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Difference Between White Bass and Striped Bass

White bass vs. Striped bass

While some fish may be of the same species, there can be many differences between them. The white bass and striped bass are prime examples of this. Both fish are considered close cousins of one another as they are in the freshwater bass family. Both fish can be found in some of the rivers and lakes within Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The striped bass is typically longer in length and sleeker than the white bass, however in Florida there is a fish called the sunshine bass which is a hybrid of both the white bass and the striped bass. Both types respond well to fly fishing, bait fishing, and surf casting. Common baits and lures that both the white bass and stripe bass respond to include crabs, flies, and blood worms. Both fish are widely known, however the striped bass is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, and even South Carolina.

The white bass is scientifically names Morone chrysops and is found in rivers and reservoirs all over the United States. They are social fish and take very well to lures and any bait that they spot. The dorsal fins of a white bass are short and close to one another, while its body is silver with broken stripes. The white bass is known for having a very prominent lower jaw. They can grow anywhere from 2 to 3 feet in length and can be found as heavy as six pounds. The diet of the white bass is focused on animals which move, crustaceans and small fish mainly.

The striped bass is named scientifically Morone saxatilis or is commonly called the ‘rock fish’. They are popular off of both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United States, where they are migratory fish. Physically these fish are characterized by their 7 long dark black stripes which run along the length of their silver body. The dorsal fins are separate and they each have up to 10 rays. The typical food of bass is any fish that is smaller and available at the time. Interestingly enough striped bass are born in freshwater but some choose to spend their adult life in saltwater, however they can live in either.

Both fish are similar to one another in their behavior and mannerisms, however different physically.

1. The white bass and stripes bass are from the same family found in various rivers and reservoirs across the country.
2. The striped bass is longer than the white bass and has long black, solid stripes along the length of its body. The white bass’ dorsal fins are short and close together, whereas the striped bass’ fins are far apart from one another.
3. Both the striped and the white bass have created a hybrid species called the sunshine fish, popularized in Florida.
4. The white and striped bass can be found in freshwater, however the striped bass has been known to spend their adulthood in saltwater as well.

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