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Religious organizations who claim to have maintained Christianity are growing in number. Two of them are Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness. But even though their teachings are only based on one religious text, which is the Bible, differences are still transparent between the two. The teachings of both groups are based on what Jesus taught when He was here on earth, but the identity of Jesus is different. The Catholics consider Jesus as God Himself based on Trinity ‘“ the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead – while Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is the Son of the Almighty God Jehovah.

Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses differ in many other teachings such as that related with afterlife. Catholics believe in eternal hell, heaven and temporal purgatory. Good people would be allowed to enter the heavens by St. Peter and bad people would be forever punished in hell. On the other hand, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that after death, the dead person would not feel, see or experience anything until Jehovah’s Judgment Day, wherein a war would take place between Jehovah and his enemy Satan the devil. After that event, all dead people would rise from the graves and be with their loved ones again.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are best known for their house-to-house preaching wherein they imitate Christ’s example here on earth while he was teaching the good news to the people. They also do not give praise to any religious idols and symbols unlike Catholics. Jehovah’s Witnesses remain politically neutral, meaning they don’t vote for any candidate during elections. They also do not tolerate patriotism: they do not participate in any military activity, salute or pledge allegiance to flags, or sing national anthems or nationalistic songs. They believe that God’s Kingdom is the only government in which they must have their highest allegiance to. They also do not celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and other religious holidays which have a pagan origin. Meanwhile, the Church and politics have a great connection today, which indirectly causes active participation of its members in military activities and other patriotic acts. Individual Catholics practice freewill on deciding whose candidate they will vote for every election.

Baptism is practiced by both as a symbol for new members that they have already made their decision of being included within the group. But they are done in different manners. Catholics baptize new members from infantry. The head of the baby would be lightly poured with holy water and it is conducted in a formal ceremony by a priest. On the other hand, Jehovah’s Witnesses baptize new members who have at least known their basic teachings. The whole body would be immersed into water and this is done during assemblies and conventions wherein congregations of assigned places gather to hear special talks and presentations.

Even though their teachings are both based on the same book which they consider as the Word of God, the Bible, the two groups are still contradicting. Some Catholic Bibles had been added with seven extra books, while Jehovah’s Witnesses stick with only the original sixty-six. Bibles commonly used by Catholics do not include the name of God which is Yahweh/Jehovah, while Jehovah’s Witnesses’ official Bible which is the New Translation of the Holy Scriptures emphasizes the need to recognize God’s name.

There is also a big distinction in talking about leaders in both groups. Catholic ministers must undergo a higher educational attainment so as to have a full understanding of the history, practices and beliefs of Catholicism. While Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize all its member as ‘ministers’ being guided by men known as elders and ministerial servants in every congregation so as to have organization. Catholic ministers are not allowed to marry, while marriage is allowed to everyone by Jehovah’s Witness.

Both Catholics and Jehovah’ Witnesses already encountered different issues which tested the credibility of their religious organization. But it is always up to every individual which religion will they fall under.


1. Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses both base their teachings on the Bible.

2. They both believe in afterlife but in a different manner ‘“ Catholics on having immortal souls, while Jehovah’s Witnesses on resurrection of the dead.

3. Catholics support politics and military services, while Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t.

4. Baptism is practiced by both but in a different manner ‘“ Catholics on infant baptism, while Jehovah’s Witnesses on having their basic teaching known to a person.

5. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not use any idol or religious symbol in their worship and they don’t celebrate special occasions with pagan roots, vice versa on the Catholics.

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  1. They are both as different as night and day, The Catholic Church’s founder was Jesus Christt , who is GOD (I am) and Charles Taze Russell, who is a man founded Jehovah Witnesses. I think I’ll go with the Catholic Church…..It’s not only human but Divine and over 2000 years old

    • catholic church founded by jesus really? thats a first. you should really look into it. where do you get your info?

      • Well Mario, Peter was the prince of Jesus’ apostles and the first Pope of the Catholic church. I think Joyce is correct.

        • JW.ORG

          Feel Free To Visit The Website.

        • Hi Bob. I don’t see that in the Bible. We must be sure the things we count as truth are really from the bible.

        • 1.Who is Jesus God?
          2.Is peters God is Jesus?
          Please read:
          Revelation 16:15-17 He said to them:You though,who do you say i am?’16.Simon peter answered:You are the Christ the son of the living God..17…..

          So,Peter and Jesus Christ have God..Jesus Christ is not a God he have father who is GOD..

      • Mario,Mario ,
        what have u been reading???? . No Christian seriously doubts that Jesus formed the Catholic (means Universal) church .Protestants doubt whether it was being ADMINISTERED properly.
        We were all Catholic Christians until the 16 th century when Luther backed up by German Princes who wanted to shake off the influences of Rome , reluctantly broke away after a prolonged discussion on theology with the Pope .
        Henry in England who was a devout catholic but wanted to divorce his wife ,finally losing his patience with the Pope for his refusal to grant same, reluctantly broke with the authority of the Pope . Henry had received the title of Defender of the faith from the Pope in recognition of his verbal attack on Luther’s revolution .This title is still on British coins to this day.

        • Actually….All the Christian Churches were CAtholic until the great schizm in 1054 when the Church split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox (Greek Catholic).

          The Roman Catholic church then split further with Calvin, Luther and the other Protestants.

        • Yessss

      • Thou art Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. Jesus Christ

      • Mario, as you study Christian Church history, you will discover as you trace the historical roots of all non- Catholic Churches, they all disappear over time. They are all man made churches. Not one of them can trace their history to the time of Jesus Christ. Only one Church has Christian history, and that is the Roman Catholic Church. The bishops, elders and deacons mentioned in the Bible are the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Protestants agree that the Roman Catholic Church is the original Christian Church, but believe it went astray. Although there are good and bad people in the Catholic Church, Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church: Matthew16:18

        • No, it wasn’t. The true beginnings were not the Roman Catholic Church, but Eastern Orthodox Church.

        • There is nothing in the Bible mentioning the Catholic church as being the true church. In fact there are many things followed by the Catholic church that are unbiblical. So many Catholics I meet don’t have any security that they are saved from their sin by Jesus’s death, atonement, and resurrection but instead depend on their religious works to get to heaven. For a thorough history of the Catholic church please view appropriate shows from “It is Written” by John Bradshaw. I have nothing to gain in this matter except to bring truth.

        • Well said rick i would encourage catholics to know the faith well so as to defend our beliefs

      • I totally agree… Its my understanding the romansvcreated the catholic Church after they lost their empire.

    • Baptism description is not accurate for Catholics as listed above because the purpose of being baptized is to wash away our original sin that Adam & Eve chose to disobey God and ate from the forbidden Tree of good, evil and brought death and a curse into The Garden and then into the world. Then Satin was cast down from Heaven and would Not Serve God. We are also baptized in the name of the Father Son & Holy Spirit. And we believe in the Holy Trinity. We Catholics preserved the Holy Bible and did not Add any Books to the bible , Martin Luther chose to remove the seven books of the Bible.
      The doctrine of the Trinity is encapsulated in Matthew 28:19, where Jesus instructs the apostles: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

      The parallelism of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit is not unique to Matthew’s Gospel, but appears elsewhere in the New Testament (e.g., 2 Cor. 13:14, Heb. 9:14), as well as in the writings of the earliest Christians, who clearly understood them in the sense that we do today—that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are three divine persons who are one divine being (God).

      God Bless you hope this helps you find truth!
      I will refer you to Catholic Answers and to Father Mitch Pacwa .

      • He said “I have made your name known”that was, to the one who sent him from what you are saying you espected him to boast of him self but then ,even though God he humbled him self,

      • He said that, to the one who sent him from what you are saying you’re espected him to boast of him self but then ,even though God he humbled him self,

    • If we look back in history ,there was only one Christian church until the 16th century and it was called Catholic which means Universal.
      So for 1500 years we were satisfied with the structure of the church given its authority by Jesus Christ . Jesus understood human nature and wanted all his followers to be one . Looking at the motley crew of apostles that he gathered around him ,one can see why he appointed one to be his spokesman (Pope)…he could see what a mess committees make . (We currently have 33000 different forms of protestant churches, which have evolved since Luther in Germany and king Henry in England ) Jesus also could see the jealousy amongst his apostles which we can pick up on from several incidents in the bible .
      As a businessman i can easily appreciate how clever a move that was to give that final say to His appointed deputy to be used used after his death unti He again returns .
      Having said all that PRAYERS are the most important thing we can all do at this time.

    • Jesus is son of God Jehovah and in catholic
      bible also it is clearly given that we should not worship statues then why are you worshipping statues Jehovah witnesses are true Christians you are Roman Catholics not Christians because you do opposite things to ten commandments in bible.

      • Don’t be so stupid!
        Every religion and the followers of their religion believe different things. I was brought up to be respectful of people’s beliefs, whether it be Roman Catholic, Jehovas Witness, and any others you care to mention.
        Why would you say a particular religion is not Christian?.
        I personally don’t follow any religion, and don’t intend to in the future. I live my life with decency and respect to my fellow humans and our world. It is actually nice to be nice. It’s called being Decent.
        I have no time to trawl through books that were written years ago and interpreted in such a way that makes men turn on each other with such disregard for each other. This world today has so many conflicts and wars that will cause the world to destruct, most of these conflicts are done becaus of religious beliefs. I am glad for one that i wont have contributed to that part of it.
        After our world has ended there will be no miracle ,we won’t be coming back the world isn’t big enough to house that many people .Not in the physical sense anyway.

        • Hi Anne Marie,

          You are right about Religion in its self and the importance of being a great human being. You are incorrect in Doubting that God exists. That feeling you get when you recognize that you Love someone ( when you look at that special person and want them to live, grow or smile always) The feeling you get when you succeed after you did the right thing or help someone else. God, Jesus Christ whom communicates with us through the Holy Spirit is with you at all times all you have to do is ask. Best of luck and thanks for being sincere.

        • I don’t think it is religions fault for all the hate, divide, a d war, but the nature of man. It has been his nature to divide a d conquor whether religious or not. I don’t blame religion just because we have religiosity involved. Know what I mean?

      • We don’t worship statues
        God absolutely forbids us to worship wooden and stone statues, and Catholics are not so foolish as to commit so serious a sin. But Catholics do honor representations of those who are in heaven, just as we all honor our dead soldiers by tributes of respect to the Cenotaph. If I lift my hat to the flag of my country as I pass the memorial to our dead soldiers, am I honoring the cloth or the stone, or what it stands for? If it be lawful in that case, it is certainly lawful to honor the memorials of the dead heroes of Christianity, the Saints. Our missionaries go to heathen tribes to save them from the idolatrous worship of man-made gods.

    • If you took the time to study the history of the church, plus the Bible and its history, you would discover that the Catholic Church is a pagan based religion. It basically took the teachings of Christ and set the down on top of the Roman pagan religion. The Jehovah Witnesses came during a time that Daniel prophesied concerning the knowledge that would come at the last days. The started over by removing every teaching that took place after the true Christians had been killed and sought only the very truth of Jehovah.

      Read 2 Thessalonians 2. The Bible wafns to let no one deceive you in anyway. To believe the lie is to be deceived. If the Christians of this world really were true Christians they would be no part of the world. This is the most important time of history, because the Biblical account is ending. Do you really think that Jesus would select the Pharisees and Scribes in all their luxury and power to be part of his chosen people?

      There is a great possibility that you are blinded, but if you truly sought out God with all your heart and mind we would not be having this conversation. Satan is even older than the Catholic Church. Does age really mean that one is of truth and receives God’s favor or is it deeds and love that would count in one’s favor.

      God allowed mankind and its Christian churches at the side of the ruling governments to control the world and look at the outcome. He has shown that mankind cannot choose his own path, but only under the rule and Kingdom of God can this be done or do you forget that every time we pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven…”. Every time you say this pray you are praying for Armageddon and if you are truly a person of God you can’t hardly wait. It as the time of Noah. The warning was given, the Ark was offered and no one wants to listen or learn the very truth of God.

    • Catholics and Protestants believe Christ died as a substitute to atone for our sins. Jehovahs Witnesses believe his death was a ransom. Good article, though, kid.

      • Christ died to complete a lesson that started when Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice Isaac and could not do it. Yup, Abraham failed and listened to The Angel of the Lord who’s not God most high. Abraham was unable to allow his son to die but God his child (something Christ invited all of us to be) and then forgave us for it to show us what love and forgiveness really was and where Abraham failed he succeeded.

        The whole sacrifice to atone and the requirement to accept Christs blood was a reconfigured interpretation to create memberships for Catholicism along with Hell which isn’t actually in the Bible when you go back on the equally nefarious stuff the Pharisees were also doing to create a similar monopoly.

        Jesus died and I have no proof of this but most likely to save his friends by taking all the blame for what were considered heretical teachings.

    • Your religion was not founded by Jesus as it teaches out right lies not found in the Bible. Both Jehovah’s Witnesses and Catholicism are cults! Transsubstantiation????LOL!

    • Yes i agree

    • I would like to comment here. I have history with my parents and jehovahs witnesses. Just want some feed back

    • Yes joyce you correct jws also deny the body and blood of jesus which is the holy eucharist because only the 144000 are part of the heavenly class trent horn is a catholic apologist at catholic answers look him up he has excellent resources on the subject they do fit the criteria of a cult

    • Longevity doesn’t mean accuracy. Jehovahs witnesses don’t follow man like Catholics do. We also don’t add to the Bible

  2. I think its a pretty far assumption to say Jesus started the catholic church. in reality they were already there during Christs Crucifixion. they were the scribes and pharisees who were trying to use Jesus image for their benefit. they commercialize Jesus name and then sell him as a product. That is why when he was captive and they kept trying to put words in his mouth Jesus would say ‘that’s what you say not me” They were trying to trick him the same way they trick man today. Jesus was too smart for them. All the signs are clear about what is right or wrong. Jesus said you would know people who represent him BASED ON THEIR ACTIONS. You don’t have to be a genius to look at the actions of certain religions today and realize who they are closer to…GOD or Satan? it’s simple as day and if you can’t see then your mind is not completely yours. GOD will judge you based on your actions and they way you imitate the example he gave us here on earth. When Jesus was here on earth he simply pointed out the things that were wrong right in front of peoples eyes that could not see before. it is the same then as it is today. You have to know WHO they are teaching you to pray to. If you know your history you will learn this religion derived from Egypt and the Pharaohs and probably even before that. the wars on this earth are not for oil gold diamonds mainly but its a war to control the largest energy spots in this world. When the people who are trying to control all these energy spots get them they believe they will be able to contact the spiritual realms where they can go through dimensional doorways at will and contact being from different places which are actually demons. Contact between these two were forbidden by GOD himself and any spirit that interacts with us w/out permission from GOD is a Demon. Why would a certain religion be involved in the military operations tot ry and attain this?? The Israeli flag has a star on it and that symbol represents the intertwining of two worlds(realms/dimensions) which is the Demons goal to be here on our realm. that’s the jist so no Jesus did not start the catholic religion. Sorry

    • I could not ask for a much clear explanation than that, that pretty much sums up all the things i wanted to say. But sadly, it still would not be accepted as the truth. I like how you pointed out how the catholic church was there, but not on jesus side. So simple yet so complicated to these catholics.

    • The Catholic Church is the ONE True Church
      The Catholic Church alone corresponds exactly to the exact religion established by Christ. Now the Christian religion is that religion which (a) Was founded by Christ personally; (b) Has existed continuously since the time of Christ; (c) Is Catholic or universal, in accordance with Christ’s command to go to all the world and teach all nations; (d) Demands that all her members admit the same doctrine; (e) Exercises divine authority over her subjects, since Christ said that if a man would not hear the Church he would be as the heathen. Now the Catholic Church alone can claim(a) To have been founded by Christ personally. All other Churches disappear as you go back through history. Christ said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church.” There are many claimants to the honor of being Christ’s Church. But among all non-Catholic Churches, we find one built on a John Wesley; another on a Martin Luther; another on a Mrs. Eddy, etc. But the Catholic Church alone can possibly claim to have been built on Peter, the chief of the Apostles, and one-time Bishop of Rome. (b) To have existed in all the centuries since Christ. (c) That every one of her members admits exactly the same essential doctrines. (d) To be Catholic or universal. (e) To speak with a voice of true authority in the name of God.

    • You are so misled. Of course Jesus Christ Himself started the Catholic Faith, The One true Faith. ‘ You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church’ . The disciples and Mary were not scribes or Pharisees, tho many converted and became Catholic Christians.

  3. Church was founded by God through Jesus Christ. Our Lord named Peter the future leader of his church, when he said to him, (Matthew 16:18-19)-
    “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build MY church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

    SO – founded by Jesus, lead by Peter.
    Michael and Mario – you are wrong. what exactly is the basis behind you saying that it is not founded by Jesus? Neither of you gave a real answer as to who you believe did, with any proof behind it. Not trying to knock your beliefs, but its layed out in plain english here, I just dont know where anyone would get that Jesus was not the founder. Also, in the bible, church is also called “the house of God”, you could look up verses on that as well, to further prove my point.

    • Apostol Peter did never go to Rome to start the chain of Popes as Catholic Church claims.

      Most basic Catholic teachings are not based on the Bible, rather in long very political meetings, where first was started by cesar Constante of Rome. He became ‘christian’ even though killed his family members after that. He started the use of cross… later on was added trinity etc.

      Catholic church is based on human tradition and opinions of powerful men rather than Bible.

    • I think you’re forgetting that Jesus was Jewish

      • Absolutely – Jesus was a devout Jew who came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. This is the unconditional truth on which the Catholic Church is built.

  4. Well even if Jesus did start the cath church I think that he must be very mad due to the fact of you all not sticking to the Bibles teachings. Lets see, priests who sleep and fiddle little boys, homosexuals as priests, women priests, need I go on any more….

    • The only reason you dont hear of peados in jehovas witness is because there more secritve about it thats why and again a nother judgemental jehovas witness not a very good look

    • There is nothing wrong with being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and also believing in God and Jesus. Jesus talked to outcasts and people that society neglected;prostitutes, the poor, the sick…. You name it. So why certain Christian religions decide to judge people on their occupation, sexual orientations and backgrounds I don’t understand. If Jesus was here on earth right now he would be disgusted at the persecution and discrimination people are suffering. I think we all just need to grow up and learn that people are allowed to do, say and believe what they want. You can’t decide who they are and what they stand for.

      • Well Clair, you are right jesus did heal all the sick,poor, lame, etc., and then he told them to “go now and and sin no more”, so if he were to heal a murderer that had a sickness, would it be ok for him to go on and keep murdering, no i don’t think so. So if Jesus healed you from living an immoral sexual life, does that mean you should go on living that same immoral sexual life? I don’t think so, A lot of what you say is what you want too be right, your human wants, maybe thats your was of making what you want to be right ok. we need to follow all of Gods laws not our own wants

      • Please read Leviticus 18:22. And Leviticus 20:13

    • women priests? the Church doesnt have women priests

    • As someone who was brought to the Kingdom Hall as a child and forced to attend, I personally lived through molestation by “the exemplary brother of the congregation” and no charges were filed. There are full ongoing investigations into the organization that they have repeatedly blocked in court by the organization because of so many kids being abused there. But the Supreme Court has had enough of the schemes to prevent and block an investigation. The Spirit of God is not there. All of this will be revealed soon as stated in the Bible. True wisdom comes from The Holy Spirit. Ask for it through prayer and you will be able to put the pieces together and find the truth. If you have a pure and humble heart. It is written. Search for it.

  5. Wow. Anyone part of a religion that attacks other peoples beliefs are evil. ‘Fiddle’ must be part of your religious text too. To say basically ALL priests do that is plain stupidity. Of course it’s not right! But that’s not the only religion with child molesters in them. It’s just not thrown in peoples faces on the news when there’s other religions are doing it. No where does it say women can’t be priests. To think God would want men to treat woman as subordinate to men, that’s just hearing what you want to believe. And homosexuals, that’s their business. If it’s wrong, God will punish them. Catholic beliefs state to respect all religions. What one believes is their choice. That’s why God gave us free will. What I do know about the jehovahs witnesses is that they expect women to stay in abusive relationships, basically that its ok for her husband to beat her up and slap her around. That you have to ask the ‘elders’ of the church for their permission for a lot of things. Or because someone couldn’t host a meeting of theirs and they banish them. You tell the other members to ignore them. Such a loving religion. God = Love. I’ve known a lot of people who left the witnesses beause they felt they were being controlled. Not to celebrate a birthday because it’s paganistic? What year are we in here? People hate what they fear. Hate=Evil. I prefer to celebrate my childs life as a blessing from God, not something evil. I personally think the ones who teach false teachings and instill fear amongst their members are the false prophets. I pray everyday for people caught up in these cults that they see the truth of it and apparently, they are:-)

    • Derek,

      I couldnt agree with you more….. one thing hat really upsets me is the fact that the ones that are MOST likely trying to inflict these stupid witness beliefs are the ones who celebrated 25-30 birthdays, Christmas’s new years, … who have voted over and over again.. and now.. they wanna preach the word and try to be better than every one else!!! I have not hung on a cross..nor given up my life for anybody.. there fore I cannot judge others… but lets just look at one simple fact here… jehovas witness was founded like 100yrs ago?? thats like saying it started yesterday…. A young boy whos father, which by the way was an adventist… didnt agree with his fathers teachings… so he went on to become a young man and create this watchtower crap, and influence the feeble minded into believing in this crap… All it takes is for some group of Idiots to find themselves more idiots and have them start to belive in what they think the interpertation of the bible is… and VUALA.. another religion or cult has been created!!!!and thats whats wrong with all these holy wars today… large groups of idiots that are eaisly brainwashed into believing that its all right to follow that crap!!!! whats wrong with saying happy birthday, or merry christmas??? or even happy halloween???.. I should just knock on every jehovas witness door door on halloween and say… HEY… HOW DO YOU LIKE IT??? MEKNOCKIN ON YOUR DOOR??? HERE…. TAKE MY ROSARY BEADS AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!

      • No imperfect human being has the rite to go and judge another for their beliefs. It is the Bible that we obtain our information, not websites or other people that think they know what they speak of. We each read the Bible, which ever we may have, and we interpret it the way we understand. No individual can make another believe in what they believe. It is our own choice whether we want to celebrate birthdays or not. You can not blame Jehovah Witnesses for going door to door to preach the good name as the Bible says Jesus did and his followers as well. Why force them away if they are simply giving you more information about what the Bible says. It is not as if they were telling you to follow something you might already not believe in. And about Catholic churches, those priest that did all those horrific things , their actions shouldn’t be reflected on the church or what Catholics believe. Every one has free will and their ways of thinking. No single human being that is imperfect has the rite to say that what others believe is incorrect especially when all sources come from one bible that has been translated in so many different languages, and that is where some words were lost. Why say that you follow an almighty God that is made of all good when you yourself don’t reflect that good. God is love and in the bible it even says that how could you love God if you don’t love your brother, meaning that if you don’t tolerate, accept, and open your heart and mind to those around you then how could you to God. Don’t judge others beliefs and thoughts if you wouldn’t want yours judged. Don’t insult an organization of believers if all you have are arrogant opinions. No one is better than any one else…..

        • I am a follower of JWO it has inrished my life so much in learning more of the Bible .and what the scriptures effect me in my Daily life . which I never received it in the Catholic Church. Why doesn’t the Catholic Church teach more of the Bible ???

          • That’s what I thought being raised Catholic. Why don’t they teach more bible. & the problem was I wasn’t a practicing catholic just a said Catholic. The Catholic Church has many great tools. Bible study every single week! I just never attended before

        • Felicia, I’m so sorry to hear what you have had to endure, I can’t even imagine, if it wasn’t for my faith, I don’t know where I would be, bless you my dear friend, and know I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,

      • Wow, relax. Talk about respecting other peoples beliefs, if you have never taken the time to actually learn everything about another religion, then i suggest you revaluate your way of thinking. It’s almost as if youre attacking another person because they dont follow the things according to your own beliefs. Im not surprised though, history has it that the catholic church slaughtered countless lives over a minor issue of having different views/ practices on serving god. Yeah that sounds like a church id like to be brainwashed in.

    • Derek, well said

  6. And let everyone know,
    to reflect on anything or anyone is not very Christ-Like .

    Where is the love and respect? Where is the act of faith thru your actions?

    If Jesus was here, I really wonder what he would say.

  7. Your presumptions about what Catholics believe are grossly inaccurate. It is not possible to accurately compare and contrast two of anything if you don’t have your facts correct about them in the first place.

  8. Actually god wanted his people gather together and discuss and learn like a meeting or ( church) “The House of god”….But catholics dont follow the teaching from the bible..they also invent things like the trinity and dont believe that Jesus is the son of god..which he is! God also said not to follow any human or object or image as a leader..you can only be leaded my god himself…he also said no to pray to a image or image of god!! yur supposed to close yur eyes and pray not at a crosss!!!! No disrespect to anyone but jehovas witness dont argue they just speak the truth

    • actually catholics do believe Jesus is the son of God. I know because i am catholic.

      • I was going to say help, I want my children to learn and be closer to God, I wasn’t brought up in any church and I know Jesus, I always believed if you were a good person, if you followed the 10 commandments that you would be with him. I just want my children to learn. I’m having a hard time knowing where to start, I’ve been studying at home with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and I’ve been going to the Catholic Church for teachings, I feel lost

        • Hi Shannon, You asked for help and I feel for you. It’s all very confusing and overwhelming and hard to sort out when you are looking for guidance from imperfect humans, none of which have it perfectly figured out. Being a good person and following the 10 commandments is not what gets you or your children to Heaven. It’s God’s grace. All you have to do is accept and have faith in God sending His son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that we can be saved. Ephesians 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” You cannot do anything to earn Heaven, but what we do is still important. If you say you believe in God and accept His grace, then for that to be true inside of your heart, your actions must reflect your words. God gave us His commandments because He loves us and wants to save us from pain and suffering. If He gave us rules, we would benefit from following them. We are all sinners and break God’s laws daily in both thoughts and actions. Thankfully, God forgives us over and over again and loves us even through our ugliness. As a Christian, it is incredibly humbling to know that despite my best (and sometimes not my best) efforts, I fail every day, and God still loves me and wants me. No matter how many humans reject you, God never will. All you have to do is believe and accept that gift. It’s not always easy though. Many of us are too proud or ashamed or feel as though we aren’t worthy of this gift so we don’t take it and we try to go after life alone. That’s a mistake. Accept God’s love. Think of how you feel for your own children. No matter what they do will you stop loving them? You are God’s child, and He will never stop loving you. As for what religion to follow? I don’t have an answer for that because religion was created by humans and therefore all are imperfect (not bad, just all flawed). We all want to think that our beliefs are the most Godly because if we didn’t think that then why wouldn’t we be searching for something else? I live by this rule: there is something good and useful to be found in every situation, so hold onto what resonates with you and don’t attach yourself to the rest. Learn all you can without committing to one thing and when you see red flags or feel unsettled in your being, follow your instincts. Ask questions, challenge people in a loving way, and above all else, pray. When you aren’t sure which way to go, pray….. but then you have to really listen too. God will speak and you will know His voice because it will give you a feeling of peace. If you do not feel peace, then it means it is time to wait and take no action. Sending you prayers right now. You’re on your way. God has given you a curious heart and a desire to share God’s love with your children, so you can be assured you have His support. All you have to do is accept it.

          • Very well said Sarah I can see and feel your spirit through your words of advice and encouragement , I’ve been to and grew up studying learning Baptist, Jehovah witness, Ame churches, visited Catholic and Methodist churches, but God lead me to an Apostolic church,where I immediately felt his holy spirit upon entering the sanctuary he touched me that Easter Sunday morning while visiting I accepted Christ on my own as an 18 year old man got baptized in his name and immediately came up out of the water changed my life for ever. So even though this religious practice is fairly new it was the best and right choice for me and my family, but no human religion’s are perfect because man is not perfect in our ways,we perfectly made but have lost that gift when Adam and Eve sinned against God’s commands to not eat of the tree of knowledge.

          • Very well said Sarah. I felt peaceful reading you’re loving words. God be with you

        • I’m not. surprised you are confused. You are studying two belief systems that conflict with one another. I’m Catholic and have been corresponding with a JW for quite some time. The more I work with him the stronger my Catholic Faith becomes. I’m finding out what the Catholic Church really teaches. Before I Started corresponding with him. my Catholic Faith was not as strong. I believe Jesus is the Son of God. J.W. say Jesus is a god. That Jehovah is God. To me it looks like they believe in two gods but that not how they interpet it. They don’t believe in birthdays because John the Baptist lost his head to the Queen’s daughter as a birthday gift. That’s like saying I had a car accident so I’ll never drive again. It wasn’t John’s fault he was preaching the Truth. It wasn’t the daughter’s fault. She was too young or nieve to know better. Most of the blame belongs on the King and his promise to give her anything she wanted. Also because he was sleeping with his brother’s wife. He also was tooooooo proud to go back on his word because of pride and embarrassment. He was just not a good man. So I’m not to celebrate life because of this injustice. I will continue to do so.

        • Shannon i would suggest looking up trent horn at catholic answers he has excellent resources on jws plus i can tell you as one who use to be a jw go with the catholic church as i have if you become a jw you can only have jw friends and if you want to leave them they will shun you as my family has plus you be forbiden to celebrate all. holidays such as christmas easter birthdays the list goes on the more you look into the catholic church the more beauty you will see in the church god bless you

        • Read your Holy Bible first and follow its guide. You won’t go wrong there. May God be with you dear.

    • What are you on about? We(Catholics) devolutly believe Jesus is the son of God.
      I will pray for you.

  9. even Jesus’s birth was celebrated. when family members left their home for some time and came back it was celebrated.Jesus turned water into wine when they ran out during,yes a celebration..now I don’t know the bible as much as many but I have not read that celebrations are evil or Wikkid. love thy neighbor…I do not believe that family or friends should be banished.having banished someone means someone have had to judge someone…and I believe we are not to judge. okay and yes Christmas is technically a pagan holiday. the date is man made and the reason of the date was because there were too many pagan things going on at that time of year. I will let u do the research on that. however the reason Christmas exists when it does was to bring people closer to faith and religion during this time of pagan parties. to help keep them from temptation. so why is that bad? brilliance I say.so a recap…banishing…bad…repenting….good..bringing family closer together through celebrations…good..right? since celebrating brings good feeling of blessings…love…etc? and during many celebrations we thank our Lord for bringing us together to share special moments etc…

    • The level of Bible misunderstanding and ignorance on all these comments is really, really sad.

      @Natalie: Jesus never celebrated his or anyone else’s birthday. In fact, the bible talks about birthday only twice. And in both cases, the bible doesn’t paint a pretty picture of those celebrations. The first is found on Genesis 40:20, where it tells us that Pharaoh hung his cupbearer as a gift to himself. The second was during Jesus’ time on earth. King Herod, Israel’s king at that time, was celebrating his birthday when he decided to give his niece a gift as a Thank You for dancing in his honor. Do you know what she asked for? John The Baptist’s head on a plate. And she got it. Ever wonder where the expression ‘head on a silver plater’ come from? King Herod’s birthday.

      You mention a time when Jesus and his family went away – which sounds like they won’t on vacation for his birthday. Wrong. Jesus and his family made yearly trips every spring to the temple in Jerusalem to celebrate The Passover. When they got back home, they celebrated another festival that was part of The Passover: the Festival of Unfermented Cakes. Every Israelite at that time did the exact same thing. You also mention the time when Jesus converted water to wine at a celebration. This celebration wasn’t a birthday. It was a wedding being held at Cana. Again… No birthday.

      Christmas is not Jesus’ birthday. It is a widely known fact that the early Roman Catholic Church fidgeted around with different dates in December, using a Julian calendar, settling on December 25 as a way to attract pagans (non-Christians) into the church. Saturnalia, the festival for Saturn, the Roman god of feasting and gift-giving, ended on this date. December 25 is also Apollo’s, the Greco-Roman god of the sun, birthday. For whatever reason, when the church decided to move to the modern Gregorian calendar in 1582, they forgot (maybe intentionally) to adjust the date – December 25 is January 7 in the Gregorian calendar. Thus, Christmas is nothing more than a re-packaged pagan holiday used by the Catholic Church as a way to make conversion less of a shock. This is called Greco-Roman Neopaganism.

      But what does the bible say? There’s nothing in the bible that indicates the exact date of Jesus’ birth. There are, however, clues that make December 25 implausible. Luke 2:8-12 tells us “there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night (NIV).” Kislev is the 9th month in the Hebrew calendar – equivalent to November/December. It rains and it’s cold during Kislev. Thus, there wouldn’t be any shepherds with their sheep outside at night during a winter month – unless they wanted pneumonia. Which I can assure you doesn’t make sense. Case closed.

      By saying that Christmas is OK because it brings people closer together doesn’t erase were it came from. Do you know what Greeks and Romans did when celebrating birthdays? Romans celebrated birthdays with huge parties that included, but were not limited to, sex orgies, heavy wine drinking, and (surprise, surprise) gift-giving. Early Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays because of their pagan origin and because it went against Jesus’ legacy of selflessness. Is there any other more selfish celebration?

      Almost all Catholic celebrations have no biblical basis. Hell, the Catholic church itself has no biblical beginning. One of the comments above says the Apostle Peter created the Catholic church. Hate to break it to you, but Christianity as an organized religion, which would later become the Catholic Church, was 300 years later by Constantine – the most pagan Roman Caesar ever. Jesus never gave Peter any direction or commandment to create or lead a church of any kind. If you don’t believe me, just read the gospels and analyze for yourself, without any interference from other people’s interpretation, whether or not Jesus wanted Peter to build a church after him.

      To say that Jesus created the Catholic church is to say Jesus and Jehovah God approve of 1,300 years of stealing, rape, oppression, and murder at the feet of the Catholic Church. To hail the church as this beacon of righteousness and piety is to ignore all the twisted interpretations and fiction created by it.

      Jesus taught love. How many people have been killed in the name of God and the Catholic church? Jesus preached against idolatry. How many statues can you find at St. Peter’s square? Jesus was a humble man who championed the poor. Would Jesus be proud of all the elaborate, nauseatingly elaborate costumes worn by the Pope? Jesus said, “vengeance is mine.” How many wars have been sanctioned by the Catholic church?

      And most importantly, Jesus taught humility. What could be more arrogant than putting a human-made organization in par with Jesus Christ?

      If Jesus commanded it’s followers to do anything, it was to ‘go and make disciples of peoples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to OBSERVE all that I have commanded you.’ Matthew 28:19,20. The key word in that sentence is observe. True Christians observe, act upon, the example Jesus set; so that others would be motivated to be better people by your actions.

      These are all facts that can easily be found. Truth, however, takes much time and effort. I’m not attacking anyone who is Catholic. I used to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was born into it. I truly believed this was the true religion. And then it dawned on me that religion and faith are not the same thing. Religion has only one purpose: control. Faith in Jesus and Jehovah God is the complete opposite. Faith in Jehovah’s word found in the bible liberates us for the simple reason that it is up to each individual, and each individual alone, to decide to be a righteous person or not.

      Out of all the comments on this thread, I have been the only one to actually quote what the bible says. In Luke 17: 21 Jesus told his disciples that the Kingdom of God was within men; not one man, nor a group of men, but in ALL men.

      • Denis,
        We celebrate birthdays because we honor the person- we are glad they were born. It is not a selfish day- it is a day of love and appreciation. I don’t care what day we celebrate Christmas- it is a solemn day celebrating the birth of Jesus. We also love the tradition of Santa Claus, which brings families together through gift giving and togetherness, and fun for all. Why do you criticise? The Catholic Church is all about love- I never once heard a priest speak ill about any other religion, yet all I ever here are negative comments about the Catholics. We are easy targets because we rarely defend ourselves.

        • Sue,

          The origins of birthdays and Christmas aren’t Christian. Saying, “I don’t care what day we celebrate Christmas- it is a solemn day celebrating the birth of Jesus,” seems to be a justification for taking part in celebrations that have no biblical basis whatsoever.

          Like I said in my last comment, I have nothing against Catholics. In fact, half of my family and many of my friends are Catholic. My criticisms aren’t aimed to attack any one individual in particular. Rather, they are challenges to the institution of religion and the organized church. Sure, the Catholic church has done many great things since it’s creation. But it has also been responsible for the deaths of millions in its 1,600-plus year history. It has also been responsible for the persecution of anyone who dared criticize the Pope or the church in anyway. During the middle ages, it promoted the idea that ‘killing an infidel is not murder; it is the path to heaven.’ And of course, infidels in this context refers to Muslims. For hundreds of years, the church kept Europe on a grip of tyranny and mysticism that only ended when people had the courage to stand up and challenge the immense power the Vatican had. The Catholic church today is just but a vestige of the church of a couple hundred years ago.

          We can’t erase history. And we can’t ignore it either.

          Please notice how I am making a clear demarcation between the church and individual Catholics. So, again, I’m not attacking you in any way. Every human has a God-given right to worship as he or she sees fit without the fear of being ostracized or denigrated.

          But a question still comes up, does God need a human-made religious organization to fulfill his purposes? Furthermore, Jesus never left behind a clear structure or command to build a church, so why does the Catholic church, like most Christian denominations, takes it upon itself to be the mediator when that role has only been granted to God’s son, Jesus?

          Organized religion has pushed itself to the fore so much that it is hard for people to understand a simple truth: like King Solomon said, God does not reside in temples made of stone. Thus, no human-made religious organization can claim it is the only true one.

          All genuine love is cemented on truth. Christians for whom doctrine and religious membership is of the highest importance are rendered tense and fearful by the suppression of questioning. And that isn’t what Christians are supposed to do. We are supposed to question everything; always ‘being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.’ (1 Peter 3:15)

          Like scholar Daniel Taylor once said,

          “The primary goal of all institutions and subcultures is self-preservation. Preserving the faith is central to God’s plan for human history; preserving particular religious institutions is not. Do not expect those who run the institutions to be sensitive to the difference. God needs no particular person, church, denomination, creed or organization to accomplish his purpose. He will make use of those, in all their diversity, who are ready to be used, but will leave to themselves those who labor for their own ends. Nonetheless, questioning the institution [of the Catholic church] is synonymous, for many, with attacking God – something not long to be tolerated… Actually, they are protecting themselves, their view of the world, and their sense of security. The religious institution has given them meaning, a sense of purpose, and, in some cases, careers. Anyone perceived as a threat to these things is a threat indeed.”

          • Go Dennis…..soo true, it can not be hidden….

          • Denis,

            I don’t even know where to start. I could read your installments all day long; simply fascinating. I had a very religious upbringing as a child; Mother- Lutheran Father- Catholic and eventually became Jehovah’s Witness. I’m a history nut and have also aways been fascinated with the Bible. Although I no longer practice religion in an organized sense, I do believe Jehovah God is within all of us and a controlling organized group is not required for one to have faith and live a good honest life. On a closing note, with no slight intended toward anyone else’s faith, I do firmly believe the Jehovah’s Witness interpretation of the Bible is the most accurate, but also that their overzealous tactics and hardline judgemental nature is what drives their own away and adds to the misconceived cult persona. Thank you for your quality input to this forum; I stumbled across it and I’m very glad I did.

          • Me too

      • Wow that was a long but rather impressive explanation/thought! I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote!

      • Denis J.
        February 13, 2013 • 3:11 am
        The level of Bible misunderstanding and ignorance on all these comments is really, really sad.

        Well written Denis J. Its so REFRESHING to see and hear someone who actually, knows their historical facts about the history of the Catholic church (beginnings). Brought up as a Catholic (non-practicing), I am a seeker of truth and knowledge, but more importantly; a decent human being (I try to be). I learn what I can and have an open mind and am respectful of others as what is taught in the catholic church, and you are right that Constantine/Rome
        -Pope etc, altered the bible as we know it today, and many scriptures I believe were omitted deliberately, (to fit the political climates of the day) throughout the centuries. Also, due to the interpretations of The Word’ meanings are often and usually misplaced and changed which effects the reader(s) understanding. Anyways, What truly matters in this world, is how we treat and behave towards others, and this planet that was given to us to maintain and look after, and in having the faith to believe that right ways are the ways to all our salvations. I have read some interesting points on hear, many unfortunately are speaking without facts and lack of understanding, but whichever belief(s) you have don’t abuse it or use it to hurt or malign others in any way shape or form. Blessings to all

  10. Catholics didn’t addeed seven books they kept the original canonized bible intact, it was Martin Luther that removed seven books from the Bible during the reformation. Also many Catholics don’t flat out believe in in eternal hell for bad or wicked people. We teach and believe in God’s infante mercy which can be given to anyone at anytime even to the most wicked of people. Another way in teaching about Purgatory. We leave the judging to God not any whom for no human has a right to say that a person is going to hell. Also many Catholic don’t vote or even believe in military force. I woould learn more about the truth of about Catholics before it’s posted.

  11. Well I’m baptized n went to church n communion all that .
    Now just wait …
    We all just want to have faith in something , Wat ever higher power you believe in is no wrong.

    I myself pray for health n peace in my life in the world.

    I am a believer in a true higher power but until you experience the faith n try to walk a true path, it won’t happen so I won’t take that chance I will have faith that something someone is helping me.

    Please don’t tell me I have tobe in a certain religion to get that.

    My religion is my path I will not judge no one .

    Once a man was judged n look wat happen to him, he was crucified n died on the cross for us so lets learn from that .

    Don’t crucify each other walk your own path wat ever higher power you choose or bible u use. Peace out .

  12. Folks, this article is misleading.

    The Catholic faith is NOT based solely on the Bible. Sacred Scripture (the Bible) is just one part of the deposit of Catholic faith, the others being sacred Tradition and the Magisterium (the teaching authority of the Church).

    Please be reminded that Tradition pre-dates written documentation, and the canon of the Bible was put together by the Catholic Church itself – and stood unified more than a thousand years before Martin Luther took it upon himself to reject Traditon and the teaching authority of the Church. That action started a splintering of faith that continues to this day resulting in more than 30,000 denominations of Protestantism – of which the Jehovah’s Witnesses are just one interpretation of many.

    There may be practical similarities between the two faiths, but they are fundamentally very different.

  13. Let me point at that Catholics did not add 7 books to the bible. Catholics canonized what books would be in the bible in the first place. We were given authority to teach the multitudes when Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom thereby making him the first Pope. So our Bible is the original Bible. Martin Luther took out those 7 books during the Protestant Reformation. And then 5 guys uneducated in the biblical language wrote the new world translation that the Jehovah’s witnesses use. The Catholic Church was started by Jesus when he appointed Peter the head of the church 2000 years ago. Jehovah witnesses church was started by Charles Taze Russell less than 200 yrs ago. The choice is clear. I follow Jesus.

  14. This article couldn’t be any more misleading. Catholics do not use symbols or idols in their worship. When we worship, we only have the Holy Trinity in our minds and heart. The symbols and images of angels, symbols, and saints help us remember and serve as teaching tools. This was especially true in the early days of the church. God never forbade the use of religious symbols and images, he forbade the worship of said images, which Catholics do not do. In fact, there are multiple references in the scripture in which God commanded the use of images and statues. Also, pretty much any celebratory day could have some type of pagan rituals. An example is the use of a Christmas tree during Christmas. This is a really weak argument and fallacious. Catholics do not use any form of paganism when celebrating these days. The holy trinity is first and foremost in our minds and hearts during these days. Just because a pagan may have done some pagan ritual on Christmas doesn’t mean that we should not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Pagan influence fallacy can not be taken seriously. Yes, the two churches are extremely different. The most important being that Jesus was the founder of the Catholic Church and Charles Taze Russel and other Bible Students were the creators of the Jehovahs Witnesses. The next being that the Watchtower version of the bible is heavily distorted and constructed by four people without training in Ancient Greek or Hebrew.

    • Sadly, I can’t help but notice that a majority of people on here of both faiths and other faiths as well, while trying to “prove their beliefs and views,” proving wrong the other faith, are also becoming judgmental, critical, condemning, condacending and self-righteous. The definition of Christian means “Christ-like.” While we can never be perfect as Jesus was, we should do our best to imitate his example and the one word that describes Jesus and his ministry while on earth was “LOVE.” He taught others with kindness, humbleness and mildness and did so in a way to reach people’s hearts, not anger them and chastise them if they were lacking in Knowledge about God and his teachings. He never got angry or responded in a way that was harsh and critical. Instead he spoke with love and patience, used illustrations in a way that helped others to see what his message was. We all know the scriptures that speak about how God feels when we judge others. It saddens me to hear such hate and self-righteous attitudes yet every one who did so would claim to be “Christian.” I can say that my experiences in my life have humbled me, brought me to where I am today and even more so as I have read, studied Gods Word and learned about His qualities of love and mercy as well as his Son’s qualities. Bare with me while I try to sum up what happened to me. There is a reason behind it… I was part of a family, child-hood cult until I was 10 years old that can only be described as so out of this world, twisted, and takes brain-washing to a whole new level. The life-time mental and emotional damage I have seen it had on every one of my family members, is heartbreaking. Trust in religion and hypocrisy was huge for most of us. I could write a book on it. I went from there into a 15 year old teenager and jumped into only what I knew growing up…. Into a controlling and abusive relationship with much older men twice. Another book I could write on. I began working on myself trying to figure out who I wanted to be and where I wanted my life to go. As a 17-18 year old single mom of 2 toddlers, I enrolled in college classes, begin counseling, signed up in life skills courses and support groups. I got a job working at the State Police and my life couldn’t have been better on my quest to find truth/faith, and joy in my life. I finally learned to love myself and what I deserved in life. A year later, while on a camping trip with family, tragedy struck when my 2 year old son died suddenly in my arms. I waited 6 long months to find out that he had a silent, unknown virus that attacked his heart and he had a heart attack. There is nothing in life that will humble you faster and break you down to nothing, than to lose a child as any parent will agree with me.
      To walk by and see my lifeless little child laying on the table in his little onesie PJs, with tubes hanging from him, then having every doctor and nurse walk in the room with tears running down their faces and telling me he was gone and they couldn’t do anymore. They let me hold him and I rocked him in a rocking chair hold on him so tight, in a cold, dark cemented room for about 30 minutes and then they came in and told me I had to let him go to prepare him for the morgue. I was so delusional that I believed that if I just took him home he would be okay and pleaded with them to let me take him home. They had to pry his cold, limp body out of my arms while I screamed and cried to hold him longer. I was vomiting all over the hospital, passing out and had to be sedated. The following day I went to the funeral home and they told me I could hold him one last time. When they put him into my arms, he was ice cold and blue. (I didn’t know they had to out them in a cooler to preserve the body.) when I began to kiss his cheek, his face became warm and again in my delusional state of mind, I thought that he was going to be okay and I just needed to bring him home. I pleaded again to just let me take him and he would be okay. My parents and family were crying so hard and I kept telling them to stop crying cuz he was going to be okay now. My mind couldn’t process reality. Once again, he was taken from my arms and was told to give him one last kiss and hug. I had to go home and try to explain to my 4 year old son where his “brubber” was and why he wasn’t coming home…ever.
      Funeral Day…. I had been warned that I would not want to view his body because it had been a week since he died and that he wouldn’t look like my little boy so I had came to terms with the fact that I would never see him again before he was buried in the ground. The funeral director comes to me right before the funeral and tells me that my little boy actually looked way better than he expected and they had “done a great job” on his make-up. My instant reaction and thought was, “I can see and hold him one more time!” I walked up to the casket and saw a dark-colored blown up baby doll, with makeup caked on the face, but twice the size of my son. As I reached out to touch him, I was told I could only touch him gently and not to move him because when they did the autopsy, they only slightly staple his skull back onto his head and that I didn’t want to disturb his hat on his head. The funeral service was a blur.
      Cemetery…. i clutched his favorite toy in my hand with a letter I wrote him, along with his brothers picture he drew for him and they opened his casket for the very last time so I could put the items in with him. He was gone… No more hugs, kisses, telling him I loved him, sharing his favorite Doritos with him, no more hearing his giggles and chatter…. Since that day, no matter how much noise, how many people, no matter how much chatter, I don’t hear my little boy so all I hear is silence and emptiness. My fears of losing another child is as strong as it was the day he died.
      Yes, my life has gone on, I have come to peace with his death, I have became a much stronger person, I have moved on, I have had another beautiful boy and both my boys are grown now. . I have an amazing, kind husband…Most of all I have found faith…faith and truth from the bible. I have the comfort and joy of seeing him again, holding and kissing him again after the resurrection,which keeps me going, but the day my son died, part of me died and I will never be whole again until I see him again.
      Sadly, we are living in very critical times, and both of my boys are dealing with the horrible addiction of the drug heroin. There are not words to describe my emotional roller coaster I have been on for 3 years. My nightmares of getting a phone call each day that I have lost another child are worse than ever, but my faith has given me the strength and courage to keep going and do whatever I can to be the best mother, Daugher, friend and Christian I can be with the time I have left in this life. I make sure every day I wake up, and every night before bed I can be assured that I did all I could to those I see each day, to let them know they are loved and that they know it. Weather it’s a homeless man on the street, a grumpy clerk at the store, my lost and sad boys, my husband, or my parents, or my gay brother 3,000 miles away, I make sure I do my part in showing love if God forbid any of them should die and especially die alone. I hope their last thought is that they remember how I told them how precious they are and how loved,and always hug them tight… Maybe for the last time. I try to treat others as though it is the last time I will speak or see them, because there is nothing worse than living with regrets when it’s too late. Did I do enough? Did I say enough? Did they know they were loved? Do they FEEL LOVED? If you are wondering why I went into such morbid and graphic detail of when my son died, it is only to help others understand that life is too short to be angry, judgmental and critical of others. Too busy pointing out the wrong in everyone rather than looking for the good in others. Everybody no matter what faith, has good in them and something that makes them worthy in Jehovah Gods eyes. It is not our job to judge, but to love. Show you Have enough faith in God, that you believe and know he knows what’s best for us. He is a God of Love and mercy. faith is leaving it up to him to decide who is good, who is evil, who is righteous, who is unrighteous. Yes, I am a Jehovah’s Witness, and not perfect but try to live up to his standards even tho I may fail many times. My prayers to him is what helps me get thru these troubles. I have to give my worries to him and have faith that he will do what’s best for me. He doesn’t promise to take our problems away, but he promises to help us to cope and deal with them every step of the way. I couldn’t do it on my own. As the scriptures say “It doesn’t belong to man to direct his own steps.”
      No one knows what path others have traveled except their own. Humbleness and Empathy is what allows us to try to understand others paths in life, their choices, faith, and pain. As I said earlier, I have a gay brother that I love so much and there isn’t one bit of judgement in my heart towards him and my kids were taught the same. I saw his struggle and pain growing up and my heart still hurts when I think about how he must of felt to wanting to take his own life. I am so proud of him and all his success and happiness. Everyone wants to yell about what a horrible sinner a gay person is but we are all sinners and I have enough of my own things I can focus on… that’s between us and God. Jesus treated EVERYONE with love and compassion. We need to learn that and work at it every day. The key to acceptance of others is understanding others weather we have been in their shoes or not. I not only feel the desire but am honored to share bible truths with others as commanded and to help any who don’t have that knowledge, joy, hope or faith. I and many others do it purely out of love and good intent. Please understand that no matter how you may perceive their motive no matter what you hear…. If you want to know people’s beliefs, ask them personally, not Google, or some blog with random hateful comments. Just because it’s Google, doesn’t mean it’s truth. Be open-minded to hear one another. We all have free-will and the choice to Decide what to do with what we learn. But by listening, respecting and understanding what others believe and why, only gives us better insight and a wider understanding of knowledge. We don’t reach hearts or open people’s minds by being so judgemental and critical and using harsh words when giving our input. ( I am referring to anyone who commented on here that way including JW’s.) Regardless of what faith we are, if we consider ourselves Christian, then treat one another with LOVE… Not hate. Not only does it make us a better person and make God proud of our actions, but you may actually learn something new about other beliefs but also about the person that has that belief. We accomplish far more in our lives, including joy, when we focus our efforts on changing ourselves and stop wasting time trying to change others. That’s how you see change in others… By changing yourself. As I said, I am a Jehovah’s Witness who is so far from perfect and make mistakes every day, but I look at my life, what I have overcame and reflect on what my faith does for me… It makes me want to be a better person. I have learned the lesson of appreciation, empathy and understanding of life and of others through loss and brokenness and I don’t want others to have to experience that before things can’t be undone. Sadly, Those things often only happen through tragedy and life is too short for that. I promise you, when your left with “what ifs and regrets,” and without those you love, the struggle within yourself to find happiness and peace is a long and hard road that some are never able to walk. It takes faith in God and his promises to keep one foot in front of the other for me.. I have lost a child, struggling every day to keep my other 2 boys alive but I am alive and that is thanks to my Heavenly Father. There are others who have been thru so much worse, and walked a path I couldn’t imagine, so we need to appreciate what we have and those around us if we agree with them or not. When someone treats us unkind, respond with love and kindness and you would be surprised the impact that can have. Behind anger is usually personal pain and struggles. Look beyond the hate and anger and try to understand what’s beneath it. It will change your heart and your life, I promise! Sorry I wrote a book. Best wishes to everyone!

  15. Lets just face it if you can argue about religion then your not a very nice person im a catholic and iam married to a jehovas witness and we get along fine i was born a catholic and will die one i belive what i belive and he belives what he belives do we belive in god? do we belive in jesus ? Do we belive mary was a virgin ? Yes then there is no argument we belive in my opinion the three most important things and thats the end of that if your judgemental then your a sinner only god can be judgemental

  16. LOL to bad most of the comments are wrong 1 peter was never in rome because at the time peter was suppose to be there all Jews where kicked out.2 Jesus said APON THIS an not you learn to read he meant peter faith of who he is.The Greek says petros an not petra lol learn Greek.3 jws Said jesus would be back 6 times an he never came back an this is interesting tooThe founders of both “faiths”, the Mormons and JWs, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline interesting ? look who this group is. jws are falsely lead by con man

  17. 1.- there is no biblical evidence that we have to follow just the bible, protestants believe that bible the only truth (solo scripture)
    Catholics we believe that what is on the bible is all truth , but we also learn with our traditions and verbal teachings (scriptures plus).
    2.- What you hear about those bad prists is truth also, but we are one of the biggest religions in the world, and you can not judge a religion for a some prists with double moral. What they are doing or did is not what we believe.
    Christ know us. They did wrong is truth, He give us freedom to choose between good and bad and those prist are not different than anybody they choose the bad . Same happen when He choose his apostles and one them betray him.
    3.-where in the bible said that is bad to celebrate birthdays, Chrismas or weddings, we live in this world now and we have to thank God for another year that He give us I don’t see any bad on that, also He not just celebrated weddings, He give them wine.
    4.-This is the most important, Catholics we do what Christ ask us to do, and you will recognize the truth ancient Christian religion (Catholics) with our biggest legacy “The Eucharist”. The body and blood of Christ. I don’t judge you if you are not Catholic and you don’t believe this but at the time of Christ, a lot of people ask the same question:

    Christ said on John 6:53
    53 Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. 55 For My flesh is food indeed,[a] and My blood is drink indeed. 56 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. 57 As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me. 58 This is the bread which came down from heaven—not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.”

    A lot of people leave at that moment, and He didn’t said hey get back is a pretending think, is a meaning. Instead He said to His disciples :
    60 Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, “This is a hard saying; who can understand it?”

    61 When Jesus knew in Himself that His disciples complained about this, He said to them, “Does this offend you? 62 What then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where He was before? 63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. 64 But there are some of you who do not believe.” For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him. 65 And He said, “Therefore I have said to you that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.”

    66 From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. 67 Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?”

    68 But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God…
    So as they did, we stay with him and you also can read on the bible after his resurrection that when they get together they brake the bread on the same way that we do now. ..
    Of course if you don’t believe, is your own problem, is your salvation not mine, but if you don’t believe that the Catholic faith is the original one like a lot of religions wants to make you believe, read, read and read but not the polemic thinks, read and see which religion follow or is more close to the ancient Christians that the bible talks about. ..
    and you can read that Peter was in Rome and still in Rome (his remeinings)

  18. You said JW follow the bible.
    Catholics are baptised in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit according to Matthew 28:19.

    Can you show me where the JW baptism formula is found in the bible?
    If it is not in the bible, then your baptism is like taking a swim.

  19. John 17:26 Jesus tells the father-I have made your name known.If he is God would he not have said,I have made my name known.it’s in the king James also

  20. Catholics don’t believe that Jessie is God we believe that he’s the son of God….

  21. Reading all these comments, it is crystal clear that Religion is Division. You guys go against the very things taught in the Bible. Religions are more like gangs. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  22. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as in the creeds professed by Catholics, one finds unambiguously the hope for resurrection, not an eternity of disembodied souls, despite the immortality of the soul. While it’s a dogma of Catholicism, it’s true that many Catholics are misinformed and expect only a disembodied eternity. Again, official Catholic teaching has always been the hope for resurrection, even if many Catholics today believe something contrary to what they have professed aloud in the creeds.

  23. They are totally different religions.

    • Ring the bell St Peter who’s writing this stuff it’s absolutely absurd to compare a true Christian religion with his Catholicism is very dates back to the first century St Peter Catholics do not worship statues they do not worship Mary get a grip it’s all hearsay I grew up Catholic and tell high School question the world and came back they are grounded in fundamental Bible study and true scripture how dare you compare them to Jehovah’s witnesses as if there is any comparison Jehovah’s witnesses are totally off their rockers they have rewritten the Bible and don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God they don’t believe in any sort of Trinity they believe Jesus came from the Angel Michael the archangel Michael for you to twist the two as being compared is totally ridiculous I suggest go to a Catholic mass and find out what’s going on maybe you’ll realize that the tradition they are following is very scriptural don’t be a fool and compare the two there is no comparison between God and blasphemy which is what is taught in Jehovah’s witness Bible thank you amen

  24. The Jehovah witnesses are right on a lot of points, Catholicism is filled with paganism. It’s actually more pagan than Christian. Nearly everything in the Catholic Church has its origins in paganism… Easter, Christmas, SUNday worship, sun symbolism, purgatory, idols, relics, icons, the triune god/trinity, purgatory, praying to the dead, goddess worship, angel worship, transubstantiation/cannibalism, indulgences, ashes on the forehead, 40 days of fasting, sign of the cross, etc. etc. ALL taken from ancient Babylon. The Church of Rome is nothing more than a continuation of the Babylonian mystery religion. Which is why it’s called out in Jeremiah, Daniel and Revelation. “Mystery Babylon the Great, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. Come out of her my people and do not receive of her plagues for her sins have reached unto heaven.”

    Many of you Catholics claim Yeshua referred to the Catholic Church when He said on this rock I will build my church. The Greek is ekklesia, which means congregation (as in disciples) it does not translate to church. And the gates of hell will not prevail.. the Greek for hell is Hades which meant the grave. This verse meant Peter was to spread the gospel and gain believers, and the grave/death would not prevail over those believers but they would instead have eternal life. It didn’t mean that Peter was going to be the founder of an organized religious institution that would be created several hundred years later by a die hard Roman sun-worshipping emperor which hell would not win a battle with lol. And your other argument is that Catholics were the only Christians for over 1000 years. That’s because the popes had all other Christians put to death. And not only having a differing view but even owning your own Bible was grounds for being burned at the stake (Canon 14, 1229 AD).

    But the Jehovah’s witnesses on the other hand.. While they have so many things right, which are actually based on Scripture rather than tradition and dogma like the Catholics, the one thing they get MASSIVELY wrong is equating Yeshua, the Son of God, with the angel Michael! Where do they get that from?? Not from the Bible.

  25. Is this statement correct?

    A baptised JW will not be excommunicated for dating a non JW, nor for marrying a non JW. However, if they engage in sexual activity outside of marriage and they are not repentant then they will be excommunicated.

  26. There should not be any doubt if the Catholic church is that Apostolic church Jesus Christ founded under the leadership of Peter but certainly there is doubt if she did not at some point in history deviate from the original standard no thanks to some powerful influences. But this does not take a way the historical fact that the Catholic church has no human founder unlike other Christian denomination therefore qualifies as the church of Jesus Christ.

  27. I’m very lost and alone

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Most of us are. Pray to God. He really is the only One who helps with that. That’s why we usually feel that way bc we don’t hold Him close. Hold on to Him like a Koala on a tree. The rosary also helps a lot.
      I used to feel that way a lot and sometimes I still do but then I seek His company and he wipes it away.

    • Knowing who God is and Who His sent to teach us is the first part of religion. Christians can’t agree on the 1st part? The basics!Islam (Submitting to the will of God) can teach us alot.
      Be blessed, I believe you should look into Islam

  28. I’m very lost and very alone.

  29. Fellow brothers and sisters the answer is in front of your eyes, no one founded anything.
    One can’t really say he is the founder of “thoughts”, unless you are God Jehovah.

    Him and the “word” (Jesus) filtered humans with senses,affections that was coded.
    The code made a human complete to complement God’s image, as we were made out of it. Later on this code was bugged by the Satan. The info in it is affected, so we needed external resources to realise what we might achieve. This sources was to get the spiritual IT specialist so to say and Jesus (main fixer) complemented by connecting us to Jehovah(creator) so we will temporarily operate until the virus is annihilated. So religion is not of Jehovah Witnesses or Catholics but is a gift from Jehovah God. By discerning the bible you will note which party between the two is analysing the best in connecting dots which are in the bible. Remember it’s not about competition it is about utmost truths.

  30. All do respect, know who God is and Who His sent to teach us is the first part on religion. You all can’t agree on the 1st part? The basics!Islam (Submitting to the will of God) can teach us alot.
    Be blessed

  31. All i can say is that, I woud never be in a religion that is only founded by human who is also a sinner.

  32. I’ve been reading comments for over an hour, and I pray to God that we can serve him together without DIVISION. I’m no Bible scholar, but I will always feel and believe that Jesus is Lord. Amen BE blessed!! Let’s unite please.

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