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Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses

Men’s vs Women’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are protective eyewear which is mainly designed for protection of the eyes from UV light and bright sunlight. They became very popular on the beaches in the 1940s, and since then have been designed for women, men, and children. In modern times, as the gender gap is closing in almost everything, the sunglasses are also designed in unisex designs. Unisex designs refer to designs which can be worn by men and women both, but still there are many brands which provide a wide range of sunglasses exclusively for men or women and even children.

Sunglasses are not only used for protecting the eyes; they are also used to accessorize the outfits worn. They fall in the category of accessories. Women, as we all know, like to accessorize anything and everything. Some have subtle tastes and want to fit in with others while others like to be bold and different from others, and sunglasses are the perfect accessory to emphasize a person’s personality. Women’s sunglasses come in bold colors as well as subtle, sophisticated colors. It is very common to find women’s sunglasses in colors like red, magenta, hot pink, yellow, orange. It is rare that a man would choose to wear sunglasses in these colors. Men like to wear grays, blacks, and browns. Red and navy blue frames are also becoming popular with guys.

There are many shapes available in sunglasses, and people usually choose the shapes as per the proportion of the sunglasses to the face. Shapes like rectangles and ovals, circular and teardrops are very common. It has been seen that women like to wear large frames these days. The shapes of women’s sunglasses change frequently according to the fashion trends, and it has been seen that women choose to follow the celebrity fashion more and like to wear big frames. This trend started primarily by celebrities who felt safer with big sunglasses which covered their eyes completely so as to avoid eye contact and to keep their identity from getting revealed. Men prefer sunglasses which are not very big. One of the most popular sunglasses of all times is the aviator style for men which are very slim and have metal frames. They come in a few sizes, but none is oversized as to cover almost half the face.

Another thing which might distinguish between men’s and women’s sunglasses is texture and accessorizing. Women’s sunglasses are decorated with jewels, sparkles, beads, and a vast range of designs. Men, on the other hand, do not like to wear sunglasses with so much accessorizing. Their designs might be bold, but they are minus the embellishments. Women have been seen to wear sunglasses with different textures and prints like animal designs, zebra, leopard, or cat prints, etc. Men probably can’t think of wearing them even with special outfits or on special occasions.


Women’s sunglasses are available in many shapes and textures with different embellishments and are used for accessorizing different outfits; men’s sunglasses are more subtle. They are available in more conservative colors, conservative textures, and are used mainly to look good and protect the eyes rather than accessorizing the outfits.

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