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Difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield

Call of Duty vs Battlefield

The two great games leading the multi-platform first person shooter industry are the Call of Duty and Battlefield. These two games have been dominating the gaming world and developing with time to dominate over each other too. The Call of Duty is popular for its gloriously designed battle arenas which resemble real war arenas and the Battlefield is known for its massive landscapes on sprawling maps. Each game has a different game play. Both of these games offer features to glue the gamer to his couch for the whole day keeping them engaged in new missions, great weapons and attachments.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts offers extensive player customization in which a soldier can be created choosing the physical features, gender, weapons etc. according to the gamer’s choice. Your customized player will be unique allowing more than 20,000 amazing combinations. The number of perks are not limited. Starting from 1 to 5, you may have 8 different perks. Forfeiting the side arms will result into 3 more points and thus increase your perks. The COD features 20 new kill streaks. The new squad system allows gamers to customize their own teams and rank up the prestige of the members. The graphics engine of the new COD has been upgraded and is a great one offering real time lighting, dual rendering technology and 60 fps. It’s the best COD till date. The Dynamic Map Event feature will allow the gamers to change the online gaming strategies. Besides, the gamers can interact with the game in their real lives via the new COD App compatible with all smartphone or tablet platforms.

The Battlefield 4 features the Commander Game Mode where the player can play from the commander’s point of view, put on orders, mark attack points and instruct the team their operations. This game can be played on computer or your smartphone / tablet. The graphics of Battlefield 4 is simply awesome with the new Frostbite 3 technology. The environment of the game changes around them just like the real life. You can change anything you want and the Dynamic Map System is more customizable than the Call of Duty. The water waves have become more realistic resulting into engaging water combats. The Battlefield app is now available on all smartphone or tablet forms and you can check your server list, view the statistics and check your friends’ activities wherever you are. Even during gameplay, the App acts as a second screen showing details of the maps, attack points, activities of the squad members and the option to change server.

Key Differences between the Call of Duty and Battlefield:

  • The Call of Duty is popular for its realistic and intricately designed battle arenas. The Battlefield is more popular for its great landscapes on a huge map.

  • COD offers extensive player customization, which is not available in Battlefield.

  • The gameplay in Call of Duty is comparatively gamer friendly than the Battlefield.

  • The Battlefield features better graphics (Frostbite 3) than the Call of Duty.

  • The Battlefield’s Dynamic Map System is more customizable than the Call of Duty.

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