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  1. Shane Hutchison
    March 9, 2019

    Your summary of differences is tertiary at best and is misleading and incorrect.
    The way you present Microsoft on this in comparison to Amazon is misleading. It is true that Amazon has its beginnings of being founded on open-source technology. Microsoft was an original creator of what many have become alternatives to; thus inherently has become known as not open source. “Open Source” itself was carved as one of the “alternatives” to the most commonly used and highly supported Microsoft technologies.

    Today, Microsoft is more platform-independent and open-source friendly than Google and Apple by a long shot. Microsoft utilizes and bridges all platforms even “open-source”, the same cannot be said of Apple or Google.

    On pricing… This is Azure pricing model (very direct):
    – Transparent and competitive pricing
    – Pay direct and get the same price as you would through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.
    – Azure matches AWS pricing for comparable services.
    – Pay only for the resources you use and cancel anytime.


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