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Difference Between Courier and Cargo

 ‘Courier’ vs ‘Cargo’

When people want to send a letter, a document, or a package to someone who is in another locality or country, he can either send it through the post office or through a courier or cargo company.

Although it may cost more, using a courier or cargo service is faster and more secure than using the postal services. They provide a more efficient way to send and deliver packages and documents.

A courier is a company or person who carries and delivers mail, messages, and packages. It is a premium service that offer fast and committed delivery, security, and constant tracking of mail items and packages.

Its operation can be limited to a certain locality or can be regional, national, or international. DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Aramex are among the world’s largest and most trusted courier service providers.

Cargos, also known as freight, are the goods or items that are transported, and it is usually placed in containers. It can be transported through:

� Ships, where it is stacked on wooden pallets.
� Aircraft, which is fast and suitable for perishable goods.
� Train, which is usually used for steel, wood, coal, and other mining products.
� Trucks, which is the usual mode of transport for firms like FedEx to deliver cargo.

Cargos can include clothing, goods, materials, merchandise, wares, or other articles. Livestock, heavy equipment, spare parts, baggage and other items are also called cargos. They are carried from their places of origin to their destinations and are delivered through courier or cargo companies.

Cargo companies are usually used for bulk cargos or those that need special handling and care. They can handle large cargos and send them anywhere in the world. They can be expensive or cheap depending on the items that they have to carry.

Courier companies are suitable for documents and small items and those that are very valuable. Most, if not all, courier companies have websites where you can browse the services they offer and their cost.

They are usually either just courier or cargo companies or both. The biggest courier companies usually also handle cargos, and they utilize different modes of transporting their packages and cargos.


1. ‘Courier’ is a company or person who carries and delivers mail, messages, and packages. ‘Cargo’ is the freight or items to be delivered, but it can also be a company that delivers items.
2. Courier companies usually handle smaller items while cargo companies handle larger ones.
3. Most courier companies are also cargo companies, meaning they carry and deliver both small and big items. Couriers usually use bicycles, motorcycles, or trucks in carrying packages and mail while cargo companies use ships, aircraft, and trains in carrying the items to be delivered.
4. Couriers are best suited for use in the delivery of documents and highly valuable packages and small items while cargo companies are best used for large items or those that are delivered in bulk like mining products, heavy equipment, and farm products like grains and other such items.

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