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This is the scenario ‘“ not all teens nowadays have the money or the time to complete their secondary education so as to obtain a high school diploma. Others are forced to drop out of school either because they have been struggling to pass or simply they need to earn a living to support their families at a tender age. And so, there is at present another alternative to getting a concrete high school diploma ‘“ this is the GED, completely known as General Education Development.

So what is meant by GED exactly? In the simplest terms, GED (a.k.a. General equivalency diploma) is actually a shortcut to comparatively pass the requirements or credentials of a normal graduate from high school. Unlike the high school requirement of schooling for several years, the GED program will only require you to attend several sessions that you may need to pass the GED examination. It is like what you’ll do prior to taking the local board exams for licensure. There’s no more need to learn all those extensive and complex concepts such as trigonometry, calculus, advanced computer programming and many others. You will only need to learn the most basic of lessons, all of which are needed for you to become a successful individual in society.

As a sort of replacement to taking all those tests required in passing high school, the GED exams are also structured accordingly to fit into 5 different field or subjects namely: Mathematics, Science, Literature and Arts, Writing, and Social Studies. All 5 tests can be taken within a day or several days for each subject will only take about one to two hours to finish.

Nevertheless, the vastness of scope that a normal four year high school education offers cannot really be replaced by passing the GED exam. When you have a high school diploma, it would mean that you are a well rounded teenager who have been exposed to more complicated subject matters. As a whole, you have gained a different sense of maturity than those who haven’t taken their formal high school education.

Overall, many educators agree that both a high school diploma and a GED certification can land an individual into a decent job. The two can also offer a teenager for admission into college. It has been observed that 98% of colleges in the U.S. alone accept GED passers to enroll. Hence, it is really up to you to decide what to take. Your future success is simply a case to case basis that still includes a lot of factors on top of either obtaining a diploma or a GED certification.

1. High school diploma takes a longer time to obtain, usually 4 years (grades 9-12 in most U.S. States) as compared to the shorter timeframe needed to obtain a GED certification.

2. The high school diploma is more preferred by many institutions and employers over the GED certification.

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