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spywareAdware vs Spyware
The Internet is now the one-stop shop where people can find anything and everything that they are looking for. From providing a venue to start up their own business to connecting friends through any of the numerous social network websites found here, the Internet has definitely made things a lot more convenient for everyone.

Since many new businesses have established websites to help promote their businesses, there are now a number of software applications that are used in order to track the Internet traffic that their websites and other marketing tools are generating to determine which ones are the most effective. These are categorized into two groups: adware and spyware applications.

Adware are software applications that are designed to allow a number of pop up advertisements straight to the personal computers of potential customers and clients. These advertisements allow Internet browsers to download certain programs free of charge since these pop up advertisements contribute to the payment of the use of these programs. These are currently seen in trial programs which offer the potential customer the ability to evaluate and make his or her decision on whether to purchase the license or not. For as long as the customer does not purchase the program and is still within the trial period, the adware application will generate a variety of relevant advertisements to provide free usage of the said program without compromising the amount of profit generated by the company that developed the program. Once the customer purchases the program over the Internet, the adware software application is then disabled by the computer program and the user can now be able to utilize the computer program without the advertisements.

On the other hand, spyware software applications are programs that are embedded to certain websites in order to track the purchasing habits of existing customers. The name spyware comes from the fact that the users are not aware of these applications. While they are surfing through the website and make a purchase, the spyware gathers the purchase information and stores it in a database to allow the company to keep track of the types of the products and services that a particular client avails and the frequency of the purchases made. With the help of these applications, companies are then able to generate a number of Internet marketing strategies to directly market future products and services to these customers to further increase the amount of the profit that they generate.

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