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Citizens registered as an Independent, Democrat or Republican.

Democrats and Republicans are the two main parties in the United States. While recently moderate and alternative parties have become more prominent, Democrats and Republicans remain the two historically largest parties, which hold the majority of the seats in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Democrats and Republicans have opposing views and positions on several key issues, including economic, political, military and social matters.

History and symbols

The Democratic Party is associated to the famous Democratic donkey, which first appeared during Democrat Andrew Jackson’s 1828 presidential campaign. After his opponent called him a donkey, Jackson decided to use the image of the animal – which he believed to be smart, brave and strong-willed – on his campaign posters. The symbol became famous when the cartoonist Thomas Nast used the donkey in newspaper cartoons1. The Democratic Party started in 1828 as anti-Federal faction and grew to become one of the leading political forces of the United States.

The Republican Party – also known as GOP, Grand Old Party – is associated to the Republican elephant. In 1874, Thomas Nast introduced the elephant in one of his cartoons and, with time, the strong and dignified animal became the symbol of the Republican Party2. The GOP started in 1854 – few years later than its Democratic counterpart – to stop slavery, which was viewed as unconstitutional.

Democrat vs Republican3

The main difference between the two parties is, indeed, their political orientation. The Democratic Party is left-leaning, liberal and usually associated with progressiveness and equality. The Republican Party, instead, is right-leaning, traditional and associated with equity and economic freedom and with the ideal of “survival of the fittest”.

Given their different origins and opposing political orientations, the two parties clash on a number of fundamental issues4:


  • Republicans believe that both rich and poor should pay the same share of taxes (and possibly receive tax cuts). Even if large tax cuts may lead to a decrease in the revenue collected by the government, Republicans believe that, after tax reductions, rich people and entrepreneurs would be more likely to invest and create jobs – thus initiating a trickledown effect that would eventually benefit the entire society. Republicans also oppose raising minimum wages as such increase could hurt small businesses; and

  • Democrats believe in raising taxes for the upper class and lowering taxes for the lower and middle class to allow the government to boost spending for social programs for lower class

Gun laws

  • Republicans oppose gun control laws and believe that one should be able to obtain ammunitions with no registration. Republicans also strongly support the right of self-defense; and

  • Democrats are in favor of an increase in arm control but recognize that the Second Amendment is an important part of the American tradition and that the right to use firearms should be preserved. Democrats advocate for the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and believe that the government should make the background check system stronger.

Voter ID laws

  • Republicans are requesting photo identification for voting: they believe that such measure would prevent cases of election fraud; and

  • Democrats believe that everyone has the right to vote and oppose photo identification, as they believe it may be discriminatory.


  • Republicans, largely influenced by religion and tradition, believe that the government should restrict abortion. In fact, Republicans think that an unborn child has the fundamental right to live which cannot be taken away; and

  • Democrats support Roe vs Wade and believe that a woman should have the right to make her own decisions regarding her pregnancy and that the government has no right to get involved with any woman’s pregnancy. Instead of eliminating abortion, Democrats want to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies by enhancing the level of sex education in all schools. An increased awareness would also reduce the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

Same-sex marriages

  • Republicans do not agree with same-sex marriages and believe that a marriage should be between a man and woman only. Republicans also think that gay couples should not be able to adopt children; and

  • Democrats oppose same-sex discrimination at Federal state level and believe that same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to adopt a child.

Limits of the government

  • Republicans believe that a smaller government is better. According to the Republican view, the government should have less responsibilities and should not interfere in the economic sphere; and

  • Democrats believe that the government should have a strong role in helping and supporting Americans. The intervention of the government in the public sphere includes the creation of regulation for businesses and for the health care system.


  • Republicans are in favor of strong border controls and push for limits to immigration – in particular from certain countries. Republicans believe that a tighter control on immigration would benefit American workers and would reduce the risks related to terrorist attacks. The Muslim Ban proposed by President Trump few days after the beginning of his mandate is a clear example of the stance of the Republican Party with regard to immigration and integration5; and

  • Democrats are generally more favorable to open immigration policies. Indeed, they do not believe that there should be no control and that anyone should be allowed in the country and granted asylum; but they believe that the process to request asylum should be quicker and that mass deportation is not the solution to all problems related to terrorism and unemployment.

Death penalty

  • Traditionally, Republicans are in favor of death penalty and believe it is a just punishment for certain crimes; and

  • Most Democrats are against death penalty and believe that capital punishment should be commuted into life sentences.

Health care

  • Republicans support private health care systems and believe that the regulation of the national health care system should not be entirely in the hands of the government; and

  • Democrats support public universal health care and believe that the government should intervene to assist Americans who struggle to cover their health care expenses.

Individual vs collective rights

  • Republicans believe in individual rights and in the “survival of the fittest”; and

  • Democrats believe in collective rights over individual rights.

While the differences between the two parties are clear, not all Democrats have the same ideas and not all Republicans support all the traditional beliefs of the GOP. The two parties have become so big that it is almost impossible to understand where they really stand on certain issues. For instance, while traditionally Republicans are against abortion and in favor of death penalty, there are cases in which Republican representatives have expressed their support for free choice and have condemned the use of capital punishment.

Furthermore, while Republicans traditionally advocate for a “small government” that should not interfere in the private sphere, they do support some “big government” stances when they insist on the need of imposing government regulations on abortion. In the same way, while Democrats advocate for a “big government” that should intervene in economic and social decisions, they support free choice and believe that the government should have no say on abortion and should not interfere with a woman’s pregnancy.


The Democratic and the Republican Party are the two main forces that have shaped the political scenario of the United States since the 19th century. It is interesting to note that in the past few decades, Democrat and Republican Presidents have been constantly alternating. Such tendency shows that the American society remains deeply divided over key issues.

The traditional, right-leaning Republican Party opposes the liberal, left-leaning Democratic Party on economic, social and political matters:

  • Republicans believe in strong border controls, in tax cuts, in the use of firearms and in death penalty. They are against abortion, same-sex marriages and support private health care systems; and

  • Democrats support open immigration policies, believe that rich people should pay higher taxes, advocate for more regulations in the use of firearms and oppose death penalty. They are in favor of free choice, support same-sex marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples and believe that the government should intervene in economic and social matters, including health care.

However, the two parties are so large and diverse that it is quite complex to understand where they really stand and to identify the line that clearly separates them. In fact, we can find extremists and moderates on both sides and the evolution of the national and international assets often leads people to change views and perspectives on key issues, including immigration, gun control, death penalty, same-sex marriage and abortion. Therefore, while the traditional stances of the Democratic and the Republican Party are quite different, the reality is rather blurred and their positions do not oppose as neatly.

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  1. @minerva, once again your ignorance just suffocates the ROOM!! paul ryan????????? paul ryan ???????? !!! surely you jest! are you talking about the same paul ryan that got the SH&T kicked out of him and WILLARD ROMMEY??? you’re funny @minerva, you and your pie in the sky theories. are you talking about the same paul ryan that BIT&HES non stop about cutting SSI or eliminating it all together, are you talking about the same paul ryan that collected SOCIAL SECURITY from his fathers death that helped him get into college!! you RIGHTIES are a DAMN mess!! you clowns don’t have ANY problem SUCKING the TEETS of government when it benefits YOU, but when someone else needs government assistance, all the sudden GOVERNMENT IS THE DEVIL!! LMAO, just like clarence “UNCLE TOM” thomas!! his black AS% didn’t have ONE issue with using affirmative action to get into college, but as soon as he graduated ALL the sudden affirmative action was of the DEVIL! LMAO. then he got caught trying to lure black women with PORNO movies and MONEY!! what a JACKOFF! I wonder how his lily white wife liked his wanna be MANDINGO routine being telecasted WORLD WIDE? Anyway she’s a AS%HOLE just like her husband! she’s knee deep in politics and she should be investigated because of her shoe shining husband!! Therefore calling paul ryan a viable presidential candidate is just another bone head REPUBLICAN wet dream!! but maybe if ryan keeps playing ZEPPELIN that will have the black and hispanic vote come his way LMFAO!!!

    • Wow, that is one of the most racist things I’ve ever read.

      • That Mandell … Mandango reference made me wanna’ go to the Winky Dinky Dog and get me some Hoe Cakes.

        • @minerva under different circumstances(INTERNET) I’d probably enjoy talking with you because I don’t believe for one minute you really mean half the crap you say, I think you enjoy ruffling peoples feathers over the internet. Listen it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what ANYONE SAYS here!!, the facts are the facts! the republican party is dying! Just face reality! the GOP has ratings lower than they’d ever had!! their party is 90% caucasian!! LMFAO LACK of diversify alone will kill the GOP!! anyone with ANY COMMON SENSE would study the USA’s demographics on RACE!! caucasians won’t be the majority in america by 2035??? I believe. hispanics are the no.1 minority in america and growing!! thats why carl rove says, if the republican party doesn’t change it’s policies towards hispanics the party is DEAD!! go check for yourself!! But of course no republican wants to accept the truth so of course they won’t google what rove said. The republican party was a half way decent party about 60 years ago, they were a very good party 150 years ago, now their just a pack of angry white people pissed off because god didn’t intend for a democrat especially a BLACK democrat to be president and defeat the mighty GOP by over 13 MILLION votes in two elections!! GO LOOK THAT UP TOO, oh I forgot, republicans don’t have thin skins and can handle the TRUTH!! IN A PIGS EYE!!! LOL

          • Mr Knight
            An FYI, Mexican Americans, or Latinos if you wish, are Caucasian’s.
            FWIW, I agree w/most of your statements
            Joe Martinez

          • Yes Joe Martinez, we come in all different shades, but we are from a proud culture, and I consider myself 100% Hispanic, regardless of being white, blond, and hazel eyes. With this, although being Caucasian, I am first and foremost a proud Mexican!

          • I HATE YOU ALL

          • And we hate you too you CORRUPTED CUNT..!! FUCK TRUMP and love to see YOU ACTUALLY in a BOXING RING instead of WARS and settle YOUR difference THAT WAY… Mr. Donald ” Duck ” Trump…!!!!!!!

            BEST way to SOLVE political ROWS instead of WARS happening DO IT in a BOXING RING…..!!!!!

            SETTLE it like REAL MEN…!!!!!!

          • Shut up I want to see you do 1 1,000,000 of what trump did!

          • Wow. I am guessing you are a Democrat or Liberal? The very ones who continue to say that your party is for all rights for everyone, love, peace, etc? The very ones who are rioting, paying others to riot and beat up others, destroying property, etc. Pretty sure the GOP’s didn’t do that when we had to sit through Obama’s era. But Republicans are the bad guys….ok.

          • Lol this idiot thinks trump spoke to her baby killing butt lol

          • I wonder why the Hispanics are the #1 race in america hmmmm……OH THATS RIGHT! That’s exactly y trump is building a wall!! They are taking our country over u are absolutely correct but my friend, not for long. I have nothing against other ethnic backgrounds but u talk to much shit and expect no backlash! And I’m pretty sure YOU are the one trying to ruffle feathers!
            This country belongs to Native Americans and The American caucasian people as u like to reference them. I prefer the word white people. We absolutely enjoyed inviting all the other ethnic groups to join us however enough is enough! We have helped way to many as it is.
            We will have our wall and we will one day have our country back!

          • Hi sherry!
            You said something about America belonging to the native Americans. Now, which ones are you talking about? The ones you guys keep locked up and imprisoned and in miserable conditions or the Brits?
            And btw, check your family background. I’m serious. Your grandparents or even your parents must be from another country or their families were.
            America was built by immigrants, that’s a fact. Terrorism doesn’t come from immigrants, it comes from American people who aren’t happy with the way things are treated (white, black, Mexican, everyone who lives in America).
            Nationalism won’t solve you shit. Maybe checking that weird gun policy of yours would help calm things down.
            Anyway, America can never “belong back to you” because it never left. Your country was built on top of a mixture of different peoples beliefs and hard work, they made themselves American even tho they were also Spanish, french, Mexican, etc.
            No country is 100% Portuguese or Chinese, there will always be other cultures in the mix. But guess what sherry? We’re all fucking human. At the end of the day the only thing everyone wants it’s a decent life (but then there’s the humble ones and the greedy ones, let’s not get into that)
            Thanks for reading, maybe I was too aggressive with you. I’m sure you’re a great person but just understand that intolerance and all that hate speech trump and his followers spread is dangerous and will surely make things worse for everyone.

          • Thank you I agree 100%

          • Please God!

          • Racism is driven by fear….clearly you demonstrate that.

          • You mean Whites lmfao… Republicans are mixed from Black, Spanish, Chinese. Demorats have changed are mostly Muslims which is very bad for Our Country becoming gang violence. And that’s that….

          • Do you still believe that bullsh*t you said. Are you in all of your President who can’t even complete a sentence and falls up stairs. You poor poor delusional individual.

        • BTW, if your having fantasies about Mandingo’s “WINGY DINGY’s” as YOU call it, you’ve obviously having bigger issues than being a republican!! does your wife know about your fascination about BLACK men’s penises??? just askin’ @minerva LMAO

          • You’ve never seen “Hollywood Shuffle?” Totally lost any black cred. It’s a masterpiece. Written by and gave a start to Robert Townsend and Keenen Ivory Wayans. You’re always LYAO … so watch these clips (and the whole movie – it’s a little dated but so profound … and funny.)

            Winky Dinky Dog / Ho Cakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msbo6TiwA5Av=_ASZ6K9cPNk

            Mandingo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ASZ6K9cPNk

          • Just so you know @knight4444 saying you’re a black man means literally nothing. It is not like your racist, sexist, offensive, and stereotypical comments just vanish because you say you’re black. If anything thinking that is even worse. I can’t stand people like you and I wish you could handle a situation politely and maturely .

      • LMFAO! now I’m a racist!??? you righties are pathetic! your knee jerk responses are so predictable!! whenever someone accurately exposes one of your tribesmen, you start that whining BULL$HIT!! race baiting crap! because I called clarence thomas a UNCLE TOM!! that’s funny!! news flash @minerva!! I’m a proud BLACK MAN! guess that blew away your juvenile attempt at playing the RACE card!! scumbags comes in ALL colors and genders! YOU MEATHEAD!!

      • He’s a typical far left nut job what would you expect

        • Yep because he posted his opinion and it’s not the same as yours he’s a nut job?? Just like our. Government, don’t lime what’s said just throw an insult at them. I want my grandkids to be able to express themselves without someone having something nasty to say! Sorry but both political parties suck equally! They are no longer represent the People they only represent themselves and their party!! Well guess what it’s not about them! They need to stop the childish name calling and using the blame gam3 as an excuse for your short comings in your job performance. Would thus be acceptable behavior to your employer? The government works for the people not themselves or the president. I don’t give a damn if your Republicans or Democrats I just care about what your going to do for Americans and this country. Learn to check facts and stop believing everything you hear!
          I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

          • I hate these websites because of the nasty comments left by people sitting alone on their computers “debating” about things that don’t even matter. Knight 4444, you were debating with Minerva for nine months even when he would not reply. Just because somebody doesn’t have the same opinion as you does not mean that they are a republican or a fool! It just makes them an original person. Honestly 4444, get a life!

    • Well I just took a lot of time to read through this ongoing debate that went on for quite some time. Happy that trump and the republicans won the election and trump is the president. Now what do you have to day about the republicans are dying out? I don’t think that is happening anytime soon. It looks like we might be headed im the right direction now! Free rides do not lead to progress. That’s funny considering the dems are considered the “progressive” party. Its more like support me my whole life, i don’t care if we are making progress I care about me, myself, and I. As long as im receiving food stamps and I can smoke my weed legally im good lmao

      • They’re still dying they just decided to go out with the ugliest face they could possibly find and don’t you realize that the same Trump that’s Republican today was democractic yesterday and also a fucking celebrity what ever happened to people like Ben Franklin self educated ambitious leaders

        • Question what form of government do we have ? Why was the republican party started?what does defacto mean? What does article4 4 section _ of the Constitution say?

          • *Cough* Current flow of the Mid-Term Election *cough*

          • Ken, it doesn’t matter why the Republican party was founded. That was 164 years ago, and has no relationship to the Republican party today. What matter is what the Republican party stands for and does today. Look at the racist ” Southern Strategy” created by Golwater and Nixon, and perfected by Reagan, and utilized by every Republican ever since. Look at the voter suppression measures in virtually every state with Republican control of the state governments, and the grotesque gerrymandering in about 30 Republican controlled states which numerous Federal Courts have determined to be blatant racial discrimination intended to, or at least with the effect of depriving Blacks and Hispanics of their voting Rights. Look at the Republican opposition to any and all regulations on Corporations, Big Businesses, or Banks. And look at how that Republican opposition to Corp regulations have contributed to stagnant wages for workers, widening chasms between the wealthy and everyone else, weakening of the Middle Class, as well as contributing to Global Climate Change as well as the excesses of Wallstreet Banks which exasperated the consequences of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

          • as to our government, we are a representative republic, which means the people elect the people that vote for president.

        • They are still here.

    • I completely agree with you.

    • Wow lefty you sure do have strong opinions. Really ignorant but strong.

      • Why would you call her ignorant? Your response kind if shows she’s right. Her opinion is hers and she’s allowed to voice it without name calling. Both parties have lied and not fulfilled promises. Both parties have lied and blamed the other for everything wrong in this country. Both parties have different opinions. I like some of the democrats points and I like some if the Republicans points. Im a registered independent and it’s been very difficult in choosing whi to vote for anymore because i have no idea what they plan to do to help Americans and this country. All they do is talk bad about each other and their party and claim their going to take all your rights away if you vote for them. Making promises if tax breaks just to get votes only tells me you aren’t intelligent enough to know what you will do if elected. Instead you act like a child and name call because that’s your intelligence level. All it does for me is make me not want anyone in your party in any political position. It’s not about you or your party, it’s about Americans. Calling out one party for lying is totally hypocritical and if you think your party has done betterthen the other I can show you that your wrong but will it do any good if you don’t even listen and just use insults to try and make your point. We’re in this situation now because no one is adult enough to have a discussions with out being offended ir trying to push what you believe on me. Both Democrats and Republicans are liars and thieves and if you think your party is honest your obviously not paying attention. We need to take our government back!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

        • I agree with most of what you just said. It is hard to pick a candidate these days. But the way that the Dems and Libs have been so violent since Trump took office, kids needing safe spaces on campus when they see someone’s name they don’t like?!? What the heck are these parents teaching their kids these days? Also I can’t advocate for people saying that if you shoot a pregnant mom you are charged with double homicide, but you can kill a baby up to the delivery date and call it okay? If people read the law they would see that there are circumstances where abortions are legal for the sake of the mothers health. But not just so you can go out any night you want and sleep with whomever you want, and then decide that you can later kill that life because you are not taking responsibility for your actions. Not okay. I believe that the Gov should make adoption relatively inexpensive and not a money making business so that more people are able to adopt and mother’s can give their babies up if they choose, and know that they will get adopted. Every life should have a chance. I also don’t believe in the death penalty. So I am somewhere in the middle of all of this too. It’s disheartening.

    • Ask Paul Ryan instead of getting rid of social security to get rid of Government pensions for it’s workers! And have Paul Ryan and his buddies to pay for their own health care instead of getting it for FREE by the government with his Highly overpaid JOB! IF he truly wants to help AMERICA and All his BULLSHIT! I do support his immagration policy! Including the freedom Wall to protect our country and citizens! There is not enough JOB’S to go around for the AMERICAN PUBLIC we don’t need forgieners STEALING our JOBS and JOB SECURITY! Plus Many other damages that ILLEGAL immagrants pose to AMERICA ! Before AMERICA can help anyone else out we need to take care of our own PROBLEMS FIRST! When the unemployment rate is way below zero then maybe just maybe help others with jobs!! And I LOVE the FREEDOM to bare ARMS!! And I don’t even own a firearm!! But I love the fact that I can buy one at ANY time!

      • Julio, while I agree with the sentiments you express, at least in part, I would disagree with some specifics. I will skip minor disagreements, like Congressional health insurance plans. Instead, let me say, there are actually more job openings in America at present than there are qualified workers willing and able to fill them. What we need is a huge investment in education and job training. Workers today can not depend on skills learned during their teens and early twenties to get them through their e tire working life. America needs vocational programs, paid internships, and advanced job training available to all workers throughout their working life. We also need border security at all points of entry, not just the Southern border but also all airports and shipping ports where over 40 percent of immigrants enter the country. In addition, we need better enforcement of legal visa overstay which makes up nearly 45 percent of all illegal immigrants in the USA. But a wall would be a total waste of time and money. Most illegal immigrants coming to the USA are smuggled in trucks, cars, trains, and ships — the wall would not affect any of these. Most of the border already has fencing and other barriers, but the electronic surveillance of the border is far more effective. Some estimates say a wall would cost as much as $35 billion, and if there were a wall, illegal immigrants would dig tunnels under it, climb over it, or as already is done by most illegal immigrants, just smudge themselves into the USA hidden in trucks, cars, trains or ships that cross the border at established ports of entry. Spending $35 billion on a useless wall would be wasteful and counterproductive, and that money would be far better spent hiring more Border Agents and improving job training and education for all Americans.

      • If you’re worried about immigrants taking away jobs from Americans then let’s start with the president. He wants people to believe they’re taking our jobs but he himself has over 100 foreigners working for his companies here in America. Right now there are more jobs then people to fill them because lots of people just don’t want to work anymore. People won’t take a job they feel is beneath them even if it means having food to feed their families. Baby boomers are retiring and the younger generation don’t work instead they mooch off their parents. There has been a job opening here in town at a bank that they haven’t been able to fill for over 6 months. They are now offering $15 an hour to start and still have not filled the position. Mexicans are hard workers and work for wages less then what we would get paid for doing. No illegal immigrants receive any government money! And only 8% of them receive welfare benefits. The majority of the people are actually our fellow white Americans. And most have not just used it for help getting back on their feet they have made it their career! This needs to stop! I don’t mind helping people who truly need or deserve it. But I do mind when im supporting some lazy ass who has never worked a day in their life and I’m not only supporting my family but theirs too!! No! You need to get up off your lazy butt and support yourself and stop having 6 kids that I’ll have to support for the rest of their lives too! My 3 kids have been taking care of themselves since they were 17. I’ve helped them out when they needed it but I’m sure as hell not supporting them! And I shouldn’t be expected to take care of other people’s kids either! First take away government benefits except for military personnel. Get out there and tell tell people thus country will no longer support them and their families and give them a time frame to find a job and cut them off. And no more benefits for 5 years! Too many people getting away with lying about living situation and employment who drive nicer cars then mine. With name brand purses and pedicures. Or when my grocery cart is only a 1/3 full because I only have $50 for groceries, but the young lady in front if me has 3 small children and a cart heeping full of food and she’s paying with food stamps! Our government has just let this get out of control and it’s time for them to stop talking and start acting!!

    • First and foremost, it must be made clear that the writer of this piece relies heavily upon descriptions and opinions from THE SUN which is a British tabloid owned by the Uber Right Wing Rupert Murdoch who has a very strong believe in and support for the Republican Party in the USA and the Conservatives in the UK. This piece has a few trivial details correct, such as the Donkey and Elephant being symbols of the respective parties, but very little of the actual substance is accurate. For example: Democrats believe in personal liberty and inalienable individual rights, such as the right to Free Speech and Free and Independent Journalism and the Right to Privacy (which is the fundamental basis of the decision in Roe v Wade); in contrast Republicans believe in corporations and businesses being totally unfettered from any and all government regulations in what economist call Laissez Faire Economics, and Republicans believe that “Money is Speech” and that corporations and wealthy people should NOT be limited or regulated as to how much cash they can spend to influence elections, while at the same time Republicans believe in a great many regulations and restrictions on individual Rights, freedoms and activities, such as restrictions on the press, restrictions against gender equality, restrictions against transgender people, restrictions against homosexual couples, restrictions against those who enjoy marijuana, regulations limiting Free Speech, restrictions against voting rights of certain minority groups, and many other restrictions and regulations against individual rights and freedoms including restrictions and regulations against a woman’s Right of Choice as to her own pregnancy and in many cases even a woman’s right to choose to use birth control.

      • @AmericanKevin WTH? Democrats DON’T believe in personal liberty, individual rights, free speech, etc. which is why they want to GUT the Constitution. They may have been that way but not in my 50+ years; that party is dead. They believe the constitution to be a living, breathing document, which is why they hate constitutionalist / originalist judges but adore Activist judges so they won’t have to do the heavy lifting and actually promote legislation worth supporting; they want judges to legislate from the bench. Roe v Wade is a perfect example; no where in the constitution is there any reference or inference to one’s ‘right’ to kill their child. It’s playing God for crying out loud; it’s a life, a baby, pure and simple and it’s barbaric. Heck, today’s Democrats are even extending that barbarism to include infanticide! Have you or any Democrat have any shame anymore?

        You and your attack on donations by corporations is absurd; you’ll note the Democrats never use that argument against union EXTORTIONIST dues because they know unions launder money from their slave members right back into the coffers of the Democrat party and against the desires of the workers. The Democrats are hypocrites. No one should be forced to pay a union to keep a job; it was the ‘company’ that hired them, NOT the union. The Democrat party is no longer pro-worker; hence their call for amnesty for illegals who will take American jobs and just the other day voted to extend Health Care to illegals. Democrats hate America and Americans which is why they put Illegals and Felons first. Madness.

        These ‘rights’ you call them for different genders besides the only two, is demanding ‘special rights’ not in our constitution. In essence, when these ‘special rights’ are instituted, they’re anti-rights because in order for them to be enforced, it must come at the expense of another person, persons, or companies rights. Everyone is already protected in the constitution and what you and your Democrat anti-right, pro-identity politics party are promoting is division and hatred of those wanting to be left alone and exercise their God given rights.

        Thank God for President Trump who puts America and Americans first as he doesn’t care what a persons skin color, ethnicity, class or gender one is, that’s a Democrat thing to keep us divided.

    • You really don’t know what words and phrases mean, please stop blurting things out faster than you can talk.

    • Democrats are in more favor for communism than capitalism so stop talking trash about Republicans cause thery have more logical reasoning but this is just a general statement and you can t scoop up everyone in to one bucket. Do you think the wall is racist? Probably because you are democratic- welllllll its not,,,,, because there is already a small fence around the border just not covering 700,000 square miles which Trump wants to build the wall there and secure the fence that was put up. How come your not saying the fence is racist your just bring this up now When trump os president.

    • You poor thing!

    • Fellow American Citizens, I have a theory.

      It is that the democrats got tired of the republicans, and went to China. China agreed to help them win the 2020 election with coronavirus and racial unrest. The idea was for the democrats to blame Trump and the rest of the republicans over the country’s poor response to these events. the protesting causing more cases nationwide, while also reducing police forces, which, in turn, kept “peaceful protesters” shooting what little police was left with fireworks and looting. The next part of this theory of mine is that China went a little off the plan. Of course, none of this has happened yet and might not, but it could.

      I think China might use the protesting and coronavirus to it’s advantage. Over the past few years, China has been enlarging their armed forces, and now, with the protesting and coronavirus, we are vulnerable. I think China is planning a communist take-over using coronavirus as bio-warfare and the protesting is not helping by reducing our ability to fight back. With this, I bid you all good luck, prepare for the possible war with China, and, for America’s sake, stop protesting for stupid things in stupid ways.

      Good luck, and keep the U.S. of A. around for as long as possible.

  2. On Mlk’s bday celebration: Democrats tapped his phone; Republican’s tapped his brain to strengthen civil rights legislation.

    • Here we go again!!!!!! MLK phone tap??!!! that was WHEN?? @mineva, stop playing the part of a FOOL!! we get it!! you hate the democratic party but don’t you look like a DAMNED FOOL! bitching about stuff from the 1960’s?????????????!!!! listen obviously you’ve ignored my HUNDREDS of challenges to you, name ONE racist policy of the dems TODAY!!!!! when someone needs to debate facts with data from over half a CENTURY I believe that destroys ANY credibility spewing from their pie hole . and you wonder why republicans always get insults hurled at them!! anyone who says FOOLISH nonsense should be treated as such and then IGNORED!!

  3. What is it with Conservatives? Everything that they don’t like, it’s a “liberal conspiracy” … Really????

    FCOL!!!!! Grow up, if you are really THAT naive, then you DESERVE to be a Tea Farty Moron.

    • Lol. What are you going to do now, throw food? Apparently, (some) Dems react like ill behaved children, yelling,calling names, and just being irrational when someone shows the Den was mistaken.

      Bil: What are you talking about? Knight is arguing the Dem side.

      Maybe no one explained to you the concept of debate. There is a topic about which one presents evidence. Others admit or refute the concept by using evidence. No response is equivalent to losing on that point. Yelling, a sign of fear, is looked down upon, as is name calling.

      I’ll give you another chance. The topic was minimum wage. You/Dem side was to give the man a fish, mine/Rep was to teach the man to fish. Go on …

      • WTF are you talking about? I wasn’t talking about ANY minimum wage???!! but that BULLSHIT attempt to twist scripture was pathetic!! Jesus taught personal responsible to the RICH and the POOR!! funny how you republicans only misquote the bible to prop up your BULLSHIT IDEAS!! first off try reading the bible before exposing your republican FOOLISHNESS!! Jesus hung out with the SICK – THE POOR! and what did he tell his disciples to do???? sell all your material wealth and follow ME. What did Jesus say about the mentality of the RICH? a rich man going to heaven is like a camel getting through the eye of a needle!! @minerva, you’re so hopelessly IGNORANT that the RICH have brainwashed POOR idiots like yourself to cheerlead on their behalf!! what a damn FOOL! your bowing down to corporate america for FREE!! you don’t even get a paycheck from them! you do it for FREE! LMAO. listen BOZO tell your grandchildren how minimum wage is so horrible when their looking for THEIR first JOB!!

        • Minimum wage was referring to Billodot, not you. You were supposed to address the “Southern Strategy” – which I totally wiped you over about showing it had nothing to do with race.

          I’d be happy to discuss it with you, if you can stay on topic.

          Remember – facts, not anecdotes and emotion …

        • I’m a Democrat and I’m ashamed that you are representing us.
          You are rude, unprofessional, and not acting in any kind of manner that will get your point across.

          Minerva, on behalf of those of us able to carry a conversation, I apologize. Please don’t judge all of us based on these few.

          • @threepointrest, you’re no democrat , nice try! you republican types are so transparent, if you don’t approve of my style of exposing YOUR beloved GOP , thats fine with me but YOU exposed yourself as a CONservative when you FOOLISHLY apologised to @minvera, because ANY rational thinking human being reading that individuals GOP propaganda wouldn’t apologise to them PERIOD! LMAO listen @threepointrest, stop playing that FAKE “I’M A DEMOCRAT” nonsense instead of doing what republicans typically do, jumping on the internet and crying like BABIES! fix your damn party! turn FUX NEWS OFF! and kick out the clive bundy, donald sterling, bill o’reilly, glen beck. sean klannity, sarah palin racist you allow to represent YOU.

          • Not a democrat or Republican just some one trying to self educate that just happen to run across your argument in my opinion I’d say knight 4444 definitely comes prepared and obviously puts a lot of thought and consideration into what he’s saying what does it matter if he says bad words this isn’t being posted on the kindergarten bulletin board great job knight 4444 and im a religionless poor white guy confused on this obscure shit we call politics are the two parties that control and lead our country just taking stabs at each other to just make the other look bad or do they actually have a plan to fix or better our situation or problem how ever you want to call it riddle me that cause I’m having a hard time seeing where either is doing to much more than just taking stabs and our money kinda like Minerva said trying to teach one two fish instead of giving a fish wouldn’t it be better to just say ones giving us less dollars and ones making dollars worth less

          • I don’t know if this is how are Party Should Act, I Believe we can be the Dignified Good Guys with Strong Morals and utilizing the Moral High Ground. Getting into Arguments such as these simply makes us seem like Barbarians who wany only to defend only our Ideals with screaming and Rudeness without regard for others, Substituting deplomacy for Half-Cocked Attacks instead of Well thought out and Diplomatic attacks. TLDR; Let them be the ones who have a Tantrum and get into political Debates where they look bad, Not you. *Pat’s back* Now let’s go get a Drink

          • You’re apologising???? lol you FOOLISH republicans, you love jumping on the internet and type up some of the nastier, meanest , RACIST post on Earth but when someone finally punches YOU back in the mouth you republicans start crying like little GIRLS! LMAO. First of three years ago I tried talking with republicans on a VERY civil and ultra respectful manner and where did that get me?? called every FILTHY name up under the sun, so @threepointrest, you that your phony “I’M A DEMOCRAT” BS you’re a republicans doing what republicans do, LIE and RANT lol You republican types LOVE to dish it out but you sure as hell can’t take it!! LMAO the party of NEO CONFEDERATES are really thin skinned, try going a pair @threepointrest. you FAKER

          • I think I’m gonna start my own party focus 100 percent on national and international problems and policies and try to do it without wearing a million dollar suite or shaking the hands of people or posing for pictures you know step back to before politicians were celebrities and celebrities were politicians

          • Awesome! You got my vote! Sick of government putting party first! Suck if blame games and name calling! Anyone running for office to work for the American people and this country will get my vote! These politicians are using us for their political gain and nothing else. I didn’t hear anyone running in my area telling voter’s why your the best person for the job, qualifications, what I can expect from you if elected. Every ad that I watched just had candidates talking badly about the other person and supposed stuff they did and accusing parties of doing things if you voted for them. One party even offered tax cuts if you voted for their party. Sorry but this isn’t politics it’s using fear and lies to get people to vote for you. Sorry but that doesn’t work for mean. If I want a child running the government i would put my granddaughter up for election. But she’s more mature then that and would loose interest quickly. The first amendment allows us to voice our opinion and there’s no reason to call anyone names because your opinions are different. The kindness in people has totally been lost. Sometimes I wonder what God must be thinking of us and wondering where it all went wrong. Just remember he’s the one with the ultimate judgement and he is watching!! I hope everyone has a good evening!

          • Three point,

            Obviously you have not been reading long enough to know where Minerva has gone and is willing to go… what Knight and I are doing is called stooping to their level.

            Minnie is a typical Con Troll, punching and jabbing until they get a rise from the other side, and THEN taking the high road as if they were there all along.

            At least with the Dems, you get what you see, passion and all, NOT some holier than thou preachy disingenuous jackwagon
            constantly moving the target and changing the subject when proven incorrect.
            It really isn’t about the issues with Republican’ts it is all about winning, right or wrong. Once they win, then they hand everything over to their big money donors and stick it to the middle class…

            WE don’t matter to them, and as for the fate of the country?— Even LESS it is all about the cash. They would sooner give away the farm, and then back into their gated compounds than diminish the ever-widening gap between the elite and the soiled masses…

          • @threepointrest – See, it’s here that I am overcome w/temptation to say something like, “Another difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans can be gracious, but Democrats can’t.” I think that’s why Bill thinks whatever he does about me. But, really, I’m pointing out how absurd it is to say that you most certainly cannot be a Democrat but must instead be a Republican because you said something nice. (shakes head. rolls eyes.) Anyway, thank you again. I already know Democrats are equally able to be nice, and am glad you posted because now Dems have a post from someone who actually represents them, instead of embarrasses them.

          • you know, the dems impeached trump because they didn’t like him? While trump has been president, the dems have pretty much been doing: “Guys, let’s impeach him, blame corona on him, anything to stay in power.” Sad really. Behaving like children so they can have presidential power.

        • If you’re going to quote the Bible 4444 – never call another man a Fool! Have some respect for your Brother .really !

      • Sorry but Republicans are no different when responding to Democrats. Our government has forced us to be judgemental, yelling, childish people just as they are. I don’t understand why people do this. It certainly doesn’t make your party inticing when your chastising someone for doing what you’re doing too! I have never seen so much hatred before because of political affiliation. Both have made mistakes and we’re the ones who end up paying in the end. I would prefer to have someone who’s actually running to work for the people and not the president or their party. Because after all the government is working for the people!! We need to take back our government!! Good evening everyone!

    • gentlemen, don’t be impolite to each other. republican and democrats are ready to work hard for Israel, not for America. Didn’t you hear their oath of loyalty to that foreign country?

      • Im not replying to anyone in particular, but i see several mistakes… When people act childish and ignorant, childish… And ignorant things tend to happen. Grow up and stop arguing like a little rebel and have a real conversation… That will get your point across more than anything, a posative, determined, humble, and respective view. Worry about whats good for US… Not I. This country is the downfall of it’s self… And ignorant over sized infants are the cause.


      • @Barfuss a*k*a dufuss. You are a lier matter of fact a bold face judgemental clueless tyrant who speaks solely on ignorance not facts, to say false things about Democrats. To say “one nation under God” and then to represent a divided political party Republican/Democracy. Is mind boggling. Democrats are satanic-lies. Republicans represent the rich getting richer and the poor being the stars in the movie “Purge”. Kill the poor bury them and wash your hands. Better yet enslave them. Place ownership on their families and use them to their discretion. After the Civil Wars if we truly are ” One Nation Under God” than it wouldn’t be a such division as Republicans and Democracy. It would be “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” representing and enforcing all the Amendments, Freedom, the land of the free, Equality, and Justice for all. It wouldn’t be questions on applications like what’s your race. It wouldn’t matter if you are an American. You would be focusing on making things better for all no matter the race, sex, religious preference, or age. Until you alone can focus on yourself and what you can do to help, assist, orworthless,your fellow person as yourself. Your nothing, your worthless, absolutely a joke to higher power. Instead of doing something better for society or something productive for your country you rather speak empty, dark, pointless, fictitious accusations about a political party that’s under stress.

        • Well said Shawtty.

        • I honestly think that you are both retarded and should really stop fucking with politics because I know I’m uniformed but you two seem to not accept that your uniformed and decided to go on a fucking death march knee deep in politics not even knowing what the fuck your talking about so I recommend you just shut your fucking mouths and stop complaining about politics neither of you even fucking understand. Got it?!

      • oh no the Mormons showed up, hide your wives.

  4. Democrats are more thin skinned, and Republicans find things with better humor – according to SNL’s Lorne Michaels explaining why they pick on Republicans more (so they obviously do): Republicans are easier for us than Democrats. Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it’s funny. http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/lorne-michaels-on-tonight-show-snl.html

    • Wow. I am freaked out by all of this. I believe that we are all equal. I love my country. I love that we are made up of many races and religions. I was taught to love my neighbor,as myself. I believe you should not kill, and that is what abortion is. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. If same sex couples are joined,call it uniting,with the same commitment. And I believe that if you want to be a United States citizen, that you become one the legal way. We speak English predominantly, so please learn the language, I learned Spanish in school. The rest is just knowing right from wrong. Treat each other with respect. You may not like everything people do, but everyone should be able to worship their own way,in peace. It’s all about peace. Work. Don’t sit back and expect others to take on your load as well as their own. Obey our laws. If you can’t, go back.

  5. BTW, republicans aren’t “THIN SKINNED” HUH? wasn’t it glenn beck getting on television CRYING like a old woman about capitalism, communism, liberals, democrats, marxism ETC ETC? republicans are typically the biggest PUSSYS on earth!! republicans aren’t “THIN SKINNED” wasn’t it limbaugh who served up BULL$HIT to his sheepies about how evil and unamerican the ACLU was but when his FAT got caught abusing prescription drugs and he was scared $HITLESS guess who FATBOY went CRYING to?? the F(CKING ACLU!! and by the way I see our local republican A$S kisser is back again with another heep of republican HORSE$HIT, FUX most trust news source???!! thats why canada doesn’t even broadcast that HORSE$HIT, in their country!! thats WHY FUX NEWS is register with the FCC as a ENTERTAIMENT network!! why the F(CK would a legitimate NEWS organization register as a ENTERTAIMENT network?? LMFAO!! Last point, our resident republican cheerleader forgot to tell everybody that FUX has been losing viewers since 2007 I believe!? and of course MR BULL$HITER forgot to tell everybody that FUX doesn’t attract hardly ANY viewers between the ages of 25- 54!! the average FUX viewer is over 65!! what does that tell you?? you have a audience that’s LITERALLY DYING!! just like the GOP!!

    • I think you need to calm down there buddy…

      • I think you are a Republican troll in Dem clothing…

      • @ Threepointrest. I have lots of friends who are Democrats and find you representative of them. I have regularly said that the real differences are philosophical, no one should make the mistake of actually trusting either side, and for each side the politicians love to get us emotionally involved because it makes it easier to get our vote and separate us from our money. In truth, they get us to fight among ourselves, then all go out to eat and drink together.

        Knight represents the fringe on both sides. I get a hoot out of his repetitive rants (though the constant faux/fux news, racist, GOP dying ones are so frequent they became tiresome.) Bill is more rational, but he, too, let’s his bias get ahead of a good discussion. I enjoyed discussions with them because doing the research solidified my views about the subject. Admittedly, I have been playful – mostly in response to Knight because sometimes it is just irresistible to occasionally say something equally outrageous as he says, just to give a little good natured poke. I thought I was getting on with Bill, then he left the discussion. Neither provide evidence of their viewpoint, which I find frustrating.

        I am not a Republican, more a libertarian. I have played the Devil’s Advocate, but only to balance the blind talking point/stereotype regurgitation that these two have done. And, I have provided solid evidence of almost everything I’ve said. (Bill, please cite examples of your claims about me being a Con Troll.).

        Thank you for your kind words. I would enjoy a good discussion. Take care, all.

    • wow… the anger is not needed.

    • Knight4444 You, my friend are showing your true colors. You type your capital letter words, I can feel your anger, your cuss words and hatred. We all have to learn to get along I am not Republican or Democrat. I am a American that is fed up with what our country is turning into! This fighting between the party’s has to stop. We need to take back our country. We can not keep giving money to everyone, giving healthcare to everyone, raise the minimum wage for entry level jobs. How much longer do you think we will survive if we keep going the path we are on. I don’t blame one or the other, I blame, us the people that we have let us get to the place we are now. We need to get it fixed now before its to late. God Bless America we need it!

      • Businesses that employ minimum wage workers cannot stay open and pay a higher wage for their employees. The economy is too bad for that to happen. When you go to McDonald’s do you want to pay a lot for your food so minimum wage can go up? Plus wait for a long time for your food because they’re short handed due to their inability to pay enough workers? These type of businesses are among the millions that are surviving this ever changing nation. See, when I hear people say what they say without thought, I wonder, why they would want to screw up the businesses that are still alive and generating jobs and revenue. Raising the minimum wage would have a crippling effect on millions of businesses that much of our tax dollars come from. It would kill off billions of jobs because they cannot pay high wages and sell dollar burgers. It’s like putting $2,000 wheels on a $50 car. Now maybe jobs that pay a salary could increase, or women be paid the same as men, then your actually talking about something.

        • I always find it funny how many champion the raise of minimum wage, thinking they must work for much more than that. Having worked at minimum wage for most of my life, I have found that every major increase in minimum wage was accompanied with a raise in cost as around me, negating or in some cases reducing my spending ability. So for your average minimum wage worker, things will be no better and possibly worse. In reality, a minimum wage increase usually makes those making just over minimum wage suddenly poorer as I found out in my last job when I finally made it out of minimum wage, for a short time I had a good income then when wages moved from $5 something to $7 something, my $10/hr suddenly bought less. It’s great to want more for people but that would be better served limiting profit amounts made by insurances that are mandated by law, barely cover anything, get out of paying, yet still command high fees for massive profits.

        • McDonald’s is by no means a “small business” . My wife and I work two
          jobs each ( 3 for me until I couldn’t do it any longer ) and we do not make
          half of what one of us made 20 years ago. Huge lending institutions , auto
          industry get bailed out for billions at tax payer expense after screwing
          everyday Joe’s trying to buy a house or fleecing pension funds etc. then bailing out of Detoit leaving it almost a ghost town. Better wages means
          more spent right where the people earning it live! After the factory I worked at for 20 years closed because the auto industry started getting
          parts from China , I ran my own small business. Several of my former co-workers lost homes went bankrupt trying to survive on Wal-Mart wages.
          I guess you think they are a ” small business ” too .

        • REALLY !!! McD’s !!!…..that is the worst possible analogy and argument anyone could ever offer against not raising minimum wage. Economy is most def not your thing bro. And far more complex than “McD’s can’t afford to pay more than minimum wage because their burgers would cost more, uugh uhuh duh”. At over 20 billion dollars a year, they can afford to empty the spare change in their ashtrays and still make operating cost. McD’s while an economic giant and provider of nearly 2 million jobs, is the true life story of U.S. greed, look it up. The original owner, the McDonald brothers were duped into leaving by greedy partners of (Ray Kroc), the so called founder, who forced the McDonald’s out of the company entirely. Ironic right ? He forced them out then stole their name as well. There is no McD’s in McD’s because the real McD’s haven’t been in the company since 1955. All that remains is their stolen name because it sounds good. The original owners wanted affordable, but still good wholesome food, for U.S. families, and they wanted to pay employees reasonable wages to keep them happy and working. His partners however only had one interest…. how much money, and how fast. Ray Kroc wanted as much money as humanly possible with as little overhead as possible for him and his investors (a.k.a. friends). That overhead included employees salaries which were lowered as much as possible by gutting the staff, replacing them with children. Children with no work experience, making food that was cheap as dirt, with as little effort as possible, and with as little pay as possible. The Corp. makes over 20 billion dollars a year. But the true logistics are far more complicated when including the franchise owners and their individual finances. McD’s could survive a wage increase, and still pay their operating cost easily, and still be rich as hell. McD’s and other similar Corps. are why your gas goes up every year, and why your milk now cost 5 dollars a gallon, and why minimum wage gets worse every year. Because they are greedy, and when corporations have all the money society cannot keep paying current rates for goods and services while large Corps. suck up profits. That’s why inflation exist and that is why minimum wage laws came into existance to begin with. It’s to keep the wage gap from becoming a wage canyon that swallows the U.S. economy until it implodes. McD’s could single handley increase the economic wealth by paying over minimum wage to it’s employees, but that would mean taking a hit on being disgustingly ungodly wealthy, something the original owners the Mcdonald brothers were not as interested in. Maybe another less ridiculous argument could be made for not raising minimum wage. Anyone who says minimum wage does not need an sharp increase has never tried to raise a family while working for minimum wage, or tried to pay for college while working on minimum wage. Try doing both raising a family and going to college to increase your education and future earnings potential so you can earn more than minimum wage thereby providing a better life for your family, all while making a minimum wage ! If you could do that without any other help, then there is no need for an increase in minimum wage (and you would be the first btw). Most people can’t even afford to do that with help.Then imagine you just graduated and minimum wage is all you can find, it’s absurd. Now a story from real life, try working making 1 dollar more than minimum wage for seven years with 150,000 dollar student loan to pay off and see if you make it anywhere at all. (Judging from your comment, you think that 1 dollar more than minimum wage is hot $#!T). Minimum wage is nothing more than a legalized way to agree to disagree between the greedy and the poor, because no one wants to work for minimum wage. Hundreds of years ago in some places a wealthy employer was expected to provided his employees with a decent living. Now it is acceptable to provide the least possible means to your employees to maximize your wealth. I’m not saying a person doesn’t have the right to be rich or that employees should not be paid on importance or effort. Just the facts that minimum wage is shite and anyone who disagrees is not working on minimum wage and probably never has (…except for that one summer when they were 16 and bagged some random food at some random store because their mother said it was good not to sit around all summer…) But for many millions of people minimum wage is not just something they had one summer of their life, it’s a real life adult situation, one that can be hard to get out just by their proximity to minimum wage alone. When extreme wealth is viewed as it should be…. a moral and economic responsibility to provide for the people who create it…then the balance of economy can be more tolerable for all. When a Forbes top 10 list has enough money to single handedly pay for an entire nations wage increases i’d rather not even hear the words “minimum wage”. Until that time has passed don’t tell me McD’s can not afford to pay more than minimum wage, that’s straight nonsense. The same goes for the other super Corps. (You know who you are.) And don’t forget not every employee makes minimum wage at McD’s so an increase would not be an increase across the board, they have the money, saying they don’t is silliness. And to everyone else there is no such thing as a “Democrat” or a “Republican” only good people and crappy people. Democrats and Republicans are just “ideas”, and ideas are not tangible (a.k.a. not real). They are words that’s all. Created to make you feel safe voting for someone who you can identify with by narrowing down everything about them into 1 word, 1 reasonably “safe” word, because if you knew everything about them you would probably never want to share the same room with them. You can call yourself whatever you want, it doesn’t make it true. Vote on principle not politics, then maybe we won’t have to be creating words that divide, or call each other names online or in the streets.

  6. Difference between republicans and democrats?? I literally could go hours on that one but how about for our devoted and hopelessly delusional republican CULT members, just take a look at former GOP governor Charlie Crist new book about how the republican party has gone extreme right! or checkout Ana Rivas Logan former congresswoman of Florida. and why she abandoned the G O P- the republican party is DYING and the halfway SANE members are abandoning ship!

    • Charlie Crist? You mean the guy even liberals called a RINO and an opportunist. The one who Florida wouldn’t vote in a second time, but he wouldn’t believe it when so he became an Independent and then a Democrat and still couldn’t get elected … instead Florida went with the Tea Party candidate? And Ana Rivas Logan … isn’t she the one they said shouldn’t run w/Crist because she too was a one termer who only switched parties because she, too, was virtually unelectable once anyone got a taste of who she was?

      Why do you always use such terrible examples? Seriously, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

      “The one who Truth is, Crist was a RINO (Republican In Name Only) for many years. He positioned himself as a conservative to keep those in his own party happy. But his actions spoke otherwise.

      As governor from 2007 to 2011, Crist bucked the GOP on items such as voting rights and environmental issues.

      He staunchly opposed oil drilling off Florida’s shores until fuel prices shot up in 2008, then quickly changed his mind back when running for the senate after the BP disaster in 2010. Many Republicans believe his order to restore felons voting rights, and increase early voting hours helped President Obama carry the state in 2008.”


      • You are a riot! LOL A- I didn’t “WIFF” on the southern strategy conversation, I know the story you just stumbled on it just here recently and of course being the typical republican you are you completely SCREWED it up. B- charlie crist left the republican party just like Anna Rivis Logan realises the GOP isn’t A- CONSERVATIVE- B- it’s been co- opted by corporate american (KOCH BROTHERS ETC) that’s why Collin Powell finally woke up but in your drug induced mind, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to carl rove and grover norquist their just RINO”S!! wow I feel bad for you, because your lame excuse for ANYBODY to wake up and realize to GOP is full of religious nut cases,(MICHELE BACHMANN) foaming at the racist (TED NUGENT) or just plain CRAZY in your book is a RINO, may God have mercy on your lost soul lol BTW hows McConnell liking that tea party thingy?? the tea party told him to go get FU^KED because they want to run THEIR candidate against Grimes in KY!! the tea party is ripping your beloved GOP to shreds LMFA

    • please tell I have a report due about democrat vs republic

      • democrats are socialist, and they basically are for the poor people, and gay marriages, and they believe that millionaires should pay extra taxes because they have companies that generate millions of dollars, and can pay. Many millionaires evade paying tax dollars by cheating on their taxes, and that can be a big deal to the americans who pay taxes so our bills get paid. thats less money in the pot that could benefit everyone, not just self. republicans don’t believe in welfare, or SSI and they want tax laws in affect that prevent them from paying high taxes. It’s different than when the founding fathers created our government because we are no longer 13 colonies, nor are we the north and south. democrats want to practice social equality, by certain principals, i.e. gay rights, and rights for the people. republicans dont believe in same sex marriages, and are pro life.

      • What Marci said is no where near the truth with regard to either party. Democrats are absolutely NOT socialist. Not even close. Republicans like to lump everyone who is not extreme right wing together, and call them all socialist. But it’s not true. Go ask Bernie Sander’s socialist party. There is a socialist party, but they can’t win national elections, so Bernie tried to take over the Democratic Party. Then after failing, he went back to being officially “independent”, and is NOT a member of the Democratic Party in the USA Senate. The Green Party and the Socialist Party are far more closely aligned than the Democratic Party.

        In general, Democrats believe in personal liberty and freedom and inalienable individual Rights such as the Right of Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, and the Right of Privacy (which includes a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, or any person’s right to choose who they love, even if the person they love is the same sex). Democrats also generally believe in progressive ideas like protecting the environment, regulating the safety of the food we eat and medicines we take, and building roads and airports and schools and other infrastructure that benefits all Americans. And yes, Democrats believe that billionaires can afford to pay more in taxes that pay for those roads and schools than poor people can afford to pay. And Democrats believe that there needs to be some reasonable regulations on Big Businesses to try to protect consumers from predatory business practices and fraud, and to try to prevent the kinds of business excesses that contributed to the 2008 Financial Crisis and to the giant BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

        Republicans generally believe in no regulations at all, or very few, on businesses, in what economists call Laissez Faire Economics, which is part of the economic policies that contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Recession of 2008, as well as to environmental problems such as oil spills and Global Climate Change. Republicans also generally believe in lots of regulations and restrictions on individuals and limiting personal freedoms, such as Republicans efforts to prevent women from choosing what she can do about her own pregnancy, or even regulating people’s access to birth control, and of course Republicans generally believe in prohibiting peoples access to marijuana. Republicans also generally believe in cutting taxes for Corporations and wealthy people, in a relief that if these wealthy people and Big Corporations have more money they will invest it in America and create more jobs for Americans. This is called “Trickle Down”, and even though it has been repeatedly tried over and over for the last fourth or so years without any measurable benefits to America’s Middle Class or poor, Republicans stubbornly stick to it.

  7. Minerva,

    The biggest problem is the only thing Republicans are interested in is winning. They take position that they think will win, regardless of whether it is a complete opposite of the position they took three days prior.

    There are only three issues in the GOP handbook that never change, Guns, Gays, and Abortion. Everything else is up for grabs.

    It was Newt Gingrich that said a national health care plan would only work if it had an individual mandate.
    In fact, almost every idea that Obama has presented on taxes, immigration, the military, and a range of other topics was once a GOP idea… as soon as Obama suggested them, all of a sudden the GOP was against it.

    The Republicans are Chameleons, fair weather friends, and unreliable to take a position and stay with it. Unfortunately,
    they are a poor judge of the public opinion and how it is trending, always ending up a couple years short.

    Their ONLY strength is adversarial. They are good at making the other guy look evil, but hold no ideas or solutions of their own, just criticism of the other side and their IDEAS….. is that DEBATE enough for you Minnie?

    • Are you talking about Charlie Crist? Oh wait, he went Democrat.

    • I like the civility  But, you still present no evidence nor a clear topic.

      Since the topic is Difference, your premise, by definition, must be that what you claim of the Republicans is not true of the Democrats.

      I contend that there is:
      1 No difference in the need to win by any politician or their ardent supporters, and that
      2 Democrats are more likely to change positions.

      Point 1. Each party exists by driving their constituents into an emotional frenzy so they are in such a panic they will part with money and vote to keep the world from collapsing – which would be guaranteed if someone from the other party wins, because they want to destroy America. Generally, the crackpots are more energized when the other party is in power. Sadly, few are principled enough to put the feet to the fire of their own. At the last election, the likes of Dion Rabouin published, “Mitt Romney and the Capitalist Extremists Who Want to Destroy America,” while unions staged Romney’s America, which including voter suppression, rising student debt and a decline in working conditions. I’m pretty confident I can match you story-to-story/person-to-person on this one – if you want to try. Otherwise, we concur that both parties are equally guilty.

      Point 2. Republicans are more conservative than liberals. By definition, they change less. The platform hasn’t changed much since the party’s founding – from the “(alarm of the)reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government” to “the right of each State to order and control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively “to individual rights, immigration, and even “(t)hat the present Democratic Administration has far exceeded our worst apprehensions, in its measureless subserviency to the extractions of a sectional interest … and in its general and unvarying abuse of power entrusted to it by a confiding people.”

      Democrats, on the other hand, kept taking God and Israel out of the 2012 platform. Everything from energy policy to military actions constantly flip & flop from Platform to Platform. (The difference between 1980 and 2012 is amazing, for those who bother basing their opinion on historical, verifiable facts.)

      Heck, Democrats can’t even keep liking Obama 70%+ of Obama 2012 voters recently said they regretted it! This includes 39% of blacks, 100% of Hispanics, 55% Democrats, and 71% independents – and let’s not get started on abandoning the ACA (noting the Executive Order changes are exactly what the Republicans always wanted).

      Furthermore, it’s Democrats who seem obsessed w/God, guns, and abortions. They oppose the status quo on the first two and want to force everyone to participate in the latter. (I’d be happy to discuss this more thoroughly, w/documentation, if you want.)

      Finally – are you actually saying Obama steals all his ideas from Republicans?


    • You say that all republicans try to do is win. I have to agree. Republicans do try to win and if you did not know it is called competition which is one of the fundamentals of our government.

  8. I assumed @minerva was your typical low information republican male, well I might have been wrong about our resident republican cheerleader, maybe our republican butt kissers is a low information female?? LMAO that’s even worse!! The GOP has repeatedly told women to STFU and just keep popping out babies! republican women are the poster child of the Stockholm syndrome victims for decades! My God! what does the GOP gotta do to show you they don’t like you. limbaugh calls women SLUTS and you clowns don’t say ONE word! but watch how I’ll be called a misogynist RIGHT now for merely stating the TRUTH! you cons are hopelessly ignorant! republican law makers can say Rape isn’t a big deal and your typical republican female just sits there DEAF, DUMB and BLIND! but let someone show how the GOP totally disrespects women and now YOU’RE the misogynist!!?? unbelievable lol hey @minerva, explain to everybody how that anti Rape gene works according to republican todd akins and mike huckabee. republican women are pitiful!! and don’t start that republican cry baby stuff! calling republican women pitiful isn’t being misogynist, A- all women aren’t republicans, therefore it’s not being misogynist! it’s being factual

  9. Democrats rob Peter to pay Paul. It is the whole idea behind a tiered tax system. It is also why they support minimum wage increases – which would result in $500K people to losing their jobs and raise the cost of goods for everyone, according to the CBO report – and ObamaCare, which relies on the young (lol) and also results in lost jobs or hours. http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/44995-MinimumWage.pdf

    • Embryonic stem cell research/abortion are other examples. (hESC is also an example of ignoring science to put forth an agenda – but both parties do a little of that.)

    • The Democrats support the minimum wage increase, but it never happens. That would cause millions of businesses to close. You can’t pay high wages selling dollar burgers. those presidential candidates lie and only mention those things. Sounds good, but in this economy, where there are the back buster, uneducated, workers that work in those minimum wage jobs, would not have those jobs anymore if the minimum wage went up. Nobody whether they are democrat or republican is going to fix or change anything. We should all do this, find out the world events at all times, but keep our asses home and develop the most military defense plans and programs where no other country can touch us. I mean become the most secure and advanced than any other country to where if anyone did come to harm us, it would be fatal, and that would keep our enemies on their own ground. we would always be on top of the extremists, that way we dont have to have problems with immigrants, and we have the intel for the extremists. We just need to keep our asses here and not fund anymore wars that really dont concern us. Going to the middle east and teaching them how to govern was years of waste and a waste of the american dollars. Plus it caused the extremists to radicate, and now look; ISIS. Lets spend our own money here putting up defense around us and daring any fools to try and mess with us. that is what our leaders should be planning. all that time we wasted over there solving nothing. our focus should be here. Now let me stop here because I could go on for hours. But, really neither party matters, because congress is going to write the checks, and there will be a few changes made when we elect our next President, but those changes I fear will be to no good effect. We need to give ourselves a nuclear program makeover, one that no other country can pardon me, FUCK WITH.

    • just use Australia’s healthcare systme

  10. That last rant was embarrassing! doesn’t it bother you in the slightest that your regurgitation of republican talking is fruitless, @minerva, we’ve danced this dance for over 9 months and you’ve learned nothing, now heres something important the GOP has lost two presidential elections by over 13 MILLION votes they don’t have the senate and 2014 they’ll probably lose the house. the idiotic nonsense you post here is embarrassing! now according to you democrats hate Obama, lmao republicans by in large suffer from a host of mental disorders, when reality exposes your thinking you create your own reality! to expose you as a fool is easy! The GOP’s still attacking Obama, and he’s not even running again! what kind of logic is that? he already kicked the GOP’s AS$ twice!, what else is there to prove? bottom line, republicans can take their cry baby lily white butts to the internet and post whatever reality they choose to fantasize about! because the republican party is a neo confederate party that is using corporate american dollars to keep caucasian republican males happy, theres a reason why the GOP’s 90% caucasian, well you enjoy your ted nugent, sarah pain john birch society, the civilized world is laughing at you, @minerva, you keep posting your steven forbes crap and the democrats will continue to keep kicking your AS$ES, it doesn’t make a damn difference what Great White savior you create every other week, your not really fighting the democratic party, your fighting progress! the republican party even with corporate dollars and even with fake supposedly christians and even with your rallying cries from your KKK wing, your dying! if you thought Obama, AS$ raped you fools wait till 2016 and beyond! you clowns can’t even field a likeable candidate!! even many republicans hated rommey!! and what did the British media call rommey? MITT THE TWIT lol RIP GOP

  11. I’ve stated here that the GOP is dying! just look at the damn signs, bush jr spends billions on invading Iraq with BULL$HIT propaganda lies about WMDS, France and many other UN members didn’t buy that $HIT!! so of course here come FUX NEWS to the GOP’s rescue! punk A$S bill o’reilly hops his pasty grill up there and starts ranting about how the French are cowards and how we should boycott “FRENCH FRIES”!! LMFAO really ??? seriously??!! FUX NEWS is truly for uneducated idiots!! first off ANYONE with ANY basic american history knows if it wasn’t for the French and German missionaries fighting with George Washington THERE WOULDN’T HAVE EVER BEEN A USA!!! republicans typically are so incredibly ignorant! BTW @mini, tell everybody where the WMDS are???? it’s been over 10 yrs!! where are they?? lol but of course FAT BA$TARD limbaugh says the WMDS were moved to Iran!! REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??!!! A- how the FU@K would he know?!! B- ANYONE with ANY FU@KING common knowledge knows Iraq and Iran aren’t exactly bossom buddies! I guess FAT BOY forgot how Iraq was using mustard gas bombs lobbed at Iran!!

  12. The GOP dying? hell yeah it is!! every since Obama has been president the GOP went from being a covert racist pack of RATS to a overt pack a DOGS, sarah the white guys wet dream palin is making a career out of being a john birch society puppet! This hopeless idiot who can’t even tell you ONE magazine or book she’s read or who doesn’t even know the history of Paul Revere’s midnight right or that Africa is a continent, not a country! or how when she’s vice president how she’s going to get her hands in congress!! LMFAO really sarah? this A$SHOLE has the intelligence of a fruit fly! then you GOPers got teddy boy, good ole nugent! OH, but wait, tell us @mini, how honorably he served in Nam?! tell us @mini, how he avoided the draft, can you say $HIT all running down my legs?? or tell us about his passion for 12 year old little girls, I can’t hear you conservative base, speak up! your so called RELIGOUS RIGHT cracks me up!! so godly, so righteous, so lily white holy, but you embrace a cowardly draft dodging, PEDOPHILE, racist, you clowns went ape $HIT over Clinton getting a BJ but ole teddy is your poster boy LOL these are just a couple of reasons why your GOP is DYING! your economics ponzi schemes that take from the poor and give to the rich, from your racist wings, to your homophobic wings, to your anti science wings, to your anti WOMAN wings, aren’t going to survive! as I said earlier, your not fighting the democrats, your fighting progress!! now get the hell out the way!!

  13. @Billodot, thank you!! once again you’ve identified the the situation and you see it clearly, please don’t get me wrong, my hyerbolic attitude isn’t the way I conduct myself in REAL life, it’s the internet! Now saying that, EVERYTHING I post is from my heart! but I wouldn’t be so aggressive in person, not because I’m frightened ! I’m 6’2” and around 243 lbs and can handle myself VERY WELL. But republicans have foolishly portrayed LIBERALS as WEAK- TREE HUGGING- WIMPS thus they’re attitude towards liberals are so uncivilized and obnoxious!! so I just treat them with the verbal hostility they love to display to ANYONE that challenges they’re WHITE NATIONALIST PARTY, the GOP. once again @Billodot, , you’re my brotha from another mother!! KEEP FIGHTING THE EVIL GOP!!

  14. BTW, my republican friends, your WHITE NATIONALIST PARTY once again shows how utterly useless it is, Obama got the ACA going and as I predicted a year ago, it’s a HUGE success!! so since the GOP tried unsuccessfully to block it 56 TIMES!! they’ve finally given up, especially since so many REPUBLICANS signed up for it LMFAO. Now the GOP’s latest DUMB TRICK is to say benghazi every 5 secs!! you republicans are hopeless!! benghazi happened 2 yrs ago, it’s been investigated over 4 times!! nice try, changing the subject with a issue that already been settled!! but at least the GOP fleeces you clowns for donations for your benghazi circus show! Now lets talk about embassy attacks, shall we?? 18 months into saint reagan presidency the Beirut embassy was terrorized and 63 people were killed, and again in 1983 270 marines were killed and 100 others died in a terrorist attack! and don’t get me starting talking about your BOY bush jr’s watch!! I’m curious? where were all you bleeding heart republicans during those embassy attacks? WELL?!! SPEAK UP!! you republican types are embarrassing IGNORANT! you make archie bunker look like Steven Hawking!

  15. The GOP’s biggest groupie @minerva crawls out of their hold to get all misty because a lying republican jumps on the internet FAKING like their a democrat!! Jesus Christ, @minerva are you really dense enough to believe that lame juvenile game?? NO, don’t answer that! we already know LMAO. Next you’ll be believing that Jews are apologizing to NAZI’s for the Halocaust, RIGHT?? you RIGHTIES are hilarious! your so consumed with being WHITE NATIONALIST that you don’t have critical thinking skills, but then thats exactly how the GOP wants you, FEARFUL- HATEFUL- IGNORANT and caucasian. ”shaking my head in disgust” I kinda hope your kock brother puppet, paul ryan gets his HATEFUL budget accepted, so YOUR social security gets cut off, then maybe that will keep YOU off the internet!! tell you girlfriend @threepointdud, nice try, for a moron.

  16. First off, ANY democrat who’s reads the utter FILTH and racist garbage coming from conservative websites, would NEVER EVER apologise to a republican that has said the utter nonsense FUX NEWS propaganda @minerva loves spitting out!! SEE @minerva your girlfriend should have just aired their disapproval of MY style of bashing republicans over the head, maybe that would have FOOLED someone but your girlfriend @threepointdud, BLEW it by by french kiss you, LMAO that really exposed the game!! damn, you RIGHTIES really just aren’t very bright HUH?? you can’t even pull of SIMPLE scams!! LOL just like NIXON and watergate!! just like bush jr and Iraq, ALWAYS trying to pull the hustle but too DUMB to pull it off successfully LMFAO

  17. Ok minie, here is a great example… There is a candidate in Oregon for Senate running against Jeff Merkeley’s seat. And since Merkeley is gaining power and tenure in the senate they would LOVE to unseat him. She has never run for any other public position, including treasurer for the local youth soccer club, and is now running for one of the most prestigious positions in America other than President… Senator.
    Hmmmmm… woman? check… doctor? check…. far right? check….. but I digress…She is a pediatric neurosurgeon and is heavily backed by superpacks out of state, running commercials more than Romney did in the last push for the presidency. She is running against the ACA and was doing great……………………….wait for it……………………….

    UNTIL it came out that she was stalking and harrassing her ex husband until he filed a restraining order ( which he later rescinded, to be fair) but wait there is more!!! Her ex was politically active, donating large sums of money to the man running for the SAME Senate seat.
    ….hmmmmm Stalker, obsessive, harrasser,….. did she run for that seat just to spite her ex?——- nooooooo I am sure that she is just civic minded and since the ACA site in Oregon failed so miserably she probably just wanted to save the good citizens of Oregon from the EVIL Obamacare,right?

    Don’t kid yourself, the financiers and new ‘kings’ of the GOP, the nefarious Koch Brothers and their BILLIONS are behind this; they saw a unique opportunity to possibly turn a blue state red, and found the perfect candidate… an inexperienced attractive woman citizen/doctor! but alas, as in the never ending saga of the infamous Sarah Palin, they conveniently forgot to vet her completely.

    The Koch Brothers, and their billionaire buddies are mis-informed, the American People are not as stupid as they think— Yes, some can have their inner bigotries tickled and coerced, but most of us are good, conscientious citizens and will NEVER fall prey to the obvious phony populistic attempts of the elite’s stooping to the level of the everyman.
    Minnie, the Karl Rovians among us try to call the Dems “sheeple”, when it is really the non-rich, God, Guns, and Anti Gay crowd that is blindly arguing against their own self interest in the name of their so called- “constitutional purism”. The sad thing is that they wont buy in to the WHOLE document, only the parts they like. The govenment IS the constitution, and was written to protect the people from ideologies like the one you so blindly buy into.
    Poor, poor lemmings…..

  18. @minerva, is crying foul because I gave him/ her?? some tough love!! POOR BABY!! listen heres the reality @minerva THE LIBERTIAN!, you white nationalist are delusional, when someone tries to present a conversation with you RIGHTIES, you can bet within 5 mins they’ll start the name calling!! you republican types always claim to be christian but two secs later you’ll CURSE everybody out! You republicans typically are the nastiest, ill mannered, hateful people on Earth! I’ve been on plenty of conservative sites, and you can’t go two sentences before someones calling Obama “ODUMBER” or nigger!! or muslim terrorist spy!! you know I’m telling the TRUTH!! you’ve seen it!! You republicans always play the victim! crying about people being NASTY to you but you can’t see how truly UGLY and rule republicans are! republicans call liberals, weak little bitches, stupid tree huggers, bleeding heart assholes ETC!! do you ever that notice how you talk about hillary clinton??!! Does anyone remember at a televised town hall, when a republican female on LIVE TV called hillary a BITCH

  19. You republicans have successfully created the ultimate double standard, bill o’reilly can call his guess pinheads, stupid, ignorant, clowns and you republicans find NO fault in that! LMAO. limbaugh can tell black people that SLAVERY WASN’T a big deal! and you republicans find NO fault with that either!! limbaugh calls women SLUTS and NO republican pushed back!! But liberal Ed Schultz FOOLISHLY called bachmann a SLUT and he gets suspended and publicly apologises!, which he should have! has limbaugh apologised?? was he suspended? NO! whenever a dem or liberal says something against the GOP, they either get FIRED or they have to walk the hall of shame apologising to EVERYBODY! great double standard! BTW you republicans aren’t just rude and UGLY! your violent!! democratic offices from Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona to upper state N.Y. have been vandalize by your ilk! conservative blogger mike vanderboegh urged people to vandalize democratic offices but don’t touch congressional democratic offices because thats federal property!! Bottomline, I’m kinda tired of republicans playing the wounded, whining cry baby victim, and @minerva actually had the gall to say liberals have a thin skin! LOL @minerva, you and your FAKE democrat buddy are the only ones CRYING. you thin skin libertarian LMAO. you republicans are ALL about PROJECTION. take responsibility for your actions and when people get tired of taking your insults and give YOU a dose of your own medicine, don’t start crying and playing the wounded victim.

  20. @Billodot, good stuff! but heres the problem, most republicans don’t even know who the koch brothers are!! and they don’t want to know! and for the few republicans who’ve heard of the koch brothers, they go into they’re RIGHT WING playbook and start babbling about George soros!! Like Soros has a fraction of the wealth the koch brothers have!! Theres a movie coming out by Greenwald about the evil koch brothers and theres a NEW book coming out! But republicans aren’t interested!! to them it’s ALL about winning! it’s ALL about trying to hold on to they’re WHITE PRIVILEGE!! oh and they’re phoney so called christian role playing nonsense!!

  21. I am a republican period but I also am not against gay marriage or legalization of cannabis we should focus on finical responsibility I am a business owner I have made good money I ALSO WORK ABOUT 65 to max OF 90 HOURS WEEK in my lifetime I give freely to the salvation army (on my own free will) BUT where I draw the line is I will not be told that have have to take care of other people that will not work and I am sorry to say that seems to be quite a few people.
    In my lifetime I have came across many many people that come up with every excuse in the world not to work or pay me $20 hour to perform unskilled work this is the USA we the people have the right to make money and the right to earn lots of money if you work hard to do so nobody is stopping anybody everyone on this post can make good money RIGHT just think about it . Looking at the first part of these post looks as if some of you have made total fools of yourselves using foul language basically trailer trash talk with no facts or sold ideas just loud street talk sorry to inform you guys the business world does not care about you trash talk at all. With that said I give a high five to all the Democrats that dismissed this kind of behavior I would love to debate with you and help solve real world problems I have voted both parties many times when I feel it is needed and yes we do have some bad Republicans too. Bottom line is work ethics what can you do to help your country not what your country can do to help you work on your problems do not expect other people to bail you out. As far as charity and welfare is concerned that should be handled at the local level not the federal level people in Washington do not know what the heck is going on in small town Indiana ?? our towns need to manage themselves not be told what to do by big brother again I ask each and every one of you to think. I do not have a college education and I grew up very poor I started my own technology business by lots of reading and hard work and perfection my skills its not hard just takes work

    • Are your sure you’re a republican??

    • you have to be more specific about who you mean about not supporting people that do not work. If you pay taxes buddy let me tell you, that your money will go to welfare and SSI persons, and thats just how it is and should be. Look at how this society took a race and denied them jobs, and don’t deny it, because black people couldn’t even sit on a white mans bus, or go to school where white people did, and you want to tell me they can work? You should be ashamed of yourself for saying what you said. You’re so worried about your pissy money helping someone out who You forced out of society, and don’t say you didn’t have anything to do with it, because you sat silent as this happens to these people. Don’t speak now, we are all responsible for how black people are denied jobs and forced to live in segregated projects like outcasts. We put all those people together forced to live in poverty, and expect them not to act in crime in order to survive? Come on Mr. You really pissed me off. You think they are just lazy? Is that what you think is going on here? Boy do you need a spiritual makeover. God is real, and just as you are a successful business man, it can all be gone and you could find your ass seeking benefits. You really need to stop and take a look at YOUR part in how you can make this country better, just by your own actions. Its very selfish of you to say such a thing, that you aren’t going to support people that won’ work. Well, there are children that need money because their mother is poor but works and doesn’t make crap cuz maybe she doesn’t have an education, or maybe the father died or left, but she is who your referring to, or persons with mental disabilities who cannot work, or physical disabilities, these are those you don’t want your precious money going to. Well, I wish you all your money to yourself your asshole, may it leave you the same way it came to you, or maybe you will become sick and can’t guard it anymore, and you lose it all. Your not successful, because successful people give it away in order to keep it. So much to learn, you better hurry. Oh and you should try a little Jesus, too.

      • I mean people like you piss me off. It’s just not how you look at it. Your a grench buddy. I mean how are you going to control what your tax dollars are spent on. What a fuckin joke of a man. I bet your the asshole that walks past a homeless man who is obviously hungry, with ease, and without it bothering you, and thinking, he should get a job, or he just wants alcohol. Well I’m poor, and when I see someone homeless and hungry, you know what I do? I give them money, because I feel like I am helping someone besides myselfish self.

  22. Guess Knight was wrong.

  23. I Normally Considers my self to be Demarcate and voted at this years Election NOV 4th 2014 for all Democrats and Frankly upset it a Republican who won. Next Time Voting comes around I’m switching to become Republican because I do believe in Health care and well fare but I’m tired of people not helping themselves I’m sick of being sick and tired and I’m tired of needing Food stamps . People in My city of Baltimore MD all ways Talk but cant walk the Talk they Beg and sit on their asses and collect Government checks and free food While I Go to school and Have an Internship all while being Homeless with no benefits . DSS Had the nerve to tell me because I Graduated Highs cool and Receive Two College Scholarship of Merit . I cant receive Help with food. I swear I’m not making this UP mean while Homeless people like me who (receive Help and Benefits) Just sit and hold up help me signs . I ask people to go vote they all watching tv and sitting on their ass not caring about making a difference And Now wonder why the people who would help them ” Continue ” To sit down and sleep eat and receive Money for just p being Poor. I’m tired of This shit I want a Business I want to work and for now on I want to Focus on thing that encourages Hard work and Individual work like Republicans .cause Now I see L0w income people are own their own like the reality of the world is …..we must fend for ourselves and not rely Government to help.

    • @shanaqua, LMFAO you’re a democrat that’s switching to the republican party?? you’re a JOKE! and a LIAR! you WERE a democrat? that’s HILARIOUS! YOU can’t even SPELL democrat correctly, democrat isn’t spelled DEMOCRATE, you RIGHTIES are so full of $HIT

      • I like How you did not comprehend my statement . I said ” I Normally consider myself to be Democrat ” Not That I truly was or was Not .I dont get in Politics I focus on what is happen not what “They ” are saying they will do on both sides . ,I would Vote for The Democrats or republic if the person is worthy to have my misspelling uneducated Vote. again that’s the Uneducated America who has a poll system that dont check your comprehending skills of us Voters . Same as you have the right to vote So do I regardless of my education or who I choose to vote or if I choose to switch . It my right and I will exercise in such . Good day sir.

        • @shaniqua, NO, YOU misunderstood my point, I couldn’t care less who you vote for, my ONLY point is, if your choosing to voice your opinion on the INTERNET and especially if YOU’RE going to express your opinion on the INTERNET on a negative note, at least spell the criticism CORRECTLY. you have a nice day also @shaniqua,

  24. While we all express our strong critical opinions and push our agendas, the very fiber of our nation continues to decline (morally, spiritually, economically, etc.). History proves time again, that pride and arrogance goes before a fall, resulting in God’s judgement; but when God’s people repent and humble themselves and seek His face, then God will hear our prayers, and forgive our sins, and heal our land. When we see our land under siege and our economy crash (which is scheduled to occur this year), remember… God never despises a humbled and repented heart.

  25. ALL of you sound idiots…get back to the basics!

    • That’s rude and disrespectful to these people. They may sound like idiots, but do you have to say it?

      Can’t anyone be nice around here?

  26. The MIGHTY GLORIOUS GOP is having it’s lolly pop debate tonight, and because they whined and cried that CNBC didn’t treated them nice!!!! LMFAO! hello!! CNBC is as pro GOP as it gets!! HELLO for you cry baby republicans, GOOGLE ”RICK SANTELLI”, lol yeah! you got it! can you say TEA PARTY? LMFAO the GOP is DYING! face it! the ”WE THE WHITE PEOPLE” party is going bye bye but the democratic party is going bye bye too!! since the mid 1970’s the democratic party has turned in a corporate PRO party, PROOF? president Obama screwed america with this TTP $HIT! and before you RIGHTIES start bitching! guess what party VOTED with Obama on the TTP?? yep, YOUR beloved GOP!!!

  27. Most people who posted in here sound like they believe guns kill people. Guess what; my gun has never got up when I wasn’t home and killed anyone. You make yourself fat not the spoon or fork. If you don’t get this metaphor then don’t respond. Just to let you know I don’t mean guns. Ponder that one lol.

    • Who was talking about guns?????? listen if having a gun in every room of your house makes you feel safer, then I pitty you! But then again, the GOP works 24/4 scaring low information caucasians into being AFRAID of EVERYTHING! LMFAO the NRA must be laughing their ASSES off, the say boo and you fork over another few hundred dollars and buy another GUN!! and you call brown people DUMB! lol I remember back in the good ole days, when middle age WHITE males started feeling insecure, they’d buy a new red sports car and start trying to pickup girls at the local high school. lol

      • Well, Knight, First I would like to point out that you are trying to say that the GOP is trying to ‘scare’ low information Caucasians. However, you will find that there are many quite intelligent members who do not spend their lives on a website bashing everyone who does not agree with you. Also, I want to say that you act like Republicans are not intelligent, yet in 2016, you are still calling African-Americans “brown people”. Also, guns do NOT kill people, people use guns to kill people. Finally, I want to explain to you as a GOP member, someone you call a “low information Caucasian”, that their is a thing called spelling, and if you want to be taken seriously, you need to learn it.

        pity, not pitty.
        they say boo, not ‘the say boo’
        pick up, not pickup (a pickup is an automobile)
        24/7, not 24/4 (24 hours a day 4 days a week?)

        • Typical LILY WHITE republican, you’re moaning about “SPELL CHECK” really?? you should be worried about your damn LILY WHITE GOP. trump, the racist, fascist, thr low information idiot has totally blown away the GOP!! LMFAO trump exposed your party!! trump isn’t a conservative!! LOL but he knew exactly how to win the GOP nomination! Forget the typical dog whistle racism stunts your beloved GOP has been using since nixon and the southern strategy! No trump isn’t about that! And that’s why all the WHITE racist groups like STORMFRONT- WHITE NATIONALIST PARTY- former grand wizard DAVID DUKE all endorse trump! So @jerry, while you’re bitching and moaning about GRAMMAR, your beloved GOP is ripping itself apart!! LMFAO even willard romney is attacking trump! You RIGHTIES are hilarious, you hate facts! you refuse to study HISTORY! you refuse to study american politics! and then you start crying the blues when anyone destroys your plastic idols!! LOL BTW your next president will either be a woman “HILLARY” or it will be a JEW “BERNIE SANDERS” good lord @jerry, in racist ole america, the GOP has been beaten by a black man, a black man named OBAMA!!! now it’s either a woman or a JEW!! WOW!! your party really sucks!! now what were you saying about GRAMMAR, professor?

        • @jerry, LOL OMG, you’re a joke! so your strategy to debate people is, looking for TYPO’s?? really?? thank you for educating me! I didn’t knew it was 24/7, I thought it was 24/4!! THANK YOU @jerry, I forgot to put a “Y” on “THEY” and that’s your big come back???? LMFAO @jerry, I “PITY” you, not “PITTY” you’re a master debater there @jerry.

  28. This article’s author is uneducated. First Republicans constantly run a larger Government than Democrats. Clinton was the first president to reduce government size. Republicans have constantly increased the National Debt while Democrats with the exception of Carter have decreased the National Debt. To the man in the movie your concepts are all wrong. Social Programs are not the downfall of the economy, they are the legs of the economy holding it up. Proven by UTAH Housing first give people dignity and support and they tend to become self sufficient and save the government money. And further the lot of what you have said was wrong. It is 2016 The US Economy has recovered from the screw job bush did to us.

  29. oops wrong blog

  30. It makes me laugh, and quiver with excitement that people such as “Minerva”, and “knight4444”, like to pick fights with one another. You are on a public site open for anyone, mind you, and you decide to use your uneducated brains to come up with these poor excuses of comebacks. Please, if you don’t want to be made fun of; be civilized people and use your brains. Also refrain from using text-talk, and unnecessary capitalization or else you all look and sound like idiots. You may all be 20+ and you are being out worded and dissed by a sixteen year old girl. Info about my self: I am a full time college student at the age of 16 and I am well into my sophomore year of college. By the looks of your writing you only made it passed high school and didn’t continue from there.

    • @popcorn, give it a rest, you’re 16 yrs old STFU, you’re confusing formal education with experience and maturity, you have neither! Listen junior, when you grow up and move out your mommy basement and start feeding yourself and actually paying your own bills! then talk!

  31. Let me get this right, a person jumps on a political website and proceeds to call people immature and juvenile, did anyone notice that persons screen name?? it was “DEEZ NUTTS” now that mature. Look in the mirror “DEEZ NUTTS” and take your own advice. BTW let me guess, you’re a caucasian male who leans conservative, am I right? your boy, trump must be proud of you.

  32. i agree with knight4444, republicans are so god dam fucking stupid and racist and they need a good ass beating! flat tax rate and pro life….please give me a break, the republicans are snobs and arogant to begin with… they need to change their attitude and stop being dumb ass red neck idiots!!! republicans are so self centered and non humanitarian people…what a shame.

    • @Matt, you’re 100% correct, theres a reason why the GOP is 89% WHITE!! because since nixon they’ve been openly courting the WHITE racist and those dixiecrats of the SOUTH! that’s exactly why donald j trump kicked the SH^T out of the other republican candidates!!! he’s just says what most LILY WHITE racist hesitate to say out loud!! theres a reason why david duke and other WHITE supremacy groups openly support trump!! if the GOP really wasn’t a racist party, WHY is he their leaders????? WHY ?!! trump is your typical republican, a loud mouth, poorly educated, racist, bigot, misogynist, PIG!! oh but I forgot, he’s got the BEST words!! WTF?? lol what a dumbass FOOL!! just like his redneck poorly educated supporters.

    • Democraps. Are. Satanist,queers.lesbos.tax. and. Spend. On. Me. People.welfare. queens..food stamp. Junkys.anti god. People..unborn. Baby. Killers.socialist. government. Whores.dipshit. dumb. Democraps…what. A sick group

  33. from 1963 through 2016, most of the presidents were republican and it’s time for a change! instead of putting america in debt and having people screwed out of a job and back stabbing america…we need a good president who is honost, caring and one who looks out for other people!!!

  34. As for me, A white boy not brought up to be racist, republican by virtue of my parents being Republican, I think that both Republicans and Democrats are nothing but gangs. No different than the Crips and the bloods. Some people vote strictly for their party or gang, because they’re afraid of the repercussions. My personal values of working for what I get are mine. Any people that feel the government owes them anything other than what they have put in, in my opinion, are being freeloaders. We are all responsible for our own lives and and what happens to us within our life. We can only vote for the person that best represents our own values and goals. As an American, I am embarrassed that it is come down to what gang you’re in. This 2016 election is proof that it’s come down to the leaders of the gangs. With neither one of the candidates representing our individual American interests as people that live here and work here. Just their own agendas, which largely benefit their own personal gains and not representative of the people of the United States at large.

  35. Excuse me @Knight4444,

    I am a proud American and am utterly confused why you are talking bad about something that you don’t even understand. You repeatedly say that Trump/Republicans are racist and sexist, yet most of the comments I have seen from you include racist and sexist remarks. I would like you to know that the Civil War was NOT North against South. It was Republicans against Democrats. The Republicans were “North” and Democrats “South.” Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the North, right? He was also Republican and his opponent was a Democrat. When Abraham Lincoln won the office, he disbanded slavery and yet you say that the Republicans are the racist ones? He freed thousands of slaves and won them the rights they deserve. What did Democrats do? They fought hard against giving African Americans the rights they deserve.
    And I’ll have you know that Hillary Clinton defended a young 12-year-old girl’s rapist, pardoning him of the sentence that he deserved by claiming the young victim was “overreacting”. The girl finally spoke out a couple of years ago, and if you look it up on google you’ll find a bunch of primary and secondary sources proving that this is true. While Trump may say some things that aren’t necessarily appropriate, have you taken a look at what Bill Clinton has actually done? I’m not the biggest fan of Trump, but he’s better than Hillary because if she gets elected, the world will literally come to an end. Why? Because she has been lying and defying the law for the longest time now. What happened to the emails? She was once against Gay and Lesbian rights, but now she’s all for it. But wait! She said her views have never changed. What happened there? I’m not saying that people can’t change, but when they say that they haven’t changed and yet it seems like they have, I get confused at their values.

    I hope you take this into consideration and if you need any more information about Democrats, I would be happy to give it to you.

  36. To Bill, who replied to this business March 23,2016..It is sad enough when so many good and intelligent people get caught up in their raging,that collectively,they sound like spoiled children on a playground! But,people like you Bill,make my gut ill,and my bowels loose!!! I am a sandblasted caucasion.I am also a chronic Empath!. I suspect you are a mighty whitey narcissist, because of your comment about Israel and our two primary political parties! Are you a closet hater Bill?

  37. To be quite honest with everyone here I’m a young American 19 years old and I’ve taken plenty of time to look at both parties. This I’ve formed my own opinion that both parties are corrupt, power hungry, and quite frankly don’t care about the nation that they all have taken a vow to defend and care for. So far I have seen none of that but constant bickering, like two kids in a playground arguing over a little toy. So in my books they’re not true leaders and are all a disgrace to our nation, to our beliefs, and to the fundamental rights that we as Americans enjoy as well as prosper from. Not only that, but with our ‘great leaders’ arguing against each other none stop our enemies benefit from it. In the end the ones who suffer from this pathetic bickering us, the people of this once great nation. This is only my opinion, which I enjoy saying because it’s my god given right as well as all of yours, and I’m only 19 years old.

  38. Interesting answer coming from an obvious demoncrat.

    Simply put…. Democrats want to hand all our rights as citizens to their idea of government.

    Republicans…. adhere to a point in the Bible…..’ you reap what you sow’.

    Meaning…. if you are lazy…. and don’t want to work to earn what you want…..

    Then you deserve to live under a bridge.

    But if you work hard and want more for yourself and family….. then you deserve to have a home… food ( paid for by you) ….and extras to take your kids to Disney land say….. then it is deserved.

    Democrats/ liberals want US to pay for their rights to kill babies…. pay for their food stamps for their baby mamas….

    Sit on their ass and complain about Republicans.

    There are rich Democrats…. they are liars and punk their own…. they use stupid and uneducated children – adults to build their own utopia…..

    Yep…. just like the Clintons… Hillary…. Obummer…..Pelosi…. the Squak….

    List goes on…….

    • Why can’t there be a normal conversation between each parties. Yes, you all have different beliefs, but you don’t have to yell it out to everybody; that’s just going to start an argument, which is why nobody can understand what is going on. Just stop arguing, we can tell what you believe. All you have to say is your beliefs, and then another person can simply say their beliefs and talk it out, then if you’re done, then just let it go. Nobody has the same beliefs as another. Just let it go and and all of you, Democrats and Republicans, calm down.

  39. So this thread took forever to read through… first of all; everyone that has commented thus far needs to go work on their grammar, spelling and punctuation. The article was written to explain the differences between the two largest parties in the UNITED States of America. I found it helpful and informative as well as factual. I wish it had more historical facts, but that’s just a personal preference. @minerva kudos to a well written article.
    To address the babbling idiot who has continuously made an ass hat out of himself throughout this entire thread… on behalf of well… everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, please shut the fuck up already. You have an idea of the topics you’ve mentioned, yet also cannot back yourself up in a civil, efficient and calm way. You know who wins if we destroy ourselves?! Nobody. That’s who. I mean really… how old are you anyway? Like 5? What lame excuse for an adult is someone who not only has way too many typos, but whom also feels like yelling through a KEYBOARD is effective. And typing “Lol” and “lmao” after everything you say just makes you sound even more daft. You’re not a democrat… you’re just some asshole with a computer and nothing better to do with your time other than sit in your underwear snacking on whatever, trolling and badgering authors of articles. At least @minerva can stay on topic. Your hotheaded nature has prevented you from “winning” anything, much less an elementary spelling Bee.
    This thread is a great example as to why everyone else in the world (“foreigners”) laugh at Americans. Nobody knows what they’re talking about; few can follow along; and even less make any sense.
    Congratulations all of you. I hope you’re content in the fact that we are digressing when it comes to being able to communicate like MATURE ADULTS. I would highly recommend to all that he/she think before beginning or entering a keyboard war.
    Reply if you wish, but this thread has proven to be a complete waste of my time and I will not be revisiting.

    • Good riddance, Don’t fall off your high horse on the way out! Pointing out grammatical errors online is juvenile to say the least. I’m sure you’re a absolute joy to be around in person!

      • And you sound like a joy as well. No one can give their opinion anymore without someone being offended or having something rude to say. So she pointed out bad spelling who cares. To much hate and not enough love. What would Jesus do? I hope you had a wonderful day!

        (Asking for a friend)

    • ISUPPORTERI totally agree! Name calling and making false accusations us getting old on both sides! Neither party us perfect and both had made bad decisions for this country but instead of accepting the blame for your screw up you blame the other party! I agree with some of the democrats beliefs and some if the Republican beliefs. But to say that one party is better than the other and wants to take your rights away is just ridiculous!! BOTH PARTIES have made mistakes and neither is better than the other. Grow the hell up and stop. Bullying and name calling. Use your brain and check FACTS and stop being sheep! I don’t care what the otjer party us thinking or intending to di. From you because you have been brainwashed and nakw assumptions based on a party affiliation instead of of a person’s ability to fulfill the job duties and primoses made about what your going to do for the people. Attacking your opponent just because they don’t have the same belief as you is not going to get my vote, it just makes me change the channel. Thus past election I turned the channel every time a political add came on. Everyone of them waa just negative stuff about their opponents and nothing about what they will do to fullfill their duties if elected. Fir any of you to accusing democrats of being liars, REALLY? Sorry but Trump’s told enough lies for all past Republican presidents. Clinton looked right into the camera and outright lies to the American people. It’s about time tnat we took our government back!

    • Hey man maybe you should save that for your journal eh?
      I mean who drops an F bomb?
      Be kind to one another dude!!
      Too much hate in the world
      One love, one heart

  40. The outright lies in this article depicting the beliefs of Republicans is the exact reason why there is such great animosity against the democrats. Pretending to be the voice of reason and then, like Provda, propagating gross untruths. What you are doing to control and mislead the minds of Americans, especially the youth, is infinitely worse that what you are incorrectly accusing the Republicans of doing. I know and work with hundreds of Republicans, and none believe what you are saying. It’s like me saying that all Democrats are far left communist and don’t believe in free enterprise of any kind. Just stupid, deceitful commentary.

  41. I read most of the comments and I came to the conclusion that ” nobody is happy with either party “. I was born in the 50’s and as I look back on how our society has changed so much over the years….and I think ” WTF “…….where did we go wrong. I remembered we would go walking wherever we wanted to, now days……our kids are on leashes and in eye sight. And if there’s no adult supervision around……. someone going to jail and your kids will be taken away from you.
    Our schools have changed from NO prayer to our kids praying to Islam. That’s total BS…….no way in hell my kids will ever pray to a murdering bastard. We have laws on the books that prohibits Sharia Law in the United States and it’s not being enforced. Why pass laws and not enforce them ? I’m also a Marine Corp veteran, there was a time shortly at the end of the Vietnam conflict that I was ashamed of being a veteran. When I wore my uniform and tried to sit down at a restaurant to get something to eat….. I would be asked to leave because they didn’t serve military personnel. I would get spit on at the airport. I held my cool, knowing that I could kick their ass in easily. There were a few jobs that turned me down because I was a veteran. Trying to prove discrimination in a “right to work ” state is damn impossible. This was a time I was ashamed of being a veteran. Now I’ve grown a cold heart against those that don’t support our military. Those kind of people make good sand bags…..if we ever get into a war on American soil.
    Now about Medicare…….. I’ve been on Medicare for the past 8 years. I’m taking less meds now and for some reason why I can’t understand why I’m hitting the donut hole in 5 months. About 4 yrs ago…… I could go through a whole year without going into the donut hole. I had someone give me some price increases on one of my medications………in 2017 Novolin N costs $125.97 per vile……in 2018 it cost $156.49 per vile. This insulin has been around for since the 60’s. Whoever lifted the drug companies restrictions…… I want to shake their hand a kick them in the balls over and over again.
    I think that the country should have just one party to pass laws and bills. Have term limits of 5 yrs. Each year be graded by the people on their performance and attendance. Have the same health care plans and retirement can’t be collected until 70. You don’t pay your federal income taxes each year…..you go to jail. There’s half of the House and Senate that have outstanding income taxes. They’re not above the law.

  42. I think this article definitely helped my understanding. Then I got to the comments, I think there were many misunderstandings causing more fights. I think you all need to take a chill pill. You can have your own opinions and you have a right to put a voice to them, but you should let others have opinions too.

  43. I’ve read the article…I choose to remain objective, considering my lack of knowledge in politics. The deduction I’ve gather is rather a pessimist one. considering that all we do is judge each other when differences arise. A proven fact is that all systems have flaws. Perhaps minimizing the faults and implementing tactics that will enable future generations to better the equality needed in order to survive, live and enjoy the time granted on this earth…a famous writer once wrote live and let live…very easily written and yet proven impossible to accomplish…Life is short but continuous as generations perdue time over time, the simple paradox of the old and the new in its time and space. I wish luck to all of you and my word is bond.

  44. what did i even just read.

  45. The Democratic and Republican Party are just two different sides of the same corroded coin.
    There is no difference just a different stink same pile of political $hit.
    Here’s the math
    A$$e$ + Elephants = 1% Party.
    The 1% Party + Dollars + Denial + Delusions = Bad for 99% of America.
    The Democratic and Republican Party represent the finest false choices money can buy.
    The Democratic and Republican Party are a disease the very embodiment of all that’s wrong, rotten, and ruining America.
    95% of America’s problems were fathered and fueled by the diseased deeds of the Democratic and Republican Party.
    This two party political con is exactly the reason why the entire nation is progressively collapsing under the weight of its own bureaucratic $hit and one-sides laws of ignorances.

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