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Difference Between UGC and AICTE

graduate-hatUGC vs AICTE

UGC and AICTE are two apex organisations that cater for the higher studies in India.

One of the main differences between University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is that the later one basically deals with technical education.

When talking of UGC, it is the apex body that approves universities in the country. UGC provide funds for affiliated universities and colleges. The UGC also conducts exams, known as NET, for appointing teachers in colleges. The headquarters of UGC is in New Delhi, and there are six regional offices at Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhopal and Bangalore.

The AICTE is only a statutory body, which deals with co-ordinated development and proper planning of the technical education system in the country. All the Engineering, MBA and Pharmacy colleges are affiliated with the All India Council for Technical Education.

The AICTE, which was established in November 1945, has its headquarters in New Delhi. The UGC was established in 1956 as a statutory body of the Union Government. However, UGC was formally inaugurated by the Education, Natural Resources and Scientific Research Minister, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, in 1953.

While technical institutions are overlooked by the AICTE, the other universities and colleges fall under the UGC.

When talking about the function of the University Grants Commission, the UGC ACT says that the first function is to look into the financial needs of universities. It then allocates and disburses grants to these universities. Well, the other academic functions come only after these functions. On the other hand, the AICTE ACT gives priority to undertaking surveys in various fields of technical education at all levels. The funds’ allocation and disbursement comes second to this.

Another difference that can be seen is that the UGC is free to do whatever it likes, but AICTE is not free from the intervention of the Human Resources Development Ministry.


1. One of the main differences between AICTE and UGC, is that the former is exclusively formed for technical education.

2. While technical institutions are overlooked by the AICTE, the other universities and colleges fall under the UGC.

3. UGC approves universities in the country. It provides funds for affiliated universities and colleges. The AICTE is only a statutory body, which deals with co-ordinated development and proper planning of the technical education system in the country.

4. The AICTE was established in 1945, and the UGC in 1956.

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  1. sir,can you please tell me that whether the galgotia university is AICTE APPROVED or UGC APPROVED.reply soon

      • It is ucg approved but i want to know weather ucg is better than aicte or not please reply me soon..

        • Dear Editor,

          Before the Summary Section of this article you have written “Human Rights Development Ministry”, where as it isn’t for Rights it is for Resource..

          So it is Human Resource Development Ministry..it is responsible for Education in India….


          • Dear Mr. Akhil Sharma,

            I have not found Human Rights Development Ministry anywhere in this page written by the editor. So, please check atleast twice before you write anything which can be seen by anybody and can disfigured the image of the editor and can ask question about his knowledge and his incredibility.

      • Sir,
        What is the difference between UGC and NCTE
        Pls, tell me sir
        Acharya nagarjuna university B.ed certificate is valueable or not for Odisha student

    • Sir , can you explain me .. Is it possible that UGC can give the technical certificate ..! Because I’m the student of diploma mining but in mining it is must required technical certificate kya ugc provide karti hai aict approval certificate.. Because in mining without technical certificate you can’t give the overman entrance examination …

    • I need information about aicte &ugc instute which is the best….

    • Galgotia university is a ugc approved university whereas galgotia college at the same time is a aicte approved college

    • Respected sir
      My son doing B-voc+ACCA integrated course in ISDC center trivandrum. Their B-voc degree is from jain university kochi. We paid 60,000 Rs to jain university kochi. And around 40,000 we paid in ISDC. Actually they said that it is a JGI Group-ISDC venture. Jain B-voc students get 9(f1 to f9) papers exemption in ACCA if they complete the B-voc degree successfully. My doubt is weather the jain university kochi course have UGC affaffliation
      Sir please reply soon

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    I am completed Nttf in DHARWAD sir I want to learn B.Tech so plz give me information which college will gave seat in belgaum

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  10. Sirrr,
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  27. sir can you please tell that i should take admission in ip university or mdu ?
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  28. sir can you please tell that i should take admission in ip university or mdu ?
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  36. Hello sir,
    Here the information is given about established AICTE 1945 and UGC 1956 , but I search another side there given information is that AICTE 1956and UGC 1945. So I am totally confused which one is correct information . Can u plzz help me .

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    Koi bhi vacancies aati h usme aicte mangte h. kya Main usme apply kr skta hu

  41. Hi
    My son completed 4years b tech with 22 papers failed in Kerala.
    Is there any universities complete course faster .
    Please advise

  42. Sir ,
    Please tell me Acharya Nagarajuna University got NCTE or not.
    And whose value is better AICTE OR NCTE
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    IS THERE IN ANY difference in the qualification after study in these ?

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    I completed my diploma (later entery)from IASE University Rajesthan is AICTE r UGC Approved, eligible for all govt job.pls tell me sir/madam.

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