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Drugs and alcohol are always mistaken as destroyers of lives. However, they too have differences in use that if weren’t abused, would be very beneficial to the body. Drugs and alcohol are actually medicines used as forms of antiseptics or to treat diseases. However, because of the abusive way that people use these substances, they are always branded as life destroyers.

Take alcohol, for example. It is a hydroxyl that can be used as an antiseptic. There are many different kinds of alcohol and there are different uses for each. There are alcohols known as isopropyl, methanol, and ethanol, which can be used as antiseptics. Methanol and ethanol can also be used as fuel, which is very beneficial to the daily household activities of a persons life. These alcohols may also be used as solvents for medical drugs and to make perfumes smell good. Ethanol is the most popular alcohol because it is used for making beverages. In addition, these beverages alcohols are the ones usually linked to abuse.

Drugs, on the other hand, is a very broad term. The main definition of drugs is a substance that when taken in by the body will alter its normal functions. It is also used for the well-being of a person. It may mean a medical substance that helps treat or avoid diseases and other ailments. However, drugs should be prescribed by a doctor before use. There are also drugs that are used for the fun of it, or to enhance the good experience. These kinds of drugs have many prohibitions and regulations, because they may prove unpleasant when abused.

Alcohol is supposed to be beneficial to the body with the yeast brewed and the grapes in the wine. It has fruits, grains, and carbohydrates that may be beneficial to the body. However, drugs can be very strong and addictive. It can enter your central nervous system as a depressant. That is why many people get drunk drinking the beverage form of alcohol, the ethanol. Almost all youngsters and adults alike who drink, have the intention of getting drunk, which is where the abuse comes in. When one gets drunk, one tends to lose proper judgment, lower inhibitions and even create a sort of euphoric feeling on the person drinking.

Both alcohol and drugs are beneficial to the body, but they can prove detrimental to the personal health when abused. Drugs that are depressants and are abused may cause a person to lower his or her speed and will most probably lose focus and attention. Drugs must be taken in by the body and this is normal, however, when abused, may lead to organ failure. Drugs should be taken cautiously and not abused, which is why prescriptions are very important.



Alcohols may be used on the skin and in the daily activities of a person, like using it as gas, while drugs are medications that are normally ingested with the proper prescriptions.

Ethanol is the alcohol that is ingested, while drugs are medications that when taken in can alter the normal functions of the body.

Alcohol can lessen proper judgment, lower inhibitions, and feel like euphoria, when abused, while drugs can slow you down, make you lose attention and lead to organ failure.

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