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ferretPole cat vs Ferret

Belong to the weasel family, ferret and polecat are almost similar that it is hard to distinguish between the two.

A ferret can be called as a domesticated polecat. Ferrets have been domesticated from European polecat. A polecat can be easily differentiated from the unpleasant smell, which is produced from its secretion.

A ferret has a long, sinuous body with small ears. Its teeth are sharp and they have very sensitive nose. The ferrets are very curious animals and enterprising. They are also considered to be very stubborn and tenacious. The Polecat on the other hand comes with a long and lean body. They also have furs, which come in medium to long range. A polecat comes with very sensitive whiskers, rounded ears and short muzzles.

Though both the ferret and polecat are very sensitive to smell, the polecat is very keen to sense. The polecat also comes with poor eyesight and they move around using the sense of smell.

Most of the polecats are considered to be nocturnal, while some are crepuscular.
Both the ferret and the polecat are carnivorous. They feed on small birds and animals, fish, fish eggs and reptiles. However, apart from being a carnivorous, ferrets also like sweets like bananas, raisins and peanut butter.

The mating season for a polecat differs from one species to another. Some polecats are able to delay implantation, which means that they can choose when an egg has to be implanted in the uterine wall. This gives the polecat an advantage to mate at any time and get pregnant as they wish. Sexually dimorphic predators, the ferrets mate in particular months from March to January. Once they mate, the male and the female get separated. It is the females that rare the young ones.

Another difference that can be seen is that while Ferrets are gregarious, polecats are solitary. A Ferret love to share its space with another ferret. But polecats are not so and they earmark their own territory and will not allow any one in its space.

1.A ferret can be called as a domesticated polecat.
2.A polecat can be easily differentiated from the unpleasant smell, which is produced from its secretion.
3.A ferret has a long, sinuous body with small ears. The Polecat on the other hand comes with a long and lean body.
4.Ferrets are gregarious and polecats are solitary.

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  1. I do not mean to offend, but this article sounds like a 6th grade paper. For one thing, a ferret may like bananas and raisins, they are not good for them and should NOT be fed to them. Ferrets can also have a strong smell, the “secretions” are hormones and oils naturally secreted by both animals. A long, sinuous body is the same thing as a long, thin body. The body of a ferret is nearly indistinguishable from a polecat, when described in words. The article does not mention that ferrets are also crepuscular. And ferrets also have fur that can range from short to long. Just wanted to dispel some myths and clear up a few things. Thank you.

  2. I have a ferret and she looks completely the same as a polecat. They are the same size AND their hair & snout is the same.

    -just for the record

  3. Polecat has bad eyesight but not solitary,got Elvis from the US six years ago,they hunt Prierrydogs,his mate is a four year old Scottish Ferret they get on well except for play fighting,which can get out of hand sometimes,we’re Elvis drags the other(Airborne) around by the scruf of the neck.

  4. False. Although this article has some good points, there is no real way of telling the difference between them other than the smell. I can tell the difference between the smell of a ferret and the smell of a polecat but only side-by-side. They are very similar but this article makes it seem like there are distinct differences between them when they look exactly the same. Some polecats are able to let off a certain smell if threatened, like a skunk, and ferrets are unable to do this, obviously. But or the species of polecats that are unable to do this, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.

  5. Writer needs to.learn difference between rare and rear.

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