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  1. Alex
    September 22, 2019


    For me Mcafee does the job. I can comment on virus protection or which one would be better in case of an infestation, but price wise, program size and popups level, i would go for Mcafee.

    Norton is too big for a small laptop. It will take half you memory space and it will slow down your work.

    Thank you


  2. Patrick
    February 3, 2020


    I work in Cybersecurity for a very large defense contractor and we use both Norton and McAfee with our computer systems. IMO, McAfee runs faster, but Norton I’ve always felt was a little more in depth. Norton is massive though. The size of their virus definitions is extremely chunky compared to McAfee. The cost difference between the two companies is grossly misrepresented in this article though. Norton is significantly more expensive. As of February 2020 with Norton, you have 5 levels of security suites, “standard” ($30/yr), “Deluxe” ($40/yr), “Select” ($90/yr), “Advantage” ($180/yr), and “Ultimate Plus” ($260/yr). With “Standard” you get 1 device license, and very limited amount of features. “Deluxe” and “Select” both allow 5 device licenses. The “Select” features are comparable to that of the McAfee Livesafe. The “Advantage” allows only 10 device licenses, and the only real perk compared to McAfee’s Livesafe is the credit monitoring feature. Lastly, “Ultimate Plus” allows unlimited devices, and again the only real perks is the credit monitoring, plus 401k investment alerting.

    McAfee has 2 security suites “Livesafe” and “Total Protection”. What’s the major difference? Comparatively, Total Protection has a slightly better anti-viral program than Livesafe, but Livesafe has better cloud storage. However, the difference between Livesafe and Total Protection anti-virus is negligible. When it comes to Costs…. I purchased Livesafe for $99, with a 2 year subscription (McAfee was having a promotion at the time), but its usually $45/yr for the first year followed by $12o/yr upon renewal. Total Protection costs the exact same $45 for the first year, $120 upon renewal. So when you’re talking about costs for products and company backing for protection, McAfee is a far better security suite for your dollar. It has the same level protections as Norton basically, geared towards consumers, and it costs literally half as much as Norton. Norton I feel is better geared towards small business/home office type applications where there may be a server and several connected clients. McAfee I feel is more geared towards consumers with individual devices connected to a home network. That’s just my personal opinion though. Both are great products nonetheless.

    With McAfee, now you might be asking, why not just go with Total Protection instead of Livesafe? Honestly its up to you, Livesafe allows an unlimited amount of device licenses, so no matter what you can have protection for everyone and everything, there is no limit. Total Protection on the other hand limits you up to 10 devices licenses. Total Protection does offer 1 device and 5 device licence setups (if 10 is too many) for a slightly lower costs… So if you have less than 10 devices, Total Protection might be a better option for you. If you have a large family and more than 10 devices, Livesafe is better “bang for your buck”. No matter what, McAfee backs their products completely just like Norton and takes care of their customer if anything were to happen with their product properly installed and updated regularly. So unless you’re really needing to spend an extra couple hundred dollars per year for credit monitoring (which you can get free by a number of companies out there) and 401k investment alerting (which you will have to sync all your financial data with Norton), then McAfee is an all around better product and more cost effective.


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