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Girls vs Women

Distinguishing a girl from a woman can be explained in a lot of ways. In the same way that plants and animals grow old across different life stages, a girl or a female human being also grows, not just physically, but in many other aspects for her to become a woman.

The term “women” is the plural form of “woman” which is said to be the more mature version of a typical girl. From the childhood stage up to the moment when she is at the point of transitioning to adulthood, this person is described as a girl. The point of transition is generally accepted as 18 years old. This is the point when many assume that the girl’s physical growth has already stopped. If you use this definition to describe a girl, then it would immediately be implied that girls are younger, less mature (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and are mostly dependent for their everyday needs ranging from the most basic ones like food and shelter up to their wants for transportation and other leisures in life. Thus, it is very important for the parents to supervise a girl most especially during her childhood and pubescent stages.

On the contrary, women are practically adults. Most societies classify women as those who fall at the age of 18 and above. Being more mature in age implies that women are also more mature in other aspects (i.e. emotional dimension) as compared to girls. But to the surprise of many, this may not be true in all situations. In general, though, women are better able to handle the pressures in life and are more responsible individuals. They are already prepared to have an offspring, marry, and establish her own family.

Etymologically, “girl” is taken from the Anglo-Saxon term “gurle” which, if translated to English, would mean “child” while “woman” is biblically interpreted as “being taken from man,” and some say that it is a combination of the terms “wif” (wife) and “man.”


1.Girls are female human beings that fall below 18 years of age from childhood to post-puberty stage.
2.Women are female human beings that are 18 years of age or greater.
3.Girls are less mature physically and emotionally as compared to women.
4.Girls are less responsible as individuals and are highly dependent on their significant others (usually their parents).
5.Women are more prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a mother and a wife.

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