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Difference Between Memorial and Funeral

Once or several times in your lifetime you have attended one of these events. If you do not note that they have a difference, chances are very high you have attended several and ended up getting confused all the same. That should not worry you though now that you realize there is a difference between the terms memorial and funeral. It is not a crime, and most people belong to the same category as you.

Cultural norms have continuously changed. This has also affected the way people handle and celebrate their loved ones after they have passed away. As the changes continue evolving, many people are left at the crossroads, not knowing what each of the services, the likes of memorial and funeral held mean. With different traditional and burial practices included now and then, even professionals end up interchanging the terms while referring to each at a go.

So, if you have ever heard of the two terms mentioned somewhere, have you ever realized they are varied in meaning? Would you draw the distinguishing line between the two if you were asked to? With many people interchanging the two and using one in place of the other, a clear distinction needs to be drawn. This page seeks to draw that variance with clear details about each.


Definition of Memorial

A memorial is a service celebrated or held to remind people of something or someone. In most cases, it is usually a service for a dead person’s honor. In short, it is a service held to memorize someone who died sometimes back and their body does not need to be there as it is in the case of a funeral ceremony.

A memorial service can also be classified based on different perspectives. If it is held with a cremated human body remains, it is also considered a memorial service. Also, it is a memorial service if the burial occurs before the service of a loved one.


Definition of Funeral

A funeral is a service held to celebrate the life of a human being before they are buried or cremated. It is held shortly or sometimes after the person’s death and includes their burial or cremation. The major difference here is that a funeral ceremony requires the body of the deceased to be present.


Similarity Between Memorial and Funeral

Even though the two terms are different based on some aspects, they both serve the same purpose. They are meant to and performed to mourn, celebrate life, and honor the deceased. They both offer an opportunity to remember the loved ones as well as bringing friends and loved ones to share their emotions and thoughts with the bereaved family.


Difference Between Memorial and Funeral

Many people confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably. However, several aspects set the two apart. To distinguish between them, here are some of the aspects to consider:


A funeral service is held with the presence of the body remains either at the funeral home, religious center, or home where the remains will be buried. As for a memorial service, the remains of the deceased are not present. However, there may be cremated remains in, for example, an urn.


A funeral service is held at a religious center, funeral home, or home where the burial will take place whereas a memorial service allows some flexibility. In some cases, people prefer to have the occasion in a relative’s home or at a specific location of interest. A memorial also presents more versatility as to where the event will be held as well as the events to take place like the scattering of ashes.


A funeral service is mostly conducted within a week after the death has occurred. This allows for the necessary arrangements to be made before the day. It also allows distant relatives to make arrangements to be there for the last respects. A memorial service, on the other hand, takes place sometimes after the death occurring and the disposition has been done. This can even be after several years.

Memorial vs. Funeral: Comparison Table


Summary of Memorial vs. Funeral

When talking about funeral terminologies, the two most frequently misunderstood terms are memorial service and funeral service. They might appear to be one and the same, but it is clear there are some variances between them.

Even though the two terms are different based on varied perspectives, they serve almost similar purposes. Their ultimate purpose is to mourn for, honor, and remember a deceased person. They both offer an opportunity for the bereaved to remember their loved ones as well as give them a chance to gather friends and other loved ones to share their thoughts and emotions. To most people, a funeral helps in the grieving process and helps begin the healing path.

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