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Difference Between Recession and Depression

recessionIn economics, recession and depression both means a slowdown in economic activity. Generally recession can be taken as a far less severe form of depression.

A widely accepted indicator of recession is, decline in GDP for two successive quarters . That is if the Gross Domestic Product of an economy declines continuously for six months, the economy is in recession. Although there is no widely-agreed-upon definition for a depression, generally a depression is distinguished from recession when GDP declines by more than 10 percent. Another yardstick for depression is a recession lasting 3 or more years.

Recession occurs more frequently than depression. Deciding whether the economy is in recession or depression is a matter of perspective.

1. Recession is a less severe form of economic downturn.
2. Recession occurs more frequently than depression.
3. When the GDP declines by more than 10% and lasts longer than 3 years, its called depression.

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  3. because of the summary its easy to understand….

  4. depression is sever and long lasting process while recession is frequently happening and is for a short period.
    depression effect the whole world while recession is concerned with a specific country.

  5. I have been curious about the difference and have been searching 3 sites, then I came across yours. Your definition is much better explained. Many thanks!!

  6. Very helpful article ..a big thank you


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