People nowadays are contracting more diseases than ever because of lifestyle. People tend to practice sedentary lifestyles instead of living a healthy lifestyle.

Due to this, deadly diseases have evolved ever since such as cancer. Cancer can be a life-threatening disease, 50-75% survival rate depending upon the diagnosis and the stage of the disease. Some can completely recover. Others miraculously recover due to faith in God while most do not survive due to lack of resources such as money.

Two terminologies related to cancer are sarcoma and carcinoma. These two terms are important words for medical professionals and students. Let us tackle each term so that we can see the difference.

Carcinoma and sarcoma are words referring to cancerous tumors with different origins. “Carcinoma” is a term in medicine that refers to a malignant tumor. The origin of the tumor is via epithelial cells. It is also associated with cells that evolved with an unknown cell lining and origin. But these unknown cells are said to have the characteristics with epithelial cells. When we say malignant tumors, the tumors have a chance of aggravating and causing death because malignant tumors have the ability to spread and destroy surrounding tissues and cells. “Carcinoma” came from the Greek word “karkinos” which means “crab” and “oma” which means “growth.”

“Sarcoma,” on the other hand, is also a type of tumor. However, it originates from the mesoderm unlike the carcinoma which originated via the epithelium. The mesoderm is a layer that forms the cartilage, fat, and bone tissues. “Sarcoma” came from the Greek word ”sarx” meaning flesh and “oma” which means growth. Sarcoma can be specifically classified according to the structure it occurs in. If it occurs in the bone, the cancer is called osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, is a very painful type of cancer. Another example is chondrosarcoma in which the sarcoma evolved from the cartilage.

Carcinomas and sarcomas can be diagnosed through a biopsy to confirm if cancer cells are present. These can be treated via chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


1.A carcinoma generally originates from the epithelial cells while an osteosarcoma originates from the mesoderm.
2.Carcinomas are malignant tumors while a sarcoma can be malignant or not.
3.Both are types of cancer which should gain medical attention.

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  1. I must make two corrections. First, I would not say that, in general, there is an increase in cancer due to a sedentary lifestyle. Surely that would be the cause of many other disorders such as obesity, high cholesterol, etc., but cancer is not discriminatory due to lifestyle.

    Secondly, if you want somebody to take your article as a serious contribution to science, you cannot realistically attribute the recovery of some to the miracle of God without also discussing the much more noteworthy and scientifically accurate medical research and treatments available such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation treatment.

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