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Difference Between Super G and Downhill

skiing-sports-pdSuper G vs. Downhill

Do you know something about the discipline of skiing? How about skiing in the Alps? Well, there are two popular disciplines nowadays revolving around Alpine skiing. These are the Super G and the Downhill. Unfortunately, many observers confuse them as one and the same because they simply look exactly similar at a glance. However, these two speed centric skiing disciplines have many differences between them.

First, Downhill has a longer course. The terrains involved are also of many types, may it be flat or steep. With regard to flag placement (also known as poles or gates), they are placed a little closer to each other, although, no two flags can readily be seen together, and there’s no minimum number of flags provided so that the skier can still spot the next flag.

Conversely, there’s a minimum set of flags placed in Super G skiing (also known as Super Giant Slalom). The numbers are usually 30 for the female category, while there are 35 for men. These flags are also widely spaced in a similar way to that of Giant Slalom racing. It’s somewhat tougher, because it involves constant turning. There is less or no straight areas to traverse throughout the course, compared to downhill, wherein the course usually involves one or two straight sections. These sections are the places where the skiers actually do some gliding. Overall, Super G is sort of placed in between the Giant Slalom and the Downhill racing levels. It has borrowed some attributes from both.

Regarding history, Super G was only introduced in the World Cup series, back in 1982, although it was only in the year 1988 when it was taken as one of the official Olympic sports. Downhill’s history, on the contrary, can be traced back as early as 1921.

When talking about the skiing speed, Downhill is regarded as the fastest high speed skiing discipline among all the others. Depending on the course, the skier can reach 81 mph, and some terrains even make it possible for the skier to go as fast as 93 mph max. That’s why participation in this kind of sport really takes a lot of training so that the skier can effectively control their speed, do some jumps, and hasten their overall technical expertise.

1. Downhill is the older high speed skiing discipline compared to Super G.

2. Downhill is considered to be the faster disciple compared to Super G.

3. Downhill’s flag placement is much closer to each other than those of Super G.

4. Super G has a minimum set of flags placed in the course, whereas Downhill doesn’t have any minimum.

5. Downhill’s course has straight sections, which is a rare occurrence in a Super G course.

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  2. Watching 2018 Olympics, very educational. Thank you!

  3. You forgot to mention that no practice is allowed in Super G. I would have thought that the biggest difference!

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