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Difference Between Ableton 7 and Ableton 8

Ableton 7 Vs Ableton 8

Ableton is a music software company whose headquarters is located in Berlin. It has long become one of the leading standards of digital music recording and editing whose line of products includes the famous Ableton Live, Ableton Live Intro and Ableton Suite. Starting from Ableton version 6, the company has already made various sub branches of its software products targeted to a more specific set of consumers. These include the Live LE versions and the Ableton Live Intro. For the sake of discussion, it is best to look into the last two versions of the Ableton Live series which are the Ableton Live 7 and 8.

Ableton Live 8, the latest Live version, was released last April 2, 2009. This version now has an integrated Max/MSP platform. Using this software, the user can also collaborate effectively through the Internet. There are also some workflow and effects improvements in this version as opposed to its previous predecessors. One of the top enhancements for this new version however is its enhanced system to counter piracy. Being a newer software, Live 8 also requires a larger RAM about 1 G or better compared to Live 7’s 500 MB RAM requirement.

Generally, Live 8 has a new array of musical functionalities or tools. There is a plethora of groove styles to choose from. Hence you can easily transform your techno dance track into a music having the groove styles of swing, Latin and bossa nova among others. You can easily select them from the provided categories and instantaneously get ‘magical’ results.

Also, Live 8’s Vocoder effect is probably the most ingenious of its kind even when compared against other similar products from other software companies like the Apple Logic. With this, you can whip incredible robotic voice interpretations along with providing clear music outputs from combining drum beats and the heavy guitar for example.

To sum it up, the Live 8 version is boastful of its following technical strengths: it has an amazing Looper, it has a huge selection of ready to pick Groove Patterns, it has a new warping engine, and it incorporates the killer Vocoder Effect.

Still, both engines have many similarities. Either working with MIDI and plain audio, the number of tracks to work on per project has remained the same in both versions ‘“ unlimited. Their max bit depth is still set at 32-bit and their resolutions at 192 KHz. The Simpler and Impulse instruments have all been made available in both engines as well.

With all of these features, no wonder the Ableton software products have become one of the top choices for professional DJs, concert artists and musicians alike. All in all:

1. Ableton 8 is the newer software from Ableton compared to its older brother the Ableton 7.

2. Ableton 8 offers better protection against piracy as opposed to Ableton 7.

3. Ableton 8 has a bigger RAM requirement than Ableton 7.

4. Abelton 8 has new music tools like the Looper, Vocoder and Groove Pattern selections.

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