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dvi-adapterDVI vs Mini DVI

The Mini DVI is another connector specification that is consistent with the DVI standard. With just a glance at the name, we can easily figure out that the Mini DVI connector is physically smaller than DVI. It is just slightly bigger than a single USB port. The DVI standard was created by the Digital Display Working Group while the Mini DVI connector was created by Apple to supersede the mini VGA connector. Because of this, the Mini DVI port can only be found on Apple products like the Powerbook or iMac despite being fully compatible with DVI.

One of the features that DVI has is Dual Link. This feature allows users to utilize higher resolutions by employing additional data links provided by the pins allocated for this technology. The Mini DVI connector lacks this ability and is restricted to using 1920×1200@60Hz maximum resolution. Although it seems like the Mini DVI connector has enough pins to support Dual Link, none of these pins are assigned to provide Dual Link capabilities. Unless Apple changes the specification drastically, Dual Link is not possible.

A common complaint that people have with the Mini DVI is in the lack of flexibility. DVI has a wide variety of connectors that can be acquired to fit the requirements of the user. Even, those who still use devices with VGA connectors can purchase cheap DVI to VGA adapters. For the Mini DVI, Apple only provides two connectors, the Mini DVI to DVI-D and Mini DVI to VGA. If you have both DVI and VGA devices, you would need to buy both pricey cables as the Mini DVI to DVI-D only carries digital signals and is not compatible with DVI to VGA adapters. The packaging of the Mini DVI to DVI-D cable has also draw complaints because the image on the package featured a DVI-I connector, which is capable of transmitting both digital and analog signals unlike the actual content which is only capable of digital signal transmission.

1.DVI is physically larger than the Mini DVI connector.
2.The Mini DVI design did not come from the designers of DVI.
3.DVI can be found on a lot of different hardware specs while mini DVI is found only on Apple computers.
4.Mini DVI is not capable of dual link, a feature in DVI.
5.Mini DVI cables are fixed to a single output while DVI is very flexible.

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  1. Apple sells these Mini-DVI to DVI adapters that work with MacBooks and whatever other kinds of Apple hardware that sport Mini-DVI ports, and, thinking that now I have a DVI to VGA adapter, I bought one of those Mini-DVI to DVI adapters at Fry’s in hopes of finally being able to connect my MacBook to a VGA LCD monitor.

    My dazzling happiness was abruptly halted when I realized that the Mini-DVI to DVI adapter does not work with my typical DVI to VGA adapter. It didn’t fit. Then I realized that it’s a Mini-DVI to DVI-D adapter, and my DVI to VGA adapter is a DVI-I to VGA adapter.

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