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Differences Between Squash and Racquetball

squashSquash vs. Racquetball

Squash and racquetball are two completely different sports. The most major difference is that the rackets used in the latter are smaller with their allowed maximum length being 22 inches while the squash rackets can have a maximum allowed length of 27 inches.

Also, a squash ball is smaller at 4 cm. in diameter than a racquetball one of 2.25 inches in diameter. The squash ball is not made of elastic rubber as the one for the other sport; therefore, the squash ball expends much more energy during impact and slows down as a rally progresses. There is an “out of bounds” area marked out around the squash court particularly at the base of the front wall. This is not so in racquetball.

racquetballA racquetball court is an indoor or outdoor area that can be fully enclosed. It is usually 40×20 feet with a height of about 20 feet. There are red lines that define the service area and the serve-receiving areas. A squash court is similarly a rectangular box area with four walls of varying heights, but there is a clear height above the court area. Its dimensions are 32×21 feet.

In squash, the court has several outlines marked at the top of the court along with a special line on the front wall at a height of 19 inches from the floor. If the ball hits any of the lines above or below the one on the front wall, it is called “hitting the tin” and is considered to be an out. In squash, if the ball hits the ceiling, it is considered to be an out, but in racquetball, the ball is allowed to hit the ceiling.

In squash you must allow your opponent to hit the front wall directly, but in racquetball you can allow only limited freedom to your opponent to hit only part of the front wall. Squash games are scored up to 9 points and 11 in professional tournaments, but racquetball matches are scored to 15 points. The serving styles are completely different too in both games.

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  2. TOTALLY different games?
    and the most major difference is the size of racquets? 😀

  3. The ball is what is the most striking difference I’d say. That and the out of bounds lines on the forward wall… which brought me here lol.

  4. Squash and racquetball – “two completely different sports”!? Are you joking? There’s no harm in stating the obvious – that the two sports are similar – nobody says the two are one and the same, but definitely they are not “completely different”. You can say that soccer and ice hockey are “completely different”, not squash and racquetball.

    • Best discription

      • Ice hockey and soccer are actually very similar as far as sports go: Equal number of players at any given time (unless one or more is removed by certain penalties) from two teams strive to move an object down an at least roughly rectangular playing surface, with limited use of their hands and without advancing “offsides,” into a goal past a designated goaltender as many times as they can in a limited amount of time. A better example of two completely different sports would be soccer and baseball. You’re right about one thing though: Squash and racquetball are far from “completely different.” They are essentially the same game with slight variations in rules and equipment.

  5. Can you not mix up your measures: “a squash ball is smaller at 4 cm. in diameter than a racquetball one of 2.25 inches”. No help to me. I know what 4cm is but 2.25 inches is a blur. Actually, it would be handy if you gave both measurements, maybe with the metric in brackets – it would save me going off and finding the conversion.

    • I thought the same thing about measurements. Mixed units are bad. It’s like speaking different languages. Why not write part of the article in German? It would be a similar thing.

    • Another reason being a Canadian is the best: we are quite conversant in both measurement systems!

    • It needs the mixed units because they are the units that are used to make the respective balls, if you were to use one unit, whichever you choose, one of the measurements would be a very random, and more importantly, imprecise number (because of rounding). What would be better is if each measurement had the other unit in brackets so as to give a better understanding for people using the other units.

  6. who gives a fuck, squash is awsome and most Americans are fat

    • Have you ever even BEEN to America???

    • Mr. Roberts. Your comment is unfounded and crass (that means rude). Racquetball and squash ARE similar and are both enjoyed in the U.S. I actually prefer racquetball myself. Oh and by the way, I’m quite fit.

  7. Do you want to know what’s really ‘different’? Squash and pumpkins are completely different!

  8. Squash and pumpkins are surprisingly similar vegetables. Squash and racket ball are similar sports. Men and women definitely have some differences but apparently people and bananas share 70% of their DNA. I’ve just ordered a new squash racket when I meant to order a racquetball one – I think I may be more banana than most.

  9. Actually, Americans and Canadians are very similar. Probably more so than squash and racketball. Lol.

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