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Differences Between the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches

Differences Between the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches

Roman Catholic vs. Greek Orthodox Churches

During the fourth century, Christianity revolved around five main areas: Constantinople (today’s Turkey), Alexandria (Egypt), Jerusalem (Israel), Antioch (Greece), and Rome (Italy). But when Islam started to flourish, the primary centers of focus became Constantinople and Rome. With this, later on, the powers in these centers started to diminish, leading to the East-West Schism or the Great Schism in 1054 AD. And so came the birth of the Greek Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox), similar to Roman Catholicism in ways largely related to the teachings of the Apostles and Jesus Christ.

As these two religions were nourished, however, certain differences emerged; they are carried by their believers’ faith to this day. The first difference is relates to the Pope. For the Roman Catholics, the Pope is infallible; he can contradict lower ranking church leaders. On the other hand, Greek Orthodox believers consider a ‘highest bishop’, also known as the ‘first among equals’. This bishop is not infallible and does not have supreme authority over the churches.

Another difference between these two is related to the language used during church services. In Roman Catholic churches, services are held in Latin, while in Greek Orthodox churches, native languages are used.

Another difference between the two religions is the concept of original sin. Even though both believe in the so-called ‘original sin’ that can be purified through baptism, they have varying ideas regarding its effects on humanity. They also differ when it comes to how it can be applied to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. For Catholics, Mary was born with no original sin. According to the Greek Orthodox, Mary – just like all other humans – was born and will then die. She was selected to be Christ’s mother due to her righteous life.

Aside from these major differences, there are some minor ones as well. One of these is related to icons and statues. Churches of the Eastern Orthodox pay homage to icons, while Roman Catholic ones have statues.

Additionally, in the Roman Catholic Church, the doctrines, which are changed over time by popes, bishops, and other known instruments of the Holy Spirit, are considered to be more intellectual, bearing the enlightenment provided by the Spirit itself. This is in line with what they call ‘Doctrinal Development’. Meanwhile, for the other religion, the New Testament must not be changed. For Eastern Orthodox believers, the early Church and the Bible must not be altered in any way; for them, this is a way to avoid heresies and false doctrines, and abide by Jesus’s warning that tells them to be cautious of human traditions connected to Christ’s doctrines.

Furthermore, Eastern Orthodox priests are allowed to marry before they are ordinated, while in the Roman Catholic Church, priests cannot marry.

Additionally, Eastern Orthodox believers do not accept the concept of purgatory as well as the Stations of the Cross, as opposed to the Roman Catholics.

In relation to the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, while Roman Catholics make use of an unleavened wafer, members of the Greek Orthodox Church use unleavened bread. They also have differences in the calculations of the days pertaining to Easter and Christmas.

The Greek Orthodox is considered to be very mystical and dependent on spiritual practices, while Roman Catholic beliefs  tend to be too legalistic and dependent upon intellectual speculation.


1. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox believers both believe in the same God.
2. Roman Catholics deem the Pope as infallible, while Greek Orthodox believers don’t.
3. Roman Catholics believe that Mary is free from original sin, while Greek Orthodox believers don’t.
4. Roman Catholic priests cannot marry, while priests in the Greek Orthodox can marry before they are ordinated.
5. Latin is the main language used during Roman Catholic services, while Greek Orthodox churches use native languages.
6. Roman Catholics venerate statues as much as Greek Orthodox believers venerate icons.
7. Doctrines can be changed in Roman Catholicism, as opposed to Greek Orthodox.
8. Unlike Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox believers do not accept the concepts of purgatory and Stations of the Cross.

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  1. One note of inaccuracy: Roman Catholic masses are also primarily in the native languages. This use of the “vernacular” has been in place since the second Vatican Council in 1965.

  2. As a Catholic, my belief is that we do not. ..do not venerate statues.
    We have them as reminders of those who have gone before, much like family photographs. But. we do not venerate a statue.

    • I was baptized Greek Orthodox and would like to believe that Mary mother of Christ was born and died without sin.

      • In catholic belief the mary was born without original sin and she was not died rather taken up to the heaven with her human body

        • If Mary was married to Joseph and yet someone other than Joseph (god) is the father of Jesus wouldn’t hold true that Mary was an adulterous and as such a whole lot of sin. Religion was concocted by man as a means of control. If the ancient believers did truly believe then there would be just one religion and not the splintering over time that has occurred. More lives has been lost due to religious wars and yet these warriors violate the commandment “Thou shall not Kill”. Therefore, those who claim to be religious are merely hypocritical.

          • Please read the Bible. Boils down to faith. Just like those that believe in the theory of evolution when it cannot be proven through the scientific method that “life” or organic matter can be created from nothing, and then a single cell organism that requires millions of chemical & biological “mutations” to take place for just one to be “borne”, all of a sudden decides to grow an eye or conceive the method of photosynthesis with out a previous genetic code. Now calculate this into the billions of mutations that would be required for just one organ to develop… and you will be able to conclude that belief in the theory of evolution is also based on blind faith. please also read Darwin’s book which is called “ the evolution of species”… where he recognizes that a species can evolve through nature ( environment) …. however not created by the same.

          • You need help to understand…Satan wants all to
            miss the point. Mary was a virgin betrothed but not married when Jesus was concieved to be with child with God incarnate as the angel Gabriel told her. Joseph was troubled but had a divine dream to affirm. He did not “know”/have sex with Mary until after Jesus birth. Don’t look to people as your examples but Jesus/Immanuel/ God Incarnate whom the Old Testament prophesied about and the New Testament revealed plus prophesies and truths yet to come.

          • Mary Mother of God did not know/have sex with Joseph at any time….why? Because she was a Virgin. She was born without sin which is called her Immaculate Conception. God who is without sin could not have been conceived in the Virgin by the Holy Spirit unless she was also free from sin.

          • This boils down to a misunderstanding of the atonement. For Jesus to make himself the propitiation for our sins He has to be born into humanity with all of its human limitations including the proclivity to sin. He had to be a perfect sacrifice so even though he was tempted as we are, He was without sin. That’s why Mary was born just as any other human into sin. Otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense in Romans when it says “just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin,

          • Hi, I was wondering if you could clarify or expand on your very last parenthesed words. I am wanting to understand better what that means. Thanks.

          • I 100% agree with you Jon. Am a strong member of the Catholic Church. I agree agree with the veneration of all the saints . But I totally disagree in the manner Mary is being venerated. Mary was just as human but received favour from Him to bear our saviour who indeed was free from sin. Jesus himself gave very clear instructions. John look after my mum. While he gave authority and responsibility to Peter to take care of the ministry. This clearly indicated that he never mixed his physical attachment to Mary with His spiritual mission which he left in the hands of Peter supported by his fellow apostles. I believe the Roman Catholic Church substituted the Roman Godess of the sun during the rule of Emperor constantine when Christianity became the state religion. This was an effort not to copletely abondon their pegan faith but to mix with the then newly adopted Christian faith. In insence, Marianism is a sin before God because it is idolatory.

          • I’m sorry to hear that you consider yourself Catholic yet misunderstand a fundamental truth of the Church. There is biblical reference regarding Mary as being born free from sin, when the Angel Gabriel greets Mary, he addresses her as full of grace. If something is full, there is no room for anything else. No room for sin. Also, when Mary appeared to St Bernadette in Lourdes, she herself introduced herself as the Immaculate Conception.
            Mary is also mentioned in Genesis as the ‘Woman’ whose seed will crush the serpents head, Jesus refers to her as Woman at the wedding of Cana when she asks for his help and she tells the servants to do as he says, again Jesus refers to her as Woman at the foot of the cross when he gives her to us as our mother. She is also mentioned in Revelation. Of the top of my head I can’t reference all the evidence but I believe Bishop Robert Barron gives a good podcast on Mary, she is the new eve and Jesus the new Adam, this is Catholic doctrine and you’d do yourself a favor to read up on it to fully understand it. God bless.

          • Way to go Fe ! Let’s wake them up !

          • U surly have a problem. Go n read Rev 12 n Gospel again. Mary was sinless n is a queen of Heaven n earth. Jesus is King.

          • What you have stated is a divine revelation from the Holy Spirit.

          • Jesus had siblings who were born by Mary.
            Read a correct Bible to find out the Truth.
            She conceived Jesus, as she was a Virgin then
            But She and Joseph had sex and she birthed
            Four sons; Joseph, James, Jude and Simon.

          • Yes she is holy virgin which chooosen her to give birth to son of most high
            N thereafter given as Joseph the father
            To Jesus
            N God wants humens to be husband
            N wife which holy family has more kids

            Mother Mary is surely queen in heaven
            N God gave her joy of living with her

          • If Jesus had s ibilings, why he handed over his mother to John on the cross.

          • But doesn’t the Bible state that we are all born in sin and shapen in iniquity? She (Mary) was no different except that she was pure – a virgin who lived a life pleasing to God. In my opinion, too much homage is paid to Mary in the catholic church.

          • Mary remained a virgin until she was assumed into heaven.

          • You are incorrect Gary! Mary Had other children! Read the Bible! She did not go to heaven as a virgin! This shows how uneducated in the word of God many people are these days, and it is so sad! Read the Bible for yourself Gary and that is the way you will know what it says, instead of listening to other people.

          • Jesus had no brothers. In Hebrew language there is no word for cousin they use to say same brother. If Jesus had s ibilings wht he handed over his mother to John?.
            Please be remain in the teaching of early church. God bless you

          • Gary is actually right. Yes read the bible but also look at the origin of the words. Brother’s and sister’s didn’t have the same meaning as it does today. But you’re well aware language evolved over thousands of years right?

          • Then expain why the Bible clearly states that Jesus had brothers and sisters.

          • We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, he had no blood/biological kin.

          • Finally someone who understands it.

          • They were not children of Joseph and MARY but rather cousins and other relatives.

          • The original books in the Bible were in Hebrew, translated to Greek, then to English. In Greek, brother or sister could mean cousin. So we’ll never really know for sure if Mary was forever a virgin. But nonetheless, let us still hold her in high regards.

          • The new testament was originally written in Greek.
            In Greek wort for brother does not also mean cousin.

          • Read your Bible.

          • Which part? The part written by Mark in about 70CE? Or the parts written in the next century, but based on Mark? Or the ones that were mostly destroyed for political reasons, but were found buried in the desert centuries later? And should we read it in the original Greek, or one of the handwritten translations into Latin, our one of the handwritten copies in Latin, or one of the handwritten copies in English, or one of the modernised English versions. Do you see the problem with relying on the literal wording of the bible as absolute statement of fact?

          • This is the best and most logical comment on here. It’s sad that you have to actually say this and most people don’t even think about this.

          • Read your Bible.
            Matthew 13:55

          • that is a great reply…don’t look to people….I think people that do do it for an excuse and usually those people will find an excuse for doing anything they want to in life….best examples are hitler and stalin…both had exposure to religious truth and used it for manipulation of people….

          • I am muslim even we believe that marry is free from sin. I wish that all cristion know that .

          • An atheist… keep your evil thought to yourself. You’ll find out God is indeed real soon enough. Atheism is one of the more foolish ideas in the universe,

          • What like the world is only three thousand years old, the world is flat and the sun travels around the earth.

          • Realy? More have died since 1900 then the previous 19 centuries. Stalin was not religious, Hitler nor Chairman Mao. Your statement about religion is simply wrong.

          • It is a myth that more lives have been lost through religious wars. The world wars, Stalin, and Hitler we’re all political. None were religious wars. The Korean war and Vietnam war were not religious either. More people have been killed through atheists and politics than any other.

          • Most lives have been lost through abortion.

          • Unfortunately, you’re right…

          • You are so right, Mary. And we know who fuels those deaths. (Satan)

          • Dear Henry
            Do you really believe what your name is attached to in this article?
            Or are you just “blowing off steam” or actually looking for guidance?
            I’ll try to wait for your reply… being 81 I don’t know how long I can wait.

          • Dear Danl, are you still with us? You are funny

          • Divisions are not from God, but the evil Mans own sins/weakness create them. Jesus prayed that we all be one. Worship him in spirit and truth as Jesus says. I.e, who God is and what he has done
            ( redeemed us).

          • Exactly. But religion did a good thing. It applied the “fear to god” a global fear that Kings and high society were afraid of ultimately leading to making the world a little better. Jesus who historically existed did teach and his speeches were really amazing. Religion may be caused wars and deaths but also united people, under one church a nation no matter the internal differences becomes one. And that is also amazing. I think we all have a part of “God” in us. And as long as we don’t explain how this world or life happened He will always exist..(yes the Big Bang happened but what happened before it? , yes life is made from a man and a woman just having sex but in the laboratory we cannot create life even though we use the same components ..etc)

          • What is bottom line of faith from GOD…….LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. orthodox ot roman catholic is about love of jesus to the people of this world. Love jesus not the church…

          • But OurGod wants us to be a unuty.

          • Nik,Your comment is awesome.
            I don’t like to criticize or judge. I take what good I can find and apply it to my life any way I can. I believe in God,Jesus and The Holy Spirit . Creation or Big Bang,or Both. I believe in love and creation of peace. I am familiar with many religions,but the most important thing I can come up with is LOVE TOWARDS OTHERS.

          • One has to realise that mankind was with God first sinless, yet still sinned.
            From then on all are born into sin, including Mary and therefore Christ.
            If this was not so and Christ was born not of one with sin, then Christ was not born into sin defeating the reason why He came.
            Mankind from the beginning of time claimed God yet still sinned.
            You see God is not the problem, though mankind is and always will be no matter what they claim, especially if it suits their own agendas like it did for Adam and Eve.

          • Man is capable of sin and evil because we have received the gift of free will. God wants us to choose him but respects our ability to choose good or evil. He would never have created us as beings who are unable to choose to love him. Would love be love if it were not a choice?

          • Henry….instead of being closed minded, why not ask God to make himself known to you….if you honestly seek him…he will prove himself to you…no else can do that for you….

          • I was born into a Catholic family but rejected the church at age 13 even though I was an altar boy, mainly because of the corrupted nature of the priesthood and the hypocrisy of the ‘most fervent’ in the congregation who used the four services each Sunday to display their faith and therefore their supremacy over less ardent believers.
            I had throughout my teens and adults life no faith and no need for religion, however at the age of 54 while holidaying in Turkey I visited an ancient site reputed to be the last known home of the Blessed Mary I experienced an incident that changed my life, it was a hot day 37°C, I was tired and grumpy, but on approaching this little stone building I experienced a painfull sensation that felt like I had been kicked in the stomach, all the air in my lungs was driven out and my body temperature dropped so much that anyone touching me would think that I had be frozen. I had to sit down for over an hour before being able to walk again without help, that felling stayed with me for several days. I think that something had spoken to me, call it God if you must but since then even though I still abhor organised religion, I am more open to the concept of a human destiny overseen by a creative force that is very much beyond our full comprehension.

          • Jason Manners (if you checked the email follow-up box):

            Seriously, no religious wars? The Crusades were sanctioned by the Latin (Christian) church itself, and killed 1.7 million people. That’s the first that comes to my mind, as it is most closely tied with the history of our Christian faith. (And if you’ve studied your own religion at all, surely you’re quite familiar with it! I actually first learned about in my a youth, during my Catechism education! And of course had to study it much more in-depth during school history class.)

            Just browsing the list of world’s largest wars that I’m less familiar with, there are multiple others with insane death tolls. French Wars of Religion[Catholics vs. Protestants)(2.8 million deaths), the Thirty Years War started as a religious war (5.7 million deaths), the list goes on. Not to mention the perpetual wars between the two branches of Islam.
            [Note, all the stated death numbers are pretty conservative–just the mean average of the highest estimated and the lowest estimated.]

          • The commandment is thou shalt not MURDER. Killing in self defense or during a war is different. However, we should still strive to avoid war at all costs.

          • More lives have been lost to secular religions in the last 100 years than the entire history of man Stalin , Mao , Pol Pot , Castro /Che .

          • Says the one that read and takes time to enlighten everyone else. Curious?

          • Mary was not married but espoused kind of like engaged or there marriage had been arranged ( by their parents). If you read the bible it says that the Holy spirit came upon her, in other words she did not have sexual intercourse but God miraculously made her pregnant by the Holy Spirit. that is why it is called the imaculate conception! there was no need for sex.

          • Ok try reading the Bible first Mary was pregnant by the holy spirit before she was married to Joseph. It was a miracle known as the immaculate conception by Christianity .

          • I have come to understand as a matured Christian now that, spiritual things can only be understood by a spiritually discerning mind. The bible is a spiritual book you can’t read it and expect a correct interpretation if you are of a contrary spirit. Simply put, look around you and the complicated things that science is proofing. Where did it come from, up to now there is no theory that properly explains creation.
            I pray our eyes be open. Amen

          • Henry! You got the Seekers panties tied up in knots. Good job! “I’m not wrong. There is a God! There is a God! See, it says it’s so, right here in a BOOK!” I love Gutenberg, but there’s always bad with good.

          • Are you an atheist? Or do you believe in God but prefer not to have a religious affiliation?

            Thank you.

          • The definition of adultery is according to dictionary.com: “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.” Mary did not do that with anybody. She conceived through the Holy Spirit, which is a member of the Holy Trinity and does not even have a body.

            The early believers did believe in God, but they fell away and dispersed throughout the Earth. God made the Jews, who were descendants of Abraham from Mesopotamia, his chosen people. Generations down the line, some people are not properly catechized or they make a sin. Based on these factors we now have different religions.

          • A lot of the information provided is incorrect.

            1) Most Catholic Masses are performed in the native language of where they are being held these days. Latin is more of the language of remembrance.

            2) Catholics do not just venerate statues, as we have icons in our churches as well.

            3) Catholic doctrines cannot be changed.

            I am not Orthodox so I don’t think I could make an accurate interpretation of the information on their beliefs.

          • Henry. Understand religion is a means to draw closer to God. That is the purpose of Religion; to be a means of understanding and worshipping God . If there are those who use religion as a means of control and start wars then it is they who will have to answer to God for that, but religion is a necessary means to know God and draw closer to Him which is a good thing and is all important. hope this clarifies any confusion you have around Religion.

          • I pray for discernment for you,start with Matthew. In regards to Mary, and then the church’s development.

          • Please pray for Henry

          • Your comment reveals your blindness.
            Do you have a cat or a dog? If you do, does your little pet sitting at home know about the chef cooking food in your favorite restaurant or the little league game going on in the park or that there are thousands of cars moving done the 209 right now?
            Why doesn’t your pet know about these things? An entire other reality exists outside your pets biological ability to perceive it. And so it is with you, my friend.

        • Mary was a sinner just like we are and Mary acknowledged that fact when she acknowledged her Savior (Luke 1:47…. “And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” But often Catholics don’t believe what God says, so they make up their own doctrines/traditions/worship.

        • please can you back this up with scipture, I can’t find it please help

        • She DID die but was assumed body and soul, Into heaven.

        • Actually, it is called the Dormition of Mary. She died but was taken directly to heaven. (Assumption…taken by God, not ascending on her own volition.) God is outside of time, therefore Mary could reap the benefits of Grace from His death at her Conception. When she has appeared to people she often uses this term: Immaculate Conception. The Angel Gabriel called her “Full of Grace” a term rarely used but given to her because of the purity of her life.

      • That’s the problem brother,you’d like to believe. The bible clearly says that we have ALL sinned(including apostle Paul and Mary)

      • Col.1:12-14]. Mary also said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour” Right here Mary admits her need for a savior. If she had been born without sin, she would have no need of a savior.

        • All Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah. Mary was glorifying God and humbling herself. She would not have known at that time that she was free from sin. However , God would not be born into impurity. Perfection would not beget imperfection and Christ is perfect in all things.

          • ” She would not have known at that time that she was free from sin. However , God would not be born into impurity. Perfection would not beget imperfection and Christ is perfect in all things. ”

            This doctrine alone – dogma actually – proves that Catholicism is a false religion as shown by this logic. If Mary had to be pure and sinless to bear the Christ, then Marys parents would likewise need to be pure and sinless to bear Mary – and their parents and their parents and their parents parents. This doctrine is found nowhere in the gospels or epistles, because it was wholly unnecessary and is obviously false. It is also warped reasoning, since Christ came and dwelt among us in the LIKENESS of fallen flesh, but only WITHOUT SIN. Sinful people touched Him every day of His life here on Earth, yet he remained without blemish, because He was HIMSELF without sin.

          • I think you will find that in Israel, genealogy is through the mother. In Genesis their eyes were not opened till Adam had eaten and sinned. The question is had Adam not eaten would they still be there even though Eve had (sinned)? The genealogy of Mary is seen in the book of Luke and Joseph in the book of Math. Gen 3 verse 15 is a direct prophecy to Christs coming from the woman, no mention of a man.
            When Gabriel speaks to Mary he says you have found favour in Gods sight or are highly favoured not that she had not sinned. Romans 3 v 25 says all have sinned. Mat 1 v 25 says Joseph didn’t consummate there marriage untill after Jesus was born. Mark 6 v 3 says about his mother and brothers and sisters. our faith needs to be based on scipture that can be backed up, I have found no scipture that says mary was without sin or that she did not die, if I am wrong please point me in the correct direction.

          • Mary was the vessel Jesus the treasure. Pure Gold cannot be tarnished so no matter what you put it in it will remain pure. Jesus was pure so could not be tarnished by any sin that is why death could not hold him. please can you tell me where in scripture it says that Mary was without sin because I can’t find it.

      • I have not ever heard we change what is written in either the Old or New Testament.
        Oh yes, we do believe in the purity of Mary. It’s a crude explanation but very descriptive example: Do you really believe God the Father would send HIS beloved Son, to be borne by a woman with any stain of sin in her? It would be like starting to make a fantastic dinner in a pot that was dirty and had not ever been cleaned. I do not, the Son could not be carried by anyone but Mary.

      • I have not ever heard we change what is written in either the Old or New Testament.
        Oh yes, we do believe in the purity of Mary. It’s a crude explanation but very descriptive example: Do you really believe God the Father would send HIS beloved Son, to be borne by a woman with any stain of sin in her? It would be like starting to make a fantastic dinner in a pot that was dirty and had not ever been cleaned. I do not, the Son could not be carried by anyone but Mary.
        Additionally, we do not believe the pope is infallable on all things, just for morals and ethics, although this pope falls waaay short in both those areas. I barely can think about what he’s doing to the Church and really cannot acknowledge him as the pope due to his beliefs and positions.

      • Holy Mary was not born without sin, but she chose not to sin! This is was make me venerate Her even more!
        Sabine, (born Catholic, chose to become Orthodox)

      • Mary called the Lord her Savior. If she was sinless why would she need a Savior? Mary said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour” [Luke 1:46,47].

        • In Roman Catholic theology the Savior’s blood was applied to Mary just prior to her conception (sperm and egg) and thus she too is saved by the blood of the Savior. She did need a Savior just like any of mankind. She just received it sooner.
          I am not Roman Catholic, just passing on what RC theology says.

          And I see many refer to the conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit the Immaculate Conception. That is incorrect. The Immaculate Conception is Mary’s conception without sin.
          Jesus’ Holy Conception is called the Incarnation.

      • Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit. She held in her womb both her biological son, totally human yet totally God. She gave birth to both her son and her creator Jesus who is without sin as a virgin. By the grace of the same God, she alone was preordained born immaculately, without sin. This was made possible by God’s gift of grace, creating her born sinless in order to carry him who cannot be sin. This central mystery is a great stumbling block to many.

      • If you believe in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, then you have a chance to recognize the truth. Have you heard of the apparition at Lourdes when the Virgin Mother Mary appeared to a young girl named Bernadette and she later called herself “THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION”. You can visit the grotto where Bernadette first saw the Virgin Mother and drink from the waters of Lourdes, it is a spring that started when Mary told Bernadette where it was, many people have been cured of their infirmities by either drinking or bathing in this water. You can also see the body of St. Bernadette in a glass coffin, it is incorrupt.

      • I am muslim and i believe to that marry is free from sin may god has mercy on her

      • Dear Peter: Blessed Virgin Mary of Nazareth was from birth through all of her life, pure from sin. When she died on August 15 only her clothes remained on earth and she ascended to Heaven! The Theotokos was risen just as her son, Jesus Christ rose on Easter Sunday. They both will live forever. The prophet Elias went to heaven completely with his whole carriage. The man next to Jesus at the crucifixon went to heaven because he believed that Jesus was innocent. There were many others who believed in him and it is my belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that only those who do believe in him and repent will be going to heaven. Bear in mind, the John The Theologian was given the right by Jesus to know and to write The Revelation in his gospel. Judgement day is coming by the will of God and no one will ever know when that will occur no matter what they say or what they do. His most famous saying to me was: “Those who believe in me, though they are dead, yet shall they live, and, whosoever lives and believes in me, shall never die!” No human being was or will ever be as the deity of God with his great love and his great glory! In Christ we trust, as children of God, I remain faithful to the Lord, Amen. [Orthodox Christian]
        This is in reply to post by Peter on March 17, 2017

      • I think this is trivial and really nobody knows. Seems to be no major differences in doctrine other than technicalities

      • Mary and all people are born without original sin, because original sin is something invented by Christians. It was not something Jesus (peace be upon him taught his followers. We Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet and consider Mary as one of the most righteous and noblest women ever lived. Unlike Christians who blame Eve, we Muslims believe both Eve and Adam our father and mother were responsible for the act, but both of them asked God for forgiveness. God forgave because their repentance was sincere. Anways sin is not something to be passed on. How unfair is such a thing. We Muslims also believe God is One and Only. Jesus was no more than a Messenger and a Prophet. I invite you to learn about Islam. Jesus was a Muslim (who surrendered his will to God) just all other prophets and Messengers of God.

    • Do not venerate statues. Only respect the people they are depicting.

    • As a Catholic, we do…WE DO venerate statues and icons. Please read the 7th Ecumenical Council.

      • I have been a Catholic and I have never seen a statue other than a Cross or Crucifix “venerated” — I.e., bowed to or prostrate before or ritually censed. I have seen some statues, especially of Mary, carried in processions, covered with flowers, but these are usually cultural actions and not part of any universal Roman Catholic liturgical tradition. When we light a candle in front of a statue, or kneel, it is a function of intercessory prayer, not veneration. The veneration is for the Saint, not the object. In the Orthodox faith, Icons are Holy Objects, themselves worthy of veneration–like the Bible.

        • Excuse me, Catholics do venerate statues!!! Walk into any Catholic church & they’re all over . Believers kneel and cross themselves in front of this idols. They have a Virgin for everything!! Oh! And the Pope? He is the direct representative of God on earth meaning only God is above him which apparently the Queen of England also believes, that only God is above her. Ridiculous!!! Religion & Politics= Control
          The day humanity starts seeing & treating everybody as equal is the day we will be on the way for humanity to survive.

          • No need for angry posts. Just as you disagree with the Catholic way, you will find many who disagree with what you believe.

      • Venerate yes. Worship, no.

    • Yes, we do venerate statues. That doesn’t mean we worship them (a common Protestants misconception).

    • Sorry they are idols or graven image,in the book revelation it says to come out of her my people its an adultrous church filled w/paganism that why God JESUS Christ say to search an seek the scriptures for yourself I would take the chance w/my soul for any human teaching the lies contrary to Gods HOLY word.it a personal relationship w/GOD an he wants it that way you should NEVER follow after any man.,God bless you may the holy SPIRIT enlighten you in all TRUTH JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE,have a great day

    • I agree. We do not venerate statues.

    • Statues = Idols. Why did the Catholics remove the word from Moses tablets and change the word in their printed Catholic bibles???????

    • Thatis exactly the role of idols in pagan relegions, a reminder of a god that is not the statue itself. I dont mean any disrespect and I believe that people are free to practice any form of siprituality but in my humble opinion Catholicism is idolatory to the core.

    • As a practicing Catholic, I agree that we do not venerate statues. We venerate the saints and the holy people that the statues represent, such as Saint Peter and Saint Paul. As previously stated, the statues simply act as a reminder of those persons. There is so much misinformation out there. The world would be such a better place if people would celebrate what we share in common instead of tearing each other down over our differences.

    • Well said. The statues are symbolical to us Catholics.

    • If you pray to a statue (if a dead person) for help…you venerating it.

    • That is only your opinion. But in practice many Catholics kiss statues, bow down to them and parade them on rhe streets. Those acts constitute veneration.

  3. Doctrines in Roman Catholicism do NOT change. Something may be added…but once it is there…..it is NOT changed. Also, nothing is taken out. The main changes in Roman Catholicism are practices. How the doctrines are carried out as regards lifestyle and within the mass. But doctrines do not change…and have never changed.

    • sorry but I do need to ask. Isn’t adding something technically changing it

      • Adding to something is changing it. You’re correct in a purely common sense way of looking at it but to add to it and clarify the meaning or as in Vatican II vastly improve how Catholic’s participate in whorship and improve the ability of all to understand what was once knowledge held to a few. In this case it is expanding on the subject.

        • Vatican II led to massive confusion in the Church. This has caused many priests, nuns, sisters, brothers and lay people to become heretical, mainly because they have not been properly catechized. This new confusion in the Church occurred alongside the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s, so many Catholic started to fall away and started to believe in contraception, because they thought that Church had come to accept modernism.

          In conclusion, Vatican II wasn’t necessary, but it didn’t actually change anything in itself. The Church today is paying for the confusion that Vatican II brought around.

          • Vatican11 was the infiltration of Freemasonry. That’s why Pope Benedict was forced to step down he refused them. Pope Francis is a Jesuit and aligned with Freemasonry. Our true Catholic religion is the traditional Latin Mass. It is the true spiritual vessel to salvation. I believe that it should breakaway from Vatican 11 and start our true Catholic practice. Let those that remain there accept what what is coming on our judgement day. Freemasonry is evil. They dress in sheep’s clothing. It’s all about power of the New World Order. It’s also hard for those of us Catholics that have been betrayed. Finally the Orthodox priest called out the Pope with Heresy.

      • By adding to even a food recipe you are changing the original. As if you add to a bologna’s sauce , soya, chilli, tamarind. This will change the recipe and it may make it even better or some thing else , but it is not a same thing. You have changed the Gods doctrine.

      • If you add a bonnet to your baby to help her avoid sunburn are you changing her?

  4. DEFINITELY biased! Roman Catholics DON’T venerate statues, and Masses are mostly said in English. That changed back in the 60’s, so where are they getting their info?

  5. One of the most obvious differences and part of what led to the Great Schism is the filioque clause of the Nicene Creed – the Greeks believing that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone, the Romans believing that the Holy Spirit proceeds from both the Father and the Son. Funny that it was left out of this list, as it is one of the top reasons the two communions are not reconciled.

    • It is not just the Greeks who believe that it is all Orthodox Christians

    • What a shame. The Father and Son are the same. Christ was incarnated by the Holy Spirit and became man.

      Orthodoxy and Catholicism shold unite asap……what a force this could be for Christianity with these two churches united. Man always has a way of messing with perfection.

      • I agree Tom-I am not in any way a religious scholar-but I would love to see the Greek Orthodox and Catholic somehow unite again. I know this is impossible but we all would stronger together. The two are born of the same thing-they are far more alike than different.

      • I agree that there should be a unification.they came from one. But physical structure, finances, power allocation and, most of all, politics will make it very difficult. I attend both and am comfortable in each one. I bridge the differences as if they do not exist.

      • Hi Tom. As I read through all the comments,I need to tell You how much I liked Your comment.
        My life is like a big garden,full of different types of plants and flowers.
        I was born a baptized in Canada in the Roman Catholic Church,but I was taken to Hungary at 6 month of age. My Grandma took me to a very old Greek Catholic Church there( I still remember the Holy Icons on the rear walls). ,and the mysterious ” masses” where I didn’t understand anything. Later I used to sit and admire the life size statue of Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church, because it was closer to our home. Even later I came to America and joined an Evangelical church. Was re- baptized, took lessons in Cathecism and I was Confirmed in the church and became a member. ……Now in 2018, there is only my faith that remains. I really like all that I experienced. I am greatfull for God’s Word the Bible. I don’t worry about the differences in churches because we all pray to the same God. I learned LOVE from the Bible. I need to be a decent loving human beeing, I think of Jesus my Lord and Savior every day,loving him. I want to do the right thing and I know that even atheist can do that. Not everyone has belief because we lived different lives. We need love and peace in our hearts and minds more than anything. Forgiving others as we are forgiven,daily. May God Bless you: Sylvia Maria Sobel

    • Another difference is in making the sign of the cross, Orthodox start with forehead then chest then right shoulder and finish with the left shoulder unlike Roman Catholic who finish with the right shoulder.

    • Yes I totally agree. I can’t believe this has been excluded. Plus, as an Orthodox who has entered a number of Catholic (and Anglican) churches in my time, I can confidentially say a Catholic congregation venerates statues.

  6. Assalammualaikum and greet to you all here brother and sister.Before i tell from the long story i’m born islam and why i interested to christian i just want a helper here what type christian must i convert.The story begin when i left my job in 2010 and become homeless i live in penang malaysia that time my interested to christian begin.Everyday accept sunday and saturday i go to st john church to eat food because i homeless.3 pm their give we all homeless no matter relegion enter the church their give we watch tv then give rest a while then 5 pm their give food.Even when chrismass time church
    invite me to celebrate it inside church their give present like clothes,pants and more.I think their care and love us more than any relegion,i tell the short story when i go back to kuala lumpur more christian church helping people there.In st john cathedral every lunch hour i eat there,sometimes different type christian like cavalry church give me sleep inside the place their worship every wendesday and give food and 1 hour service to us.And then 1 day decide go to st john catholic church to attend the mass in sunday.Right now i live in malacca to find the truth is,i got dream before singing song hosanna in the highest the church song.The conclusion is im muslim right now,how can possible i convert to christian.What must i do but i read the bible say no idol and images to worship and cannot eat pork?

    • All you must do to be converted is acknowledge that you have sinned. Believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross, was buried and rose again so that you could be reconciled to the Father. Confess that belief with your mouth. That’s it. Find a Bible-based church where you can learn more and more. May God bless your endeavors!

    • You need to talk to the priest at one of the Catholic churches you are receiving assistance from. They will tell you everything needed.

    • As an evangelical Christian, it through faith and faith alone. You have but to confess your faith in prayer that you believe Jesus to be the son of God and that His death paid for your sins. God Bless

    • A muslim is who you are; this is your heritage. Have you ever heard of Jews for Jesus? They are born jewish, practice as Jews, but accept Jesus as their personal savior. Something to think about. God bless you!

      • He’s not Muslim by virtue of being born into a Muslim family/ community. Likewise, I’m not Christian though I was born into it. You can’t saddle anyone with the mistakes of their parents. Nor should you blindly follow the mistakes of your parents.

        • Wow! God Thru Jesus Christ led you the way and you’re denying it? You have a deep issue break away from it. You don’t lose with Christ.

    • I’m so glad you’re seeking God! The most important part of conversion is to recognize Jesus as savior and redeemer of sin. Turn away from sin, repent. I’m so thankful that these followers of Jesus Christ have acted with the Holy Spirit and shown you the love Jesus commands us to! Keep reading your Bible! The Bible says: We are all sinners Romans 3:23, The price for sin is death, eternal separation from God. Romans 6:23. But Jesus paid that price for us! He was born of the Virgin Mary, lived as a man on earth, died and came back from the grave 3 days later! God showed great love to us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8
      I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.(Jesus) John 14:6
      For WHOEVER shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13
      Here’s a simple prayer, Jesus, I ask you into my heart to be my Savior and Lord, forgive my sins, and give me the gift of eternal life. Amen. Welcome to the family! Angels are celebrating!

      • Don you know what the price of proselytising in islam is? Death, not your sinister metaphorical death after death, but death on this earth. Something to think about.

    • Bro . stay as Muslim.don’t be wrong. Food doesn’t matter. Believe is important

    • MY brother… Am a 60 year old woman …living in the United States… I feel that God had me read your questions tonight about how to become a Christian…. I have lived a very difficult life …but your life is more difficult…
      Jesus Christ said…. I AM THE WAY… The truth and the life… So my brother …to be a Christian… You must believe what Jesus Christ said… If you will search Jesus Christ … Then you will become a Christian… Then you pray…and God will send you to the correct church…

    • Brother
      Walekum Asssalam.
      Being a Muslim if you read Quran you find many instances and references of prophet Mariam and prophet Jesus. Islam respect Christianity and true path. Also life and teachings of Prophet Mohammad help you to fight tough situations.

      • Islam and Mohammed is all fake. They tried to copy from the Holy Bible but failed miserably. Mohammed used to kill by the sword and rape women. This is trash. Nothing Godly whatsoever. Quran claims whoever isn’t Muslim is the infidel. Quran acknowledges Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, and even consider him to be a prophet. The story of Mohammed being a prophet is the biggest hoax of all time. Jesus Christ is the KING OF KINGS. There’s no denying that. Muslims, you have been lied to and have been living in the dark for too many years. You are praying to the WRONG GOD.

        • Praise our Lord, be careful Bro, The TRUTH hurts, your observations is well founded in the scripture ,
          May grace be of be upon you and family, in the name of our Lord we pray Amen

        • True, the koran is a sinister and vulgar plagiarism from the morally wicked babble. The bible is for the most part plagiarised from ancient jewsh and pagan myths, if you care to look further than you are doing now.

        • You’re an ignorant human being

        • Robert, what a lucky coincidence for you that, out of the thousands of gods and religions that people have dreamed up, the one you were born with is THE correct one.

          A strict adherence to the Bible, with its commands to stone, kill and shun for ridiculous reasons, will make a person equally as crappy of a human as a strict adherence to the Koran would.

          Hopefully you will eventually find peace.

        • Islam as you say is fake, while it claims to accept the authenticity of the Biblical prophets who can be traced back using Biblical chronology to Isaac the only legitimate son of Abraham whom God saved from sacrifice and therefore genetically related to Noah.
          However in order to give Islam credibility they claim that the son that God saved was Ishmael the bastard son of Abraham and an Egyptian slave woman and that Muhammad was a direct descendant of Ishmael. Muhammad was of the Suresh tribe who originated from the region of southern Yemen opposite the Ethiopian horn of Africa. While the descendants of Ishmael, the Ishmaelite existed within the golden crescent of relatively fertile lands around the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in Iraq, where they tended their herds of goats and sheep until they disappeared from history around 600BC, some 1,000 years before the Quesh migrated to Mecca.
          In Islam only Muslims are Human beings so everyone else are the equivalent of animals, which in Islamic terms probably justifies the behavioural use of ‘taqiayya’ when dealing with non Muslim’s which allows them to intentionally use lying to deceive non believers if it benefits them personally or will benefit Islam over other religions.

    • Believe in God, our Father
      Believe in Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior and The son of God.
      Believe in Holy Spirit, who proceeds from The Father and The Son.
      Confess your sins aloud.
      Pray to Jesus to help you convert to Christianity
      And you will be able to do that.

  7. The Greek Orthodox Church was formed when the Roman Empire split into the Byzantine Empire.

    • No… the great schism was in the 11th century and the fall of the eastern roman empire (or the begining of the byzantine empire) was in the 5th century. It may have been a catalyst since the seperation of the churche between two empires could lead to conflict and difference of opinion as to whom should be in charge. But to say that the Byzantine Empire was the formation of the Greek Orthodox Church is incorrect.

  8. Definitely way simplistic on the question of purgatory. Orthodox don’t believe in it? Wrong. This is an example of someone being paid to write a super short “article” for a website and getting facts wrong. There are other examples here. Just sad that it had to involve people’s religion. Sign of the times….

    • actually the Orthodox Christians don’t believe in purgatory. i should know because i am one. purgatory is (from my understanding) a temporary hell where souls are sanctified before they are allowed in to the kingdom of heaven. The orthodox Christians believe that your sins are forgiven in this life not in the next one.

  9. correction. in holy Eucharist Orthodox Christians used leavened bread (bread with yeast) to represent the risen Christ. they DO NOT use unleavened bread

  10. Greek Orthodox is not the only Orthodox church. there is also the Russian Orthodox and Serbian Orthodox as well (just to name a few).

  11. The correct name for the ‘centers’ is the Patriarchates. so each one is a Patriarchate.

  12. I am greek orthodox and for the last 2 years I have been going to Catholic church and I receceive Holy Comunion.
    Is this a sin?
    I like the church and its people, But I am a little confused what to do. The Greek church is 60 miles away from us and travelling is not so easy any more.
    Now after 2 years I been told that I should not go for Holy Comunion as I am not Catholic.
    What shall I do?

    • Hello, it’s been some time since you wrote your post, but I hope all is well. According to the Roman Catholic point of view, yes, you can receive holy communion at the Catholic Church you are at and it would be equal to another Catholic receiving it. The Catholic church considers your old church to be a “sister” church. However, your old church would not agree. The question is, why not just become a catholic? Yes, there are some differences between the two, but in the big picture, are they that different? I mean, everybody has different opinions. Many Catholics do not agree with everything in the church, just like many of those in your old church, do not agree with everything in the Orthodox church. The simple thing…the correct thing to do is just became a Catholic.

      • Or become d son of God or believe in God. .n accept jesus as his son as our brother. .theres nothing wrong in our religion. .it is the man who makes differences not our religion. .

      • Actually the Greek Orthodox Church does view the Catholic Church as a sister Church. That is why a Catholic can marry a person of Greek Orthodox faith in the Greek Orthodox Church without the Catholic person being baptized into the Orthodox faith.

    • As a orthodox Christian you are allowed to take holy Communion in a Catholic Mass. But Catholics are not allowed to partake in holy Communion in the Orthodox Church.

    • You will be welcome in a Protestant Church.

    • Anna, it seems that Phil has answered your question as well but I thought I would add what I have learned.
      So I know a bunch of people who are Greek who were engaged to a catholic person and the question of which church to marry in of course fame up for all these couples. The marriage being a sacrament. So what I was told by all the Greek Orthodox in these situations was that the Catholic Church accepts the Greek Orthodox in their church-including the Orthodox being able to partake in sacraments such as marriage as well as communion-but it doesn’t go the other way. The Orthodox Church doesn’t want you as a Greek taking sacraments in the Catholic Church. I’m not sure why? Less members ? Are they just making an attempt at keeping members in the Greek churches? Understandable -but I feel the two churches should operate more closely together-welcome each other completely. So to answer your question-yes it’s certainly ok with the Catholic Church that you are attending, but your Greek Church May not agree!:) I think you-do what you feel in your heart is right. How can the worship of God be deemed wrong?

  13. as a heathen Baptist follow the words of Christ…

  14. I am talking about myself,not talking down where you should follow the Lord…

  15. FYI: Most of the Eastern and Byzantine Catholic churches permit married priests, such as the Ukrainian Catholic and Maronite Catholic churches.

    • The Catholic Church only permits this if a man is married, then ordained a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, then converts to Catholicism. They also need permission from a bishop for this to happen.

  16. one major inaccuracy here is that Jerusalem is in Palestine and not in “isreal”

    • Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem as their capital, as the State of Israel maintains its primary governmental institutions there while the State of Palestine ultimately foresees the city as its seat of power; however, neither claim is widely recognized internationally.

    • Jerusalem is in Israel as always and not Pelestine.

    • Palestine is a name given to an area of land by the British after the Otterman empire fell after the 1st world war. Half was made into modern day Jordan for the Arabs the other half was meant to be for the Jews. Palestine is not a country or a people as the PLO charter clearly states. The people of the Jews (Israelis) are a nation and Jerusalem was their capitol before the otterman empire and back into the time of the Romans Jerusalem was still their Capitol and it was known as the land of Israel.
      ps even the Koran says the land of Israel belongs to the Jews

  17. History reveals no known or speculated burial place for Mary; unlike our Lord and St. Peter and the other apostles. The greek orothodox venerate the mother of Jesus and there have been many reported miracles of weeping icons of her. In the mid-19th century, St. Bernadette (who could not read nor write) related that the lady introduced herself as the immaculate conception (conceived without sin). Regardless of being Catholic or Greek Orthodox, both follow closely our savior’s teachings and the early apostles as well as venerate Mary. They are close, like sisters.

  18. Additionally Roman Catholics do not believe every decision by the Pope is infallible. In fact infallibility has only been claimed for two decisions in 2,000 years.

  19. A note of inaccuracy- the Pope is not infallible. Rather he possesses the authority of infallible teaching under the label “ex cathedra”, from the Chair [of Peter], which is rarely ever exercised. In fact, the only ex cathedra application of papal infallibility since its solemn declaration has been for the Marian Dogma of Assumption in 1950.

    Thus, this is a commonly misunderstood teaching of Catholicism by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

    I’d like to know the sources by which this site is gathering it’s information. It’s doing many believers and non-believers a disservice with the careless disperment of errors.

  20. Your post is deeply flawed. There is no such thing as a Greek Orthodox religion. Orthodoxy is followed by more than 20 countries, so singling out one very small country is missleading.

    • now it may be followed by more than 20 countries-but originally -it was Greek Orthodox. That is why it is referred to as such. It is not a “new” thing to call this Greek Orthodox.

  21. Lots of issues left and right with this post. No disrespect, but these topics are not so simple as a google search. I have my Masters in Traditional Roman Catholic Theological Studies, including at minimum a detailed survey of all major schools, etc. As well, I am a practicing Orthodox Christian. There are too many eras to spend time writing about them. If it is worthwhile for your website to be accurate, send me an email and I’ll talk about fixing it.

    Thank you

  22. I am orthodox from Ethiopia orthodox is the correct way Jud1:3 so for every world person to understand orthodox or to accept very hard because of that they selected shortly path this is incorrect way any way to understand orthodox you must go every day or ask some priest

  23. Seek the guidance of a Roman Catholic or Orthodox minister or priest. Ask God’s help in the name of Christ about where you should seek your spiritual leadership. Read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John first. Then read the rest of The Bible from cover to cover. Understanding the direct words of Jesus and living them each part of every day is the key to a holy life. God bless you in all things. Remember to ask God in Jesus’ name to prevent the evil one from deceiving you each day. Amen.

  24. As ortodox I have been eyewitness many times of miracles in front of icons. Also ortodox churches gathers thousands of people on service. Churches also got visited by millions for hoidays.
    Can you tell me it is same in Catholicism ? Where with just one visit at priest got all sins cleared ????

    • Just to chime in here… you don’t need a priest or an icon to take away all of your sind, Jesus does that. All you are doing is confession. Reading your Bible, praying, and shutting yourself off from doing things against Gods word, helping our brothers and sisters, the poor and the widowed, not ignoring injustices, that will save us. Jesus said so many times. And told us not to pray with vain repetitions. It’s always been what God wanted, old T and new, to have these things done. To be closer with him and know him like Moses or Abraham.

  25. Believe that Yeshua (Jesus) died for you and was resurrected and you will be delivered from death.He loves you and will hear you when you pray!

  26. Hi.

    Not sure this write-up is accurate in the differences and not agreeing with some of the descriptions given for Catholic understanding.


  27. We have more in common then what seperates us.. It is an affront to our Lord & Savior that his church is divided. That is why I praise Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew for seeking unification.

  28. Peace be with you;
    To whom it’s concerning,
    Don’t you think it’s amazing, when we see a movement start in the beginning it’s like a simple seed which we planting into soil. So then first growth as trunk and then later extend branch and leaf to it. When can learn from Jesus when He started His followers were very simple. But today they must go through of accademic course and they must get degree of Bachelor or MA or Phd. Anyway it became a trade.
    Best wishes,
    Javad Mousavi

  29. Free will is not a gift. God did not gift free will to man. Man took it for himself, even though they were told NOT to eat of the tree in the middle of the garden. Free Will is disobedience and its god is Satan.

    Jesus was without sin, If you could create your own Mother from eternity, wouldnt you want your Mother to be without sin as well? Dont we want the best for our own Mothers?

    Mary did not have more children. Jesus had no biological siblings. Only brothers and sisters of humanity. God the Father has many children.

  30. If Jesus was not born into sin, then he would have no reason to be baptized. Baptism is to wash away. Original Sin

    Also Mary and Joseph were married home later Jesus had siblings.

    Honestly everyone, if you read and practice, it is all about love, the greatest commandment given to us by Christ.

    Finally the word Catholic mean. We are all on family in Christ as long as we have called on the name of Jesus,and affirm that faith, makes you a part of the holy catholic church, and should guideus all in the ways of love for our brothers and sisters.

  31. Does the Catholic Church support the concept of purgatory in modern times?

  32. Wow everybody is arguing and completely slaves if their ego…hahaha!

    • Though not necessarily in the bible it’s logical to assume there is Purgatory. God said only people with clean hearts and hands will enter the kingdom of God. Where are they.? Then will we all herd for hell? God forbid!!!

  33. There’s an element I’d edit for the sake of neutrality, as the current text seems to be biased in favor of Greek Orthodoxy.

    Current text: “The Greek Orthodox is considered to be very mystical and dependent on spiritual practices, while Roman Catholic beliefs tend to be too legalistic and dependent upon intellectual speculation.”

    Suggested replacement: “The Greek Orthodox is considered to be very mystical, dependent on spiritual practices, and unchanging from historic belief, while Roman Catholic beliefs tend to be legalistic and are subject to change based upon current thinking.”

  34. The only sad think to me, is when I Will got a grandchildren I can bautisms them, because I ‘m Román Catholic and my daughter is convert to Greek ortodox.just that.

  35. Who among you can point me to a verse in the Bible where Jesus Christ himself says “I am your Lord” and “Worship me”.

  36. Dear all,

    I suggest to all of you to read Quran for the right teachings. May ALLAH bless all us with right path. Ameen


  38. Imagine? 1965! I waited for centuries, it is worth that wait since. Thus the use of Latin couldn’t be overstressed as the writer of this post would like to pointout.

  39. OMG… there’s so many comments here about Mary. Was she sinless or not…well, here’s the truth and you all can Google it…even some Catholics Bishops even acknowledge it. In the original Hebrew text of Isaiah it was written in Hebrew that a YOUNG woman would conceive and bare a son and his name shall be Immanuel…then in the first century it was translated into Greek “the septuagint. In it Isaiah was wrongly translated from young woman to virgin. Mathew and Luke read and write in GREEK… they learned from the Septuagint..which had the mistranslation so they wrote “as in Isaiah a VIRGIN shall bare a child… mistranslated…so Mary was NOT a virgin!! It was a mistranslation!! Before you try to come down on me please just look it up..some Catholics Bishops acknowledge it!!!

  40. The Ordinary Form of the Catholic Mass hasn’t used Latin for half a century. There are traditional Masses that use Latin, but they are the exception, not the rule.

    Some Orthodox churches use the local language. Not all do. Some mix (for example) Greek and English. Some, like some Russian and Serbian churches, use Old Church Slavonic.

    The Greek, along with most other Orthodox, use leavened bread, to symbolize the resurrected Christ.

    Regarding Mary, Catholics and Orthodox both believe in her Assumption to heaven following her earthly life. Although the Orthodox observe her Dormition (death), they believe that her body was reunited with her soul after a brief repose. It is not accurate to simply say the Orthodox believe she died.

    Greek Orthodox have the same days for Easter and Christmas as Catholics do. Some Orthodox churches, such as the Russian Orthodox, remain on the Old Calendar and therefore have different celebration days, but most Eastern Orthodox use the modern (Gregorian) calendar.

    The author seems to not be distinguishing between Greek Orthodox and the larger Eastern Orthodox family.

  41. Religion. Such a big deal over a bunch of made up stories that are full of contradictions. And humans consider themselves intelligent…..

    One day you will all grow up and stop relying on imaginary friends.

  42. To comment on the original article, I find this worrying poorly researched. Antioch for example was the oldest seat of a a patriarch (older than Constantinople or Rome), but it’s not in Greece, it’s in modern day Turkey. The schism of 1054 did not create the Orthodox Church, it is the point in history that our western historians point to that the Catholic and Orthodox churches parted. They both trace their origins to the same root.

    What saddens me about the comments here are the petty squabbles of people proclaiming to be from one faith or of none. Did more people die in secular wars or religious wars? Whatever the answer the truth is far too many people died in both, let’s not be proud to be on either side of this debate!

    I’m not going to describe my religious beliefs, even though they are firmly held, because I don’t believe in criticising other beliefs, the status of Mary or the interpretation of the bible are for each and every one to make their own mind up about, but please be considerate of people who come to a different conclusion.

  43. As a Muslim I haven’t seen a woman so commonly and repeatedly mentioned in the Qur’an as Virgin Mary. To us, she’s a symbol of piety, honor and dignity as the Quran embodied her.

    “In the Quran her story is related in three Meccan chapters [i.e. have been revealed in Makkah (19,21,23)], and four Medinan chapters [i.e. have been revealed in Madinah city (3,4,5,66)]. Moreover, the nineteenth chapter of the scripture is titled “Mary” (Surat Maryam), it is named after her. The Quran refers to Mary even more often than the New Testament.”

    There’s a whole chapter by her name in the Quran Chapter 19 in the Holy Quran was named after her: “Maryam”, which is the Arabic translation of Mary.
    [And mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah]. He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity and will be of the righteous.” She said, “My Lord, how will I have a child when no man has touched me?” [The angel] said, “Such is Allah; He creates what He wills. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, ‘Be,’ and it is. And He will teach him writing and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel. And [make him] a messenger to the Children of Israel, [who will say], ‘Indeed I have come to you with a sign from your Lord in that I design for you from clay [that which is] like the form of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird by permission of Allah. And I cure the blind and the leper, and I give life to the dead – by permission of Allah. And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed in that is a sign for you, if you are believers. And [I have come] confirming what was before me of the Torah and to make lawful for you some of what was forbidden to you. And I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me. Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path.” (Quran 3:45-51)

  44. Genesis 8:21

  45. In relation to the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, while Roman Catholics make use of an unleavened wafer, members of the Greek Orthodox Church use leavened bread and wine.
    Just pointing out one thing as a typo. The bread used in the Orthodox Church is risen,living and broken. Given with the blood of Christ.

  46. What more theological difference are their?

  47. The information is incorrect.

    Greek orthodox believe that Virgin Mary was free from sin .
    Her parents took her to a monastery where she was taught by Angels, and the priest Zaxarias until she married Joseph.

    Jesus was conceived by God and Virgin Mary remained a Virgin even after giving Birth to Jesus, our saviour.

  48. Does any won use spell chick? 🙂

  49. There are a few misconceptions in this comparison. The fact that we use our native languages for services has already been answered, but it is worth pointing out that the Pope is not exactly “infallible”. A specific ceremony takes place very rarely when the Pope makes an “ex cathedra” (“from the chair” – in this case from the papal seat) statement. In this statement he is speaking for the Church as a pastor and doctor of all Christians; he must be teaching on a doctrine of faith or morals, and he must intend to determine a point of doctrine in a final way. This ex cathedra statement is to be accepted as infallible correct doctrine, and traditionally follows consultation with the Magisterium and with bishops worldwide. Significantly, the last time it was invoked was in 1950, when Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary as an article of faith.

    More importantly, though, “see that you love one another”. Catholic or Orthodox, (and other denominations too), we are all members of the body of Christ on earth.

  50. will the pope and the Eastern bishops are working for Christ their assistant to Christ while Jesus Christ is in heaven preparing for all of us so both West and East is the assistant we have to listen to the bishops and the pope because they are our teacher of our future we come we pray together family prays together and a beautiful holy Sunday let’s pray pray for peace all around the world be strong in our faith read the Bible before you go to church read passages of the Bible and churches the one family 1 Church I do agree with both let’s come together let’s help the children in the church a Bible class and maybe schools and all churches East and West has helped the church get strong the show the world that we are strong Christians Orthodox and Catholics we are strong in our faith

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