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Difference Between Pinterest and Pinspire

Pinterest vs Pinspire

It is not an uncommon practice for people to copy or be inspired by other websites that are very popular. The similarity ranges from simply having the same purpose to outright duplicates. The case with Pinterest and Pinspire is more of the latter as you can tell at first glance. The main difference between Pinterest and Pinspire is originality. Pinterest is the original in the concept and Pinspire just copied the concept along with everything else. Still they function in pretty much the same way.

Another major difference between Pinterest and Pinspire is how they recruit new members. Pinspire, like most other sites, allow you to sign-up and use their service right away. On the other hand, Pinterest doesn’t let anyone sign-in right away. Similar to Facebook’s earlier practice, you need to receive an invite from someone who is already on Pinterest to be able to sign-up. It doesn’t matter if the invite was sent by someone you know or a total stranger, as long as you get one. This practice makes Pinterest a bit more exclusive since not just anyone can join. They also have better control on people who are trolling or doing malicious stuff on their site.

But aside from copying pretty much everything from Pinterest, Pinspire also adds a new feature. Pinspire introduced a point system where their members can earn points through their own actions and even from actions of other members. You can earn points by inviting others to join Pinspire, connecting with your other social media accounts, pinning, commenting, liking, and others. You also earn points when other users follow you and interact with your posts by liking, commenting, or repinning them. The points have no value other than bragging rights. This was done by Pinspire to encourage their members to be more active and to increase their user base.

Actually, the two services are not really that different from each other. It is really up to you to choose where to join. If more of your friends are on Pinterest than Pinspire, it is probably better to join that network.


  1. Pinspire is just a copycat of Pinterest
  2. Pinterest requires an invitation while Pinspire does not
  3. Pinspire implements a point system while Pinterest does not

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