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Difference Between Airbus and Boeing

Airbus vs Boeing

There are lots of differences between the Airbus and Boeing. Both being titans of the aviation manufacturing industry, the two companies are always competing against each other just to bring the best in themselves.

In terms of sales, basing it within the years 2000 to 2009, Airbus now has received a total of 6,452 orders compared to Boeing’s 5,927. But with regard to actual deliveries, Boeing slightly edged Airbus by posting 3,950 deliveries from 2003 to 2009 alone. Airbus only has 3,810 deliveries. These figures show how tight the competition really is which paved way to the creation of the ever-popular ‘airline wars.’

As a company, Airbus is of European descent ‘“ French, while Boeing is from America. Each manufacturer has made several airline variations ranging from those that will be used for commercial purposes to the airplanes that will be used for the military’s sake. They also make passenger airliners that can carry between 100 to 500 people.

More people would agree that Boeing is more popular, most likely because it has been in the industry way ahead than the Airbus. The latter is just a newcomer in the business and people claim that it still follows some of the designs that were first brought by Boeing in the 1990s and earlier. Although there’s no firm proof yet, many have also embraced Boeing’s internal layout and overall passenger comfort as better than its European counterpart. Nevertheless, this is also a matter of personal choice.

In most designs, the two differ in certain physical attributes. The plane controls for Boeing aircrafts has a central yoke and a steering wheel designed column which serves as the primary direction control of the craft. Airbus has a side stick type controller. There’s also a joystick at the left of the main pilot while the co-pilot has another joystick at his right.

The computer override system, the topic of many debates today, also differs between the two. The plane automation in the Airbus is more complex than in Boeing planes. The Airbus believes in their computer system so much that they (the pilots) can’t override them. Boeing developers believe that the pilots have the last say; thus they are able to do this particular overriding function. Nevertheless, these two approaches to the craft’s computer both have their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Boeing still use of their central yoke control and steering wheel column for direction control while Airbus has a side joystick approach to such.
2. Boeing pilots are able to override the craft’s computer especially during emergencies while Airbus pilots can’t.
3. Boeing is an American corporation while Airbus is a French aircraft manufacturer.
4. Boeing is an older company than the Airbus.

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