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weedWeed vs Hash

Weed aka Grass aka Pot aka Marijuana aka Marihuana aka Mary Jane aka Dope aka Ganja aka Reefer comes from the same plant as Hash aka Hashish aka Charas aka Stuff aka Manali aka Cream. That plant is Cannabis Sativa.

Definition of Weed and Hash

  • Basically Weed is the dried leaf of the plant and the fruit of the plant. It is dried to make it look sort of like regular tea leaves.
  • Hash is the rubbed in, scrubbed out, pushed in, poked out, scraped off, mashed up resin of the leaves held together as a bunch and treated with various kinds of liquidly chemicals. The paste is then dried and cut into cakes of Hashish or Hash.

A Brief History of Weed and Hash
The Cannabis leaf is kind of like in the shape of Canada’s flag-symbol. But green. The green mean peace machine gained hype in the 60s Hippie Movement though it has been around in India and China for Centuries and Millennia. Weed is some say ‘completely harmless’ and hash ‘almost harmless’, which is of course in comparison to Alcohol and Cigarettes.

Like the Lotus plant has many uses for all its parts (root is eaten and flower used as decoration), Cannabis also has many uses. It was discovered in China centuries ago to make paper, hemp cloth and bags. It is mainly used for two uses today ‘“ to make Weed and Hash.

World over Legalisation and Medical use activists are gaining ground, demanding legal use of the herb they claim has wonderful medicinal and healing properties. The US went on a banning spree in the 60s when it made many countries accept the criminalization of Cannabis.

Although both the above are classified as Soft ‘Drugs’, till date no over dose death case has been registered. People hardly seem to go out and cause road accidents when DUP (pot*) as compared to thousands in DUI globally. Many countries have mock slap-on-the-wrist kind-of fines while some the death penalty, which is quite a range when it comes to the level of criminalization on Cannabis.

Uses of Weed and Hash

It is banned is many parts of the world with notable exception in Amsterdam. Many places world over have started legalizing it in the garb of medical use through Govt. Operated ‘shops’.

  • Weed is attached to the non-smoke-able seeds and barks of the plant which need to be removed meticulously before making it ready for a bong or a joint or an empty cigarette paper or a chillum aka Chill. People find Hash to be more addictive and stronger (of course it’s the resin) than mellow Grass. It allegedly improves appetite (giving smokers the ‘munchies’), musical ability, lateral thinking, creative thinking, writing, meditation, etc. But all that’s speculation.
  • Hash is also smoked in the same ways as Weed except it is stronger and more potent, and thus ‘potentially’ more damaging.

Examples of Weed and Hash

  • Caribbean, Mysore, California Sun etc.
  • Afghani, Kashmiri, Turkish, Manali etc.

1.Weed is a dried up leaf of a plant while hash is mashed up resin of the leaves.
2.Hash is stronger than weed.

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  1. Hash is not STRONGER than weed. If it’s from the same marijuana plant, there is no difference in high using hashish or weed. Genetics are the same, so the quality of the high is the same. The difference is only how much you consume the product. Smoking one gram of weed equals about 0.2 grams of hash. Hash is “cleaner” product contains much less plant matter than weed, so it obviously better for healthy purpose to consume the hash.

    • The chemicals added to marijuana is what makes hash stronger than just regular reggie. It is indeed stronger than weed. If your hash isn’t stronger than marijuana, either you weed is very good or your hash is trash.

      • Has can be made chemical free, research bubble bags silly man. In this case, guy #1 is right, potency is only improved by the thc to actual marijuana ratio, but hash made from any specific kind of weed IN A CHEMICAL FREE MANNER, will mostly replicate the effects of whatever weed it was made from, just less hash in weight is needed vs the weed. Plausible argument- many people point out that thc alone is not the only chemical found in the plant that contributes to the high, so whatever is left out in the bulk of the plant matter is undoubtedly left out of the hash too.

  2. I can see that you forgot MOROCCAN HASH, which is the best of all !!!

  3. Stoners!!! Hahahaha! I’m bored. Sorry.


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