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  1. Ed
    June 7, 2011

    What is the difference between THAT and WHICH, as in:
    The sky that is blue
    – versus –
    The sky which is blue.


  2. Maisy
    January 12, 2012

    I’ve found fantastic explanations on this site; however, this one falls seriously below my expectation. I’m still unclear how the words are correctly used. Therefore, I’ve taken the time to respond, in hopes that this post might be edited and improved.

    Could you please explain these terms without using the words in the definition? e.g., Past means “passed in time or gone by…” and passed means “to move past…”. Confusing! It’s like saying red means red.

    I thought I was understanding the difference until this example: “Here we can show the difference by using “past” as an adverb: ‘The troops marched past, and we passed them on the road’.”. Why is “past” used after “troops marched” if “passed” is actually the correct word for “refer[ring] to something, someone, or some event passing us by”?

    Also, use of headers and a more logical organisation of your examples would certainly aid comprehension.

    Thank you for all the other posts. I’ll keep coming back!


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