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Adeona vs Prey

Adeona and Prey are computer software. They are tracking systems for software-based devices. They help in tracking stolen portable devices such as laptops, Smartphones, etc. The basic way of applying the tracking system is that it records the data of the surroundings and the machine, including the IP address, location, network settings, or sometimes the photos taken by the camera on the devices. This information is transmitted to the owner. The detection of stolen devices is made by simply uploading the data collected to the remote server or home phone, and once it receives the proper signal, only then will it report or record the information.

Adeona is an open source system which helps in tracking stolen or lost laptops. It does not rely on any proprietary or central service, which means that you can install it for free on your laptops. It is also privacy preserving, which means that only the owner can use it to track the laptop and no one else can use Adeona to track where the laptop was used which sometimes causes abuse. Once the laptop is reported stolen or lost, the location is found out by using a cryptographic mechanism to find the location as well as keep the ciphertexts anonymous. It can be installed easily and is compatible with GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows OS.

It uses OpenDHT. The OpenDHT uses a distributed storage system or service to collect and store locations, IP addresses, along with network topology which may be used for identifying the device’s current location. The difference between Adeona and others is that it uploads its data to remote storage locations and eliminates the requirement of a central database. The central database is the reason why the companies charge a fee for tracking.

The OpenDHT has been deactivated thus Adeona is currently offline.

Prey also functions like Adeona, but its operation is similar to proprietary services. Prey can be used for laptops as well as for desktops, mobile devices, or Androids. It can now run on Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, and Ubuntu after upgrading. Prey script wakes up at regular periods to send HTTP requests to a URL which is pre-configured.It was developed by Fork Ltd. and offers two different administration options. Prey can be configured to be used in standalone mode orin a pre-shared URL.


1.Adeona does not rely on any proprietary or central service; Prey operates similar to proprietary services.
2.Adeona is used mainly for laptops; Prey is used for laptops as well as for Androids and mobile devices.
3.Adeona uses OpenDHT which has been deactivated; thus Adeona is currently offline. Prey is currently very available.

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