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Difference Between Buck Naked and Butt Naked

‘Buck naked’ and ‘butt naked’ mean pretty much the same thing. In both of them, someone is completely naked. However, the relationship between the two phrases is hard to define, mainly because nobody knows exactly where they came from. There have been a lot of proposed origins for the phrases.

The meaning of the phrase ‘butt naked’ is probably the easiest to describe. It means that someone is so naked that their butt is showing. That could be the origin of the phrase: someone decided to reinforce the word ‘naked’ with a word suggesting how naked they are. This is fully possible, given that there are other phrases which mean the same thing, such as ‘stark naked’. The word ‘stark’ there is a mutation of the word ‘start’, which could refer to something jutting out like a tail.

Others say that ‘butt naked’ was a mutation of ‘buck naked’, whether accidental or deliberate. This is difficult to verify, because there aren’t any records stating which came first, and others claim the opposite: that ‘buck naked’ is a mutation of ‘butt naked’. It’s also possible that the two developed separately, but in similar ways.

‘Buck naked’ is the more difficult of the two to find an origin for, since ‘buck’ has a variety of meanings. As mentioned above, it could be a mutation of ‘butt naked’. It might have been changed in order to make the phrase more socially acceptable in places where the word ‘butt’ would have been too rude, or it could have been a simple mishearing that became popular.

If ‘buck naked’ was the original, then that leads to the question of what people meant when they put the word ‘buck’ in there.

One suggestion is that when the phrase originated, the word ‘bucket’ was, for a short period of time, slang for the buttocks. From there, ‘buck’ would be an obvious shortening of it, and the change to ‘butt’ would just be a matter of clearing up some slang that was falling out of use.

Others say that the word ‘buck’ referred to a derogatory term for black and Native American men, which was intended to either dehumanize them by calling them animals or mock them by calling them slang for a vain man. Some Native American tribes hunted wearing little clothing, and black slaves were often stripped at the market. The term ‘buck naked’ would be a comparison to either of those. However, other phrases using the word ‘buck’ have been proven not to have originated from this meaning, despite some controversy.

Moving away from the slang meanings, ‘buck’ primarily meant a male animal, which was typically a deer. It used to be common to compare nudity to animals, such as the phrase ‘naked as a jaybird’, so that is a possible origin.

Another is that it referred to buckskin leather instead of the animal. This is actually the origin for another term for nudity. ‘Buff’ was a term for leather, especially from buffalo skin. It later became a word that meant the skin of a person, and the phrase ‘in the buff’ popped up, which meant to be completely nude. This means it’s possible that the ‘buck’ in the phrase was buckskin leather, which may have gone through the same changes as ‘buff’.

It’s nearly impossible to tell which phrase was the original, assuming one came from the other and they didn’t develop separately. In modern times, ‘butt naked’ is slightly more popular, but they’re used at similar rates. It’s also possible to use them interchangeably, so either would be considered fine in common use. However, for anyone concerned about using either phrase, there are plenty more phrases for nudity in the English language.

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  1. This is what I learned from my parents and grandparents:
    Buck naked = naked as a buck (a male deer)
    Butt naked = butt is naked (pantless, may be wearing a shirt)
    Stark naked = totally naked (not wearing anything!)

  2. Other research will show that “buck naked” was first seen in print around 1928. Personally, I think “butt naked” is a misinterpretation of “buck naked”.
    The current younger generation seems to have misinterpreted lots of words, like “anyways” in place of “anyway”, misusing “then” instead of “than”, and reversing “did” and “done”, just off the top of my head.

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