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The major differences between South and North Jersey is the cost of living, population density, traffic, high taxes, and real estate costs. North Jersey has mostly hills and low mountains, with an expensive living style; people pay higher taxes and have more job opportunities. North Jersey is close to NYC, and has more city life and more crowded streets and roads, clogged with motor cars; South Jersey has Philadelphia as its neighbor. Malls are full of people shopping, and there are better schools and public transport, larger homes and schools, when compared to South Jersey. North Jersey is one of the most expensive areas to live in. Southern Jersey is about 30% cheaper.

The difference between North and South Jersey folks is that Northerners are stereotypical, honest and busy, with no time to meet and greet, whereas Southerners have a polite behavior, but hidden sarcasm. Southerners usually have different meanings hidden behind their words, and the subtleties of the southern language is hard to understand. Northerners use honest and direct speech, and they generally speak faster, with open sarcasm and curse frequently. The culture of the North in comparison to the South, in many ways, is harder to adapt to, due to conversation moves. The Northern culture depicts honesty and efficiency, unlike the Southern, which is more like living in a spy novel where everyone speaks in a code or an alien language.

North Jerseys are overwhelmed by New York sports, and South Jersey folks are Eagles and Macaroons fans. You are a Southerner if you call common tourists ‘shoobies’, and ask for jimmies as ice cream toppings. You are in South Jersey if the nearest store to your house is Wawa, and on Friday night in the summers you avoid the Atlantic City Expressway. Northerners call tourists ‘bennies’, and like to have sprinkles as an ice cream topping. In South Jersey, you have hoagies instead of subs as in North Jersey, whereas you would prefer Italian ice and say ‘wooder’ for ‘wahtar’ and ‘mawl’ for ‘shahp’ if you are in South Jersey.

It is not quite sure where the magical line divides North and South Jersey. Southerners overwhelmed by Philadelphia residents and Northerners are dazzled by New York, as quoted by Benjamin Franklin: That “this state is a barrel tapped at both ends.”


1. The difference between North and South Jersey is more diverse than many larger states, although they are just tiny states.

2. Northerners are rude, straight forward, blunt and sarcastic when compared to Southerners, who have polite but hidden meanings in their manner of speech.

3. South Jersey is neater and cleaner than North Jersey, which is over-crowded with people and has heavy traffic on its roads.

4. Southerners are Philly-based, and they watch Philadelphia Television, whereas Northerners are NY-based, and prefer New Yorker lifestyles.

5. North Jersey folks pay higher taxes and have more costly real estate with richer lifestyles when compared to Southerners.

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  1. Wow… could this possibly be more biased? I think it’s fairly obvious that whomever wrote this either lives in South Jersey, lived in South Jersey, or has never been north of Sandy Hook. Or is from Philly.

    I am from the Midwest, but have been to both North and South. South Jersey has nicer beaches (but you have to go pretty far south to get to them), but North Jersey as everything else. They have all of the good diners in the north, more shopping, more transportation… sure, the traffic is rougher, but that’s because they have most of the highways and businesses. South Jersey also has more pollution. ESPECIALLY near the NJ-PA-DE border.

    As for the people: there are rude people everywhere. I have met very few honestly “rude” people in North Jersey. Sure, they tend to speak their mind, and won’t lie (even if the truth will hurt someone’s feelings), but if you are finding that almost everybody is being rude to you, then maybe YOU are the one being rude in the first place.

    • Wow you are so right, I’m from north and I can agree on some of this but who ever wrote this seemed to have forgotten to mention the shore? Hello? Just makes is look bad. Whatever, I’ll sit hear and enjoy my breakfast sandwich.

  2. i love how this is the truth! I’m from south new jersey, and north jersey of this is true!

    thank you for writing this, for i need this for a project showing the true difference between north and south.

    in a way, i REALLY wish it became two separate states like it should’ve been in the 70s.


  4. south jersey shore lines are not all their cracked up to be due to high pollution the water is murky brown and extremely smelly.

  5. whatever, new jersey SUCKS!!!!!

  6. I live in south jersey. Depends where you live. Some places half hour away feel different. We don’t hate northern jersey people just the giant Yankees mets jets. We’re influenced by Philly you by new York. We both have accent compared to down south or out of our region. We’re fast paced. And speak our minds

  7. Have you ever heard of Sussex county… not all rich and certainly anti establishment and as country as you can get…jersey should be separated into 4 sections, northwest , northeast, southwest, southeast… they all differ from one another

  8. The true line between north and South jersey is just below trenton. Total different way of speaking and way of life. I live in west Virginia now but was raised in south jersey. I still get offended when people think I’m like jawow or snookie Hells to the no . Not new york . ya bumms its philly all the way!!!

  9. There is no comparison.Im born & raised in Hudson County. I have lived in Middlesex County for the last 35 years. I still have not adjusted to the slower paced lifestyle & the pronunciation of words spoke in Central New Jersey. The food does not compare to North Jersey. Name me 1 iconic eatery South of exit 13. More than likely it is a knockoff of the original version from North Jersey. This argument can go on and on.

  10. At the (South) Jersey Shore, like Atlantic City and to the South, it’s Subs, not Hoagies as in Philly and the NJ Philly suburbs. For example, the famous White House sub shop and others like Sack o’ Subs. And a sub here is usually Italian with appropriate meats and provolone, and oil (not mayo). Also, the cheese in cheese steaks is usually provolone.

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