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Yahoo and Google are two sites that are competing to provide a wide variety of services to users. Today, they have begun to diversify into other services. You can easily distinguish between the two as soon as you enter their respective home pages. Google is, first and foremost, a search engine and it has been the most dominant search engine for a substantially long time. It thrives on its simplistic format and its ability to find what the users are searching for. Yahoo has moved from being a normal search engine into a web portal. As soon as you enter their site, you are flooded with all of the most recent news in current events, entertainment, sports, and a whole lot more.

Both also offers free services to their users via a unified login that lets you access all the other pages. Common to both is the free web email that their users can take advantage of. Yahoo also has another very popular product called Yahoo Messenger. This application lets people communicate to their family and friends or even talk, just like Skype. Google has been developing their own messaging application called Google Talk which is beginning to gain popularity.

Google has begun to venture into a lot of other services that are not quite within the usual trend. They have opened Google Docs which is a service that lets users do their common office tasks online. Word processing or spreadsheets are done within the browser and the resulting files are also saved inside Google’s servers. This has the advantage of being accessible anywhere and being able to share it with multiple users at the same time.

Google has also been diving into consumer software and developed their own web browser called Chrome. They have even started on an OS that works on a cloud computing structure for use in computers. The latest Google product that has been introduced in the market is the Google OS for smart phones named Android. It has been undergoing some changes and some users think that it can be an excellent alternative to the Windows Mobile.

1. Google is a simplistic search engine while Yahoo has now focused on being a web portal
2. Yahoo has an established messenger application while Google’s is still fairly new
3. Google has begun offering more advanced capabilities like Google Docs which Yahoo doesn’t have
4. Google is developing their own browser and even operating systems for PC and smart phones

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  1. think readers will also want the difference between google, yahoo and bing.

    -Nhoel of http://keywordspeak.com

    • I will tell everyone, there is a big difference between google and yahoo..if you respect and have children,business and you care yourself , yahoo is very respectful..i had some issues with someone posting nasty links using youtube, i have to say yahoo remove it .
      but google didnt…matter of fact they seem to add move negative comment linking my name to Youtube even when i sent several compliants..all the comments were removed but then Youtube added the comments to some random video….causing me alot of personal and my business alot problems..

  2. Does yahoo give you A platform like G+ whr u can have your own page with circles of people who share the same interests ?

  3. I find G+ very I interesting for the simple fact that the platform they provide is private and you can choose your own circles if you want to share your posts to the relevant people . Does yahoo have such a platform like G+ ?


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