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Difference Between Outlook and Outlook Express

outlook-expressOutlook vs Outlook Express
Microsoft offers two variations of its messaging clients for based on their usage ‘“ for home use and for business purposes. Therefore, Outlook Express is for the home user who, most likely, needs to access the Internet for emails via a dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP). On the other hand, Outlook focuses on the needs of the business user who, most likely, has an always-on type of ISP connectivity requiring a whole lot more than just basic email access and net browsing.

Outlook offers many of the same features as Outlook Express but has additional features to help the business user with multiple tasks. This difference is most evident in email handling. Outlook Express helps integration with all internet standard email systems like Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP), and Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3). It provides complete help and integration with all directory, e-mail, and news standards. Outlook offers all these plus a solid inbox filter and organization system. With Outlook, multiple email accounts, group and personal calendars, tasks/diary entries along with contacts can be managed easily. Outlook also offers additional integration with some directories, newsgroups and discussion groups. Outlook also supports voicemail.

Also, unlike Outlook Express, Outlook can be used with Exchange Server with sharing of workgroup data and workflow seamless communication, scheduling for groups, uploading public folders, forms. Along with this, Outlook has greater and enhanced Internet connectivity as compared to Outlook Express. Both clients however, allow HTML email and jazzing up your emails with various design formats. Both the clients use similar import tools though but Outlook scores on the speed.

Outllook also allows cross-platform clients for all Window versions and Macintosh platforms. One other aspect where Outlook scores over Outlook Express is in robustness, integration of run-time and design time-collaboration capacities. Outlook works best with Office 97, Office 2007 and Office XP and Exchange Server while Outlook Express works best with Office 98 for the Macintosh.

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